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  1. Ya...some things just CAN'T be unseen
  2. Welcome to the forum from Michigan.
  3. Welcome to the forum from Michigan.
  4. Now that would be funnier if it wasn't so scary! Sometimes I wonder if the newer kids can do anything that doesn't involve a XBox live or PS4 controller
  5. Welcome to the forum from Michigan
  6. Welcome to the forum from Michigan.
  7. Welcome to the forum from Michigan.
  8. Yup, that's the one Of course I need to feed it so I ordered 500 rounds of 00 buck and I'm thinking I need to find those mini shells on sale somewhere so I can grab 500 or so of those as well 🤘👍
  9. Found that bad boy on Amazon and I'll have it by Monday. I put that Amazon Prime membership to good use. Make sure I get my money's worth.
  10. I have my will and a trust. No kids so my special friends will inherit my items...as long as they outlive me that is
  11. Yup...
  12. Not this one...they placed the stent yesterday and I get to go back for the procedure to crush it next Friday...until then I get to piss blood for the next week. On a lighter note: I did pick up the Mossy Shockwave and I'm digging it so far. Haven't put any shot down the pipe but I like the smooth action. I ended up getting the marinecote version. When things return to normal I'll put it through a few paces and see how I like it. In the end it's really just a "because purchase".
  13. I've had nothing but great service from SGAmmo
  14. Looks good Shepp I pick up my shockwave tomorrow. Seems PSA shipped that bad boy out in record time. Not gonna get a chance to put it through the paces for a little bit. Seems I have a kidney stone to deal with instead