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  1. Grilling

    Where’s the PIC??????
  2. Another old guy

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. What are the Critical Parts?

    Check out this video from the man himself as he explains the usage and expectations for each of the triggers they produce.
  4. Never ends haha

    I agree with this whole heartedly Trigger is a question of what your expectations are. I’m not sure this helps you but when I choose triggers for hunting I want a single stage light trigger. Battle rifles usually have a trigger that has a slightly heavier pull weight. In your other post about ammo selection you said you were going to be target shooting mostly, unless I confused this rifle for the one you described in the other post.
  5. Noticed something

    Best advice to be given is to try multiple cartridges from different makers and different weight bullets. If you’re just punching paper then FMJ is totally fine. Generalities can be made about ammunition but barrels can be particular about how well they shoot any given ammo. Sometimes you get lucky and the first thing you try works well. Other times you just keep trying until you find what works for your system.
  6. Winchester P-17, My 100 Year Old War Horse

    What a great find on that
  7. New guy from CO

    Welcome to the forum
  8. FUR Missle!

    I had a girlfriend that taught her Chocolate lab with the bell on the door. It works great, but like Shepp said: it’s gonna happen. Dog figures out cool, I ring this bell they come running and I have my own personal doorman
  9. AZ Newb

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. What did do today on your loading bench !

    Gotta always be ready
  11. Your ideal build

  12. Your ideal build

  13. NEWB

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. Mossy Shockwave

    Hell if I lived closer I’d help you paint it. I can be a gopher...98: hey you...go get this, now go get that...Mali: this right here? 98: no that right there!
  15. I was surprised that Michigan rated so low. Unless, as we all suspect, there is a whole lot of under reporting going on. Hi, I’m Jenny so & so and we are conducting a survey on firearms ownership....hello? Hello???? Hellllllooooooo?