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Griffin Armament Hammer Comp


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So I pre-empted "the rule" and bought one of Griffin Armament's latest compensators, "The Hammer."

I was looking for a lighter weight compensator to put on my LW build (currently sitting at 5lbs, 8.3oz) to replace the Griffin Flash Comp (Gen 2, 2.9oz) I had on there. I saw that Griffin came out with the hammer comp within the past month and tried looking it up. Unfortunately there was little information out there other than this YouTube video. It was difficult to tell if the compensating abilities of this comp were as good as the flash comp, but the video showed that it has very good flash suppressing performance.


The hammer comp comes in a smaller package than the flash comp and doesn't include a PVC patch like the flash comp, but does come with shims and over-travel stop washer. I put the comp on the scale and it came out to 2.2oz, less than the 2.4oz on the product page, and .7oz lighter than the gen 2 flash comp, excellent. Like the Gen 2 flash comp, this compensator doesn't require you to put the stop washer on the barrel (Gen 1 did or you would need A LOT of shims to thread properly).


At first I expected the compensating performance to be similar to the BCM Gunfighter Mod0 comp since it looks very similar, however, it appears that there's two chambers within the hammer wheras the BCM Mod0 only has one chamber. I asked Griffin Armament what I could expect from the hammer, and Austin replied that both the hammer and flash comp provide flat and neutral muzzle control. If this means that the flash comp and hammer comps' compensating performance is the same I might have a new "go to" muzzle device.

One thing I found amusing is that the griffin logo on this compensator is holding a hammer that the logo on the packaging and other muzzle devices doesn't have.

I do wonder if the side concussion of this device is worse than the flash comp due to the large open areas. The BCM Mod0 is always touted as a compensator that doesn't beat up those around you, but it's still worse than a standard A2.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to install and shoot the comp yet, but I plan on running it on my LW carbine in a class at the beginning of April. I'll update this thread then.


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