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  1. That is true where the 1% started , but not so much anymore . Put a 1% patch on your jacket & go to a Angles meet & see how that goes & yes there are some clubs with a special patch for it or the 1% is a different color or just part of it or has another little insignia , why , because law enforcement thinks it knows all about it , so if your not in a "Club " , you really don't know.
  2. How do you figure its theory when he is having feeding issues & Bullet deformation , how is that theory ? Trouble shooting an issue with a Firearm you can't see or get your hands on , is a lot of theory , no choice . I 'm going to repeat myself again , because you are have a hearing issue , I never once said anything about the performance of said Cartridges or their performance in the Barrel or out of it . Thats for you & him to puff out your chests about . You go ahead & quote all you want , if you don't think a 10 deg. in Shoulder angle isn't a big difference & doesn't effect feeding of a Cartridge , you need to read more or go back to school . As I have said again , the problem is with this particular Rife & not 8K others . What you build a few AR's & now you're an expert on all things Firearms related , Ok professor , maybe you should start designing them , I'm sure you will make a fortune . & yes I can say this because I am a Gunsmith & have worked on hundreds of different types of Firearms for over forty years & repaired them ! You seem to belittle just about anyone that has an issue if it doesn't fall into a cut & dry fix or that doesn't agree with your said fix . Good luck
  3. Have you ever been a GunShop owner or FFL Dealer ?
  4. You have to KILL someone, for the club ( Gang ) to get the 1 % er patch ! I also was around a lot of "clubs " in my 40 + years of Riding Harleys , seemed every one of them wanted me & my riding buddies ( brothers , so to speak ) to join up , but with me & my crazy fellow HD riders , (yes I rode with a wild bunch in my day) , always wanted to stay independent .Didn't stop these groups from asking for use to ride with them on runs & such . Was just not our thing to be controlled by "club " rules & dedication to said " club " . To keep on subject , I just read they are trying to add more laws to take your guns away . People say it will never happen here in the good old USA , well , I wouldn't bet my life on it , but then again , I may need to .
  5. Here is a good view of a Case that needed nearly 100% Base truing , compared to one that has not been trued . This is extreme , I normally only see a partial trim mark on the Case .
  6. Every once in a while I get a Burr inside the Extractor grove the Base of the Case , I keep a three sided, fine, rat tail File to dress it up , but don't see it too often , this also gives a hard time inserting Case into the Shell Holder . The Sinclair /LE Wilson I have is probably the most accurate Trimmer I have every used , once its adj. & locked down , its dead on every time . Its not cheap , but you can get them on sale with or with out the Micrometer , just have to keep an eye out .
  7. I also am not a fan , I had a guy at Hunt Camp a couple years ago ask me if I wanted to use his after a day in the field to wipe my Barrel , one look at it , it looked like he had been cleaning his chimney with it . I looked at him & said , I like to put clean Patches through my Barrel & don't need anyone else's crud put down mine . Even when guys clean theirs , they still look dirty , who knows what is not removed from that Snake ! Otis !
  8. LE Wilson Case Trimmer , mine happens to have the Micrometer adj. for timing adj.. The way the Trimmer is made & how the Case holders hold the Case , around the Case & no Piolt, all I do is Trim the Case mouth first , then flip the Case with the Holder around & trim the Base True . Since the Case Holder grips around the case & is centered on the Base of the Trimmer , it will be true to the Base , no matter which way its pointing . The only issue I have had , is with Commercial Brass small base sized , it seems to sit deeper into the Case Holder & sometimes you cant trim the Base because some are recessed & the Cutter can't cut on them , FL Sized or MilSpec Brass has no issues , FL Sized Commercial is OK also . This is the one I have . If you look close , you can see where the trimmer took some material off part of the Base . I have some that trim 360 deg. of the Base . I believe the Extractor leave some deformation the the Extractor Rim of the Case Base , even though you can't see it & this is what I believe sometimes make the Case have a hard time inserting into the Shell Holder or sit uneven in the Shell Holder & may effect Sizing . I noticed a big difference in Concentricity of the Cases when Bases trued .
  9. Completely normal . Of course if its taking off Brass material off the Base , that may be an issue . I trim the Base's on all my brass to true them up for reloading .
  10. There are big differences in the two , 20 deg. compared to a 30 deg. Case Shoulder angle , I call that a big difference , when we are talking about a feeding issue . Its nice other's Rifles are shooting fine , but this one isn't , as said different manufacturers parts have a good potential to have tolerance stacking between said parts or components , just because one rifle shoots fine , doesn't mean another like it will . We are talking about large frame 308AR's . As said , I'm not talking about Cartridge performance down range or right out of the Barrel or anything with Bullet comparisons .
  11. As a Gun Shop Owner , you will clean a lot of Firearms , period . You get paid for it , just like anything else .It you don't , as a business owner , you will be losing easy profits , not to mention making more $ from worn/ broken parts or components you find when cleaning . 22's are the worse , most think you can just feed them ammo & they will work forever .๐Ÿ™„
  12. So , your going to be POW's , beaten & starved ,that have just had their A$$'s handed to them after months of bloody fighting & watch anyone lagging behind Bayoneted & left for dead on the side of the road , should be interesting march . Of course I'm being sarcastic ! Have fun . I think you will find that its just not about , use it or lose it , when you get really old. What are you , in your fifties 98 ? I'm closing in on 70 & I can tell you its a different world , you will lose something , no choice . Actually its something to look forward to .
