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Primary Arms 4x16 MilDot with ADM 20MOA Mount

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I finally got around to mounting the Primary Arms 4x16 illuminated mil dot scope and ADM 20 MOA mount on my AR10. Primary Arms had this combo listed on their ebay site as an already mounted pair for under $190. I've been wanting a good ADM mount and the 20 MOA fit what I had been thinking about so I grabbed the set.
I quickly realized that this set had never been used, must have been for a display. The screws were just finger tight on the rings and the crosshairs were far from level. In less than 10 minutes I had the crosshairs level, the provided thread locker applied, and the rings torqued down.post-12531-0-05940600-1433107312_thumb.jpost-12531-0-27392300-1433107329_thumb.jpost-12531-0-68198800-1433107348_thumb.jpost-12531-0-80697900-1433107361_thumb.jpost-12531-0-27043900-1433107379_thumb.jpost-12531-0-98034600-1433107392_thumb.j
The finish on the scope looks good but the lens caps don't look like they will last long, very cheap in appearance. The glass is decent, not there with my Bushnell Elites but plenty good for the money. Adjustment clicks are a bit soft but easily felt if not heard. I still need to remove the screw and reset the turrets to zero so I can't say how that will go yet. I didn't take the time to do a real accurate tracking test but a quick box on the 12 inch targets I had showed it to be adequate. My accuracy suffers when using the horribly designed shooting positions at the local range so any complaints could relate to that.
The biggest issue I have with the scope is the small and sensitive eye box. Even with the parallax set correctly the slightest change of position moves the crosshairs an inch or better on the target. Neither of my Bushnell Elites even come close to this drastic movement, not sure how or why this is but it is. With more familiarity on the scope this should become less of an issue but at this point I don't see this scope deserving a spot on my ArmaLite.
Even with the difficulty I was having putting out decent groups I decided to give the ADM mount a re-zero test. I shot ten rounds, Fiocchi Exacta 175 gr match, taking the mount off and putting it back between each shot;
The first 5 stayed nice and tight but then I started getting spasms in my back from the awkward position so things widened out a bit. I'm pretty confident the mount will do its part if I can.
I'm thinking I'll sell the scope while it is shiny like new and the covers are in one piece then put that money towards another good quality scope for the mount.


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Thought I should have added the links to the products so here they are, scope first;




and the mount;




Just tried to set the turrets back to zero.......not exactly.

The splines that the turrets fit on only line up with every other mark so I'm off by a hash mark on both elevation and windage...of course.

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I own 3 Primary arms products, 2 advanced Red dots and the 4-14 ACSS reticle.


I'm very happy with the quality for the money.


If I was better at math I'd do the Mil-reticle thing.



BUT, The clarity on my Nikon P223 really blew the 4-14 out of the water. IF I didn't already have the PA scope on my 308 I'd be looking at the Nikon.  I have seen and fiddled with some of the expensive Lepould scopes in the LGS but haven't shot one. I did own a Weaver Alaskan at one time but traded it off with the rifle it was on.... :'(

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