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  1. SSD reported on the initial RFI back in March. Program requirements.
  2. Those things are pretty good, especially for how cheap they are. Sure beats buying V7 dust cover parts for a lightweight build too.
  3. Did he yell back, "Hey Caitlyn-Robo, here's your sex change!"?
  4. I've done it plenty of times and there's really not much to worry about. I usually use UPS since there's a hub along my commute.
  5. What buffer does the 20" have? Do the gas plug positions work (i.e. if you set it to full closed does it actually cut off the gas?)?
  6. Thanks for the update! Hopefully it smooths out over time.
  7. Lol... CFD isn't state of the art. It's state of the present and has been for a long while. Whenever companies use that term you can basically think of it as a "check box" item for marketing material, just like how everybody says "aircraft grade aluminum!" What really matters is the model they used for it and I don't think they're going to actually say anything about what they plugged into COMSOL or ANSYS.
  8. Assuming you can get the parts (and it looks like ITAR isn't really hindering you since you can get the SLR block and Slash buffer), I'd recommend going with an AR-10 pattern buffer system instead (7-3/4 in. internal depth receiver extension such as VLTOR A5, Armalite EA1095 action spring, and normal AR-15 carbine-sized buffers, start with H3 weight). This should give you more options when tuning your adjustable gas block and buffer system. I prefer rifle gassed systems on 16" barrels, but then again I don't have to worry with as cold of temps as you guys get in Ukraine... With the SLR block though I guess you could just open the port pretty large and dial it back.
  9. I guess the G36 was wroth the $$$$$$$$$$$$ after all! Look how versatile it is after its sight loses zero! <laughs>
  10. Ok, I'll just let you keep on thinking that. Not like it isn't in our own tech docs on here or anything... ::)
  11. The MSDS says it contains up to 30% graphite. Not ideal for use between aluminum and steel. Ideally you'll want to use some molybdenum fortified grease. Aeroshell 33ms is the popular one, I use Valvoline VV632.
  12. Assembling a lower and upper is easy... AS LONG AS you have all the tools and supplies... Let's not forget that: -not everybody has a vise -not everybody has the correct upper and lower vise blocks or barrel extension tools -not everybody has a torque wrench with the correct torque range -not everybody has the proper barrel and/or castle nut wrenches -not everybody has the proper grease for the upper receiver and receiver extension threads -not everybody has the proper roll pin punches -not everybody has the proper headspace gauges... Yeah, assembling a lower and upper is easy, but not that easy to do properly...
  13. Sharps Rifle Company has 10% off.
  14. Apex Gun Parts sale. Aero Precision's 4th sale:
  15. Faxon Firearms has 5% off this weekend (take at checkout). Also, 16" 4150CMV pencil barrels are back in stock! LaRue Tactical has 50% off all polymer products. It also looks like their rails are also discounted. Shooters Element has 15% off sitewide with code "July4". I have some of their 3/8" steel. Good stuff. It's held up surprisingly well to .50BMG (AR-50) at 100yds.
  16. Team Wendy has 20% off till the 5th with code "4july20". High Ground Gear: S.O. Tech Tactical Primary Arms has an awesome sale on Geissele! DSG Arms has 10% off with code "DSG10POFF". LA Police Gear: ROG Tactical has 10% off sitewide with code "USA10" and 20% off Geissele and ALG triggers with code "TRIGGER20".
  17. Damage Industries: AGS Armament free shipping with code, "MERICA7415". They have Wolf Gold for just under $0.30/rnd shipped. Schuyler Arms Co has a bunch of Aero Precision and other stuff on sale (look for 4th of July Sale menu on the left bar). Aim Surplus 4th of July Sale. Use code "AIM040715".
  18. You'll probably want the Recon barrel then. The recoil on both can be lessened with Heavybuffers.com heavy buffer. The Recon doesn't really need more than the CAR-10, but the MOE might be better suited with the CAR-10 XH. I stuck a CAR-10 buffer in my friend's Oracle, and it's much better, but could still benefit from some more weight. My buddy (bmoney on these forums) bought it for about $1600 IIRC. Not that it's terribly applicable since we pay California prices (and most places in CA won't stock them because they think that they're on the CA AW ban list because the receiver says Panther Arms on it). The carbine gas system is shorter and the mid-lengh is further down the barrel (longer). This means the pressure at the gas port is much higher with a carbine gas system as opposed to a mid-length. I'm not sure why anybody these days would make a carbine gassed barrel...
  19. The barrel and hand guard are heavier on the Recon. It's not a bull profile though. The barrel has a heavy profile under the hand guard and slims at the gas block. A heavier barrel might not have a longer life, but it should be more precise due to increased rigidity and maintain that precision for longer. The 416R stainless of the Recon should also increase the precision over the chrome-lined MOE. It's hard to say how long they'll both last though (I wouldn't guess one wears drastically faster assuming not rapid firing all the time). While I haven't shot the G2 MOE, it must have a harsher recoil compared to the Recon due to the shorter, carbine, gas system on it. The Recon doesn't have bad recoil to me, but it can be improved. I have shot a LR308 Oracle from DPMS, which also has a carbine-length gas system and the recoil was much harsher than I like. I placed it in the "this isn't much fun to shoot" category. The Recon also comes with the 2-stage trigger. It's not half bad! What kind of accuracy and precision are you looking for at 600yds?
  20. TYR Tactical: Chase Tactical:
  21. Ballistic Advantage: Optics Planet
  22. I've got a brand new LaRue LT660 (lower 1/3rd co-witness) QD mount for sale. This mount was bought it as part of an Aimpoint Micro + mount package, but I immediately swapped the optic over to another mount as soon as I received it. This package includes the LT660 mount, an extra set of Aimpoint Micro screws (plus one additional extra to make five total), LaRue QD adjustment wrench, and Aimpoint Micro screw hex wrench. Price: $95 shipped.
  23. American Defense Mfg: SLR Rifleworks: LBT Sale Haley Strategic Sale
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