  13. There ARE big differences in the two cartridges & no matter how close the two are they are different & I'm not talking about Performance out of the Barrel, since this thread is about damaging Bullets & pierced Primers . All of you should know by now , you really can't compare two different Cartridges or their mechanical feeding performance in a auto fed Firearm . The difference in the Shoulder angle & its length can cause issues , not to mention the tolerance stacking from one manufacture to another in the AR world , as this should be taken into account . Two issues & they are separate issues , one is pierced Primers , we can write it off & say its a bad batch of ammo or dirty chamber or Cartridge HS issue , yes even with factory ammo , it happens in mass produced Ammo, thats as long as it doesn't in the same Chamber with different Ammo . I have seen Bolt face FP Passages wear out with high pressure loads in very short order , it only takes a couple of Primer blow outs to gas cut a Bolt Face & FP Passage , not to mention the FP face itself .I could go on with tolerance stacking in this area also . The second issue is damaging Bullets & Bullet Tips , this is where you can't compare two different Cartridges , especially these two , their configuration are a lot different & their feeding characteristics will be different also , of course we can get into Bullet types & how that will effect feeding performance , this can also be where tolerance stacking can effect one Firearm manufacturer to another. I never look at cut & dry problem solving , I always over think an issue , it may be a waste of time or it could help with the solution.
  14. If you could get an extended Flexible shaft with the small head for tight work would be nice . Its why I don't mind Electric vs Battery , with the Flexible extension with its small head , I'm about 3 feet from the actual Motor that drives the Extension . Mine came in a Kit with a whole bunch of Attachments & you can hang the Dremel & use the Flex Shaft just like the Freedom models . https://www.dremel.com/en_US/products/-/show-product/tools/225-01-flex-shaft-attachment I use my Dremel a lot , I used to cut all my Brass to make 300BLK cases when I first stared shooting an AR in 300BLK . I use more reinforced Cut Off Wheels , then any other tooling with it . I'm just not sold on Battery operated in this case, of course in the field is different .
  15. It could very well be the batch of Ammo , but it also may not be , I believe if it was Ammo , it would also show signs of over pressure in other platforms , maybe not the same , but you would still notice something. I would like to see this same batch or box of ammo's spent Brass that was shot from another Rifle . One other thing that may need to be looked at , the Firing Pin Hole in the Face of the Bolt . One of reasons for using Small Primer Pockets , less area ( Dia ) makes for a stronger Primer , less likely to flow in around the Fining Pin , allowing less chance of rupture with High Performance Loadings . Same goes for the HP Bolt / small dia.Firing Pin .
  16. How are you sweeping yourself ? I practice a lot with my carry firearm & when its drawn , its pointing at the ground till it comes up to point at the target & usually my first shot is instinctive , after that , follow up shots are sighted .
  17. Shim pak or Jam Nut & I will use a Crush washer if I have to.
  18. Was there not a member here that tried this adj. GB out & the design would not let enough Gas to properly cycle the 308 ? I think it was jtallen83 ? I have a SA Gas Piston system in an 5.56 & the adj. works fine . I also don't think it reads on their web Sight , that the adj. gas Block or bleed off type GB , is only for AR 15. I would call them .
  19. What did you use to measure the FP ? Micrometer ? or a Dial/Digital Caliper's ? They list both HP & STD Bolts on their sight , I don't have a TC BCG so I can't check FP size . Makes me wonder which you have .
  20. Looks like it has the smaller HP FP Bolt design . The 6.5 CM in Ar's has always had a Primer puncturing issue & is why some use small Primer pocket Brass & small Primers for reloading ,also for longer Brass service life.The HP Bolt helps but not with all loadings . Toolcraft 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Carrier Group Made in the U.S.A โ€“ Lifetime Warranty The Toolcraft 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Carrier Group in black nitride is a Full Auto BCG, manufactured using a 9310 steel bolt and a 8620 steel carrier. Features forward assist serrations and is fully DPMS compatible. The Toolcraft 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Carrier Group is 100% compatible with the higher pressure 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. Toolcraft is an OEM for the U.S. military and many other large rifle manufacturers, producing the most popular, and well built AR10 bolt carrier group on the market. Forget the fancy logo at a $75 premium, and buy direct from Arm or Ally, the internetโ€™s largest dealer of Toolcraft products. All of our Toolcraft Bolt Carrier Groups come with a 100% hassle free Lifetime Warranty โ€“ should any Toolcraft product fail, simply contact us for replacement. We are proud to feature Toolcraft products along with our already fantastic line-up of reputable manufacturers. We also offer a Toolcraft 6.5 Creedmoor Double Ejector BCGfeaturing a 0.065โ€ณ reduced diameter firing pin and firing pin channel. Historically, the large format AR10 variants are known to have ejection problems. The addition of the second ejector ensures consistent ejection and greatly improves reliability of your AR10 rifle.
  21. Is your Bolt , one of those High Pressure Bolts with the smaller Firing Pin dia. ?
  22. Not sure why you think the Dremel Tool is delicate , I use one for just about anything needed for light Gunsmithing , I have the complete kit with the small head attachment with cable drive & works great for getting into small areas the Dremel tool itself won't fit in . I do have a compound table on my Drill Press ,if I need it for something needing a bit more taken off . Not a Milling Machine , but it works pretty good for my needs now a days .I want a small bench Mill , but I may be moving next year & dont need any more $hit to move , especially something that heavy . Freedom line is nice also , as is Roto Zip .
  23. I also just read of a 6.8 Sherwood being tested , don't ask me why , I don't know why they test or do a lot of crap .๐Ÿ˜
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