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LR308 Bolt Catch Issue


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Ok. Just finished my Ares Armor Billet Signiture 80% build. It has a matched DPMS billet Upper. I'm using a Fulton Armory LPK. Every worked perfect. The bolt catch does not hold the BCG back. It travels past the bolt catch. With the upper seperatly the bolt catch has a ton of travel. When I slowly close the upper I can see the bolt catch moving. The empty mad it interacting with the bolt catch as it shoul. It looks like the bevel on the bolt catch rides the upper not allowing it to travel correctly. I thought about grinding some of the leading edge the hits the upper. I also thought about grinding some upper to give clearance. The damn teeny tiny allen hole in both catch screw is stripped so getting the bolt catch is a NoGo. Everything else fits and functions like butter. I'll post pics of build later.

Am I on the right track? Any other suggestions? Has anyone else have this happen?

Thanks PasoGunner

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  Are you sure you used the correct spring for the Bolt stop ? 


 Is the Bolt stop for a 308AR post-11255-0-27312300-1431961769_thumb.j


 I have altered the stop on a  Bolt Catch before to give the Bolt Catch more travel , the part of the stop that contacts the Upper Receiver , its cut at an angle , because of the pivot angle . 

Engagement should look like this .



   Hard to tell with an 80 % lower , I have no experience with them or how they are made & you will have to find a way to remove the Pin , sooner or later , it could also be broken in there & thats why you have so much play .

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Well after performing some surgery on the bevel of the bolt catch with a Dremel and a cut off wheel she works like a champ. Holds open on empty mag and when I push it manually. Bye bye bevel. Now for some scope rings and off the the range this weekend.

Thanks for all the help


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