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Everything posted by jtallen83

  1. Weird, some sort of cam set up that makes it very smooth and light for a double action revolver, up to the bang it's just stellar, easy to stage it up short for a more accurate shot, the whole reset thing is going to take some dry fire time before speed runs. There are a couple good clicks that make you think reset, first one is early so easier to ignore, second one is real close to full trigger extension but if you treat it like reset the gun won't fire, pull just a little soon and the cylinder rotates but no bang, you have to let the trigger all the way out then no issue. I've never been real big about super precise reset, always overshot a bit anyway, so it hasn't been a deal breaker for me.
  2. I don't see the rings in the picture but they don't always show what you see in person.
  3. Yep, through a series of events beyond my control I end up the owner of a Ruger LCR 38 +P. Now as often as I hear Bill Ruger saying "no man needs more than ten rounds" in my head it was my biological fathers pistol so I can't sell it. I remember offering to put together an AR pistol for him, he needed something for home defense on the farm that would also dispatch a coon if it turned out that was the noise. His buddy Sam a retired postal worker convinced him his son was a nut case wanting him to use military hardware and he recommended this pistol, I don't think it was ever shot. Now I'm finding it fits my pockets perfect, super light compared to my 938, a little sight paint and a Bantam grip and I may have a new EDC for the summer. I traded off an old S&W snubbie years back, this seems like a huge improvement.
  4. Always puzzled me why they would risk this outcome, seems inevitable but I guess some people do buy guns that don't shoot them. I love all they do for putting cheap guns and ammo in American hands but they need to run out the box or it don't count!
  5. I relate to that, worse it just doesn't motivate me to fix it like I think it should........ used to be one of those things that had to be disproved before bed that night.
  6. Rough chamber marks are usually circular, rings or shadows around the brass.
  7. I've had luck using jewelers rouge on a chamber mop, spin it up with a drill, little bits at a time till I see the shine.
  8. Right! All through my family history when they got fed up with the bullschit they moved to a place with fewer people for a fresh start, damn planet is covered with bullschit now, no where to go but mars.......
  9. Yep, unless you are after some historical context with a specific era pistol the new version is the way to go....... .......or the advertising is good cause I want one of those FN versions myself for some reason.
  10. Damn forever internet crap Just think how all those girls in the pics will feel when they have grandkids asking questions
  11. They cancel billion dollar aircraft on a political whim, it won't be a thing in my book until there are a million rifles out there getting the finish worn off, and the stuff starts hitting the surplus market
  12. Welcome from Iowa! Could be the gas block location, add that to no carbon seal in the gas system yet, some metal parts still mating up, and some lower power ammo. I'd check your gas block and continue to shoot it for a bit and see if it starts to come around.
  13. Personalized a set of ESEE knives for my niece to be, they get married in June but she has been at every family holiday since their freshman year and they are finishing up their first year as teachers so she's been my niece for near a decade now in my book. Farm girl, always working with her man on the farm but I noticed she always asks someone for a knife when she needs one. I tried to dye things her wedding colors but the large scales are the only material that got close, the scabbard barely took any color and only on the trim, the small knife scale went almost black and it is the one I didn't think would take color. It's gonna piss off the nephew but I'm gonna give her lifetime sharpening for them, I showed the nephew many times over the years but kinda cut him off so he would learn for himself, I just wannna make it handy for her to carry a knife wherever she goes.
  14. Maybe we can get a sling manufacturer to chime in, I thought @beachmaster used to do a single point sling but I don't see it there now?
  15. I started to chuckle but then got a twinge of nausea. I pride myself in an ability to see trends coming, this one showed me I don't know schit, never would have guessed it would be here in my lifetime.
  16. Please post it for sale here, someone is always looking for a proper buffer system. They usually take more than just a click to get so so it would be really handy to have one posted here.
  17. Grab it, I'm, telling you grab it or regret it, you don't know how many others are trying to cobble together a proper system from multiple vendors, getting aggravation and a bunch of shipping charges.
  18. Welcome from Iowa! It might not reliably run your handloads now but that can be made to happen. For a start will it run the cheap steel case russian stuff? I don't recommend running it regular but it is a good low power factory load to get a comparison with, how stout are those reloads?
  19. Where I used it last.............. I forget where.
  20. Curious how you determined it was compatible with the Armalite lower? Is the lower a B model Armalite with proprietary mags or the P-mag compatible A model?
  21. These guys make a rock solid mount, full of features, and with some fantastic machine work. Small outfit so lots of stuff is made when ordered. http://shop.aadmount.com/main.sc
  22. Take precautions if you are sending Bauer Precision your money. I know one person that ordered from them well over a year ago, ended up with his money back after the whole credit card claim deal, he was not alone. https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/denton/profile/online-retailer/bauer-precision-llc-0875-91079833 I have been able to get a couple Brakeout 2.0's for under $100, seems to be a bunch of new old stock hitting the secondary market, by the packaging I'm betting these are all pre-PSA. Joe Bob having them makes me curious, did they get ahold of some NOS or is this a new production run? Fingers crossed PSA fires them back up, I wouldn't mind getting a couple more suppressors that fit all my 51T's
  23. This guy here exudes Ranger, always thinking, never stuck in a box, even a mystery box https://taskandpurpose.com/culture/army-best-ranger-competition-mystery-event-video/
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