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Everything posted by jtallen83

  1. Not what I got it for though, it's supposed to be DCG, designated coyote gun. It isn't supposed to get warmed up, just one shot at a time on those -10 days in Iowa.
  2. Didn't find much for pics, might be some in the initial lube test thread, I think I put some pics on at intervals. Here is the bolt after a couple paper towels and a few minutes, hadn't cleaned inside or under extractor yet. Ended up being a firing pin channel packed over full that stopped the thing. I had to use some pressure on the paper towel but the crud wiped off. Bad pic, the lower sucked but who knows what it would have taken without it. The Cerakote seemed to darken a shade inside but then I eagerly said good enough, strictly paper towel wipe down.
  3. Amen! 1,000 rounds plus, most of it suppressed, new gun, only a few drops added during the process. Only improvement needed I can see is a self-cleaning version Gunk or not schit kept sliding. just saw the chunk of jacket
  4. Way more important than caliber when it comes to hitting schit.
  5. Just say no would have to be my advice. Way to much QC issue history for the time PSA has been putting out this large frame stuff, they might be learning but not real fast from what I have seen show up here.
  6. Iowa's Ron Paul delegates at the national convention, tossed aside by a back room deal and replaced with Romney supporters with no other reason given than "we need to show unity" That was my 2020, I worked hard on that election for over a year, actually decades of work to get to the point I could help, the people spoke, the party erased. Not soon enough anyway. It will be interesting to see just what pain level will turn the tide.
  7. Ok, I'll pile on here What little experience I have with large frame piston AR's comes from a Sig P716, 12.5 inch "pistol". I have built a DI version using the exact same barrel and bolt, forget the fact that the Sig is a jam-o-matic, some day I will dig in and make it run since Sig can't., leave that aside, the DI version is just so much smoother to shoot, feels lighter because it is by near 15-20% if I remember correctly, and weight off the right place, miles better handling weapon. Everyone talks about the heat benefit of the piston but when I pushed the 716 it got hot, There may be a little difference in the amount of crud in the action but even without a suppressor it still got dirty, with there isn't much difference for me at all.
  8. How many rounds through the gun? Pictures, lots of pictures will help here.
  9. Welcome aboard, look up the intro section and tell us a little about yourself. Different handguards just as Edgecrusher stated.
  10. I've got an old compensating ruler for 100 ft steel tapes and railroad track, I would need a magnifying glass to see the the smaller increments.
  11. Not even twenty minutes from your house I always tried to use the safe driver logic. It is a fact the more time a person is on the road the higher their chances of being in an accident. The faster you go the less time you spend on the road, Safety First
  12. The best advice at this stage is to get upper and lower from the same maker so there is no question or finger pointing when they don't fit, grab an Aero set, they are as close to problem free as anything out there and reasonable money.
  13. I'm gonna be pissed if my BSF barrel needs something like that to shoot, bought the thing because I was looking for stiffness to hold up that suppressor, I need to get that build finished and see what I have.
  14. No 6mm ARC but I would second the Lee crimp die and crimping everything for an autoloader.
  15. What ranges? I have not stretched mine out past 100 yet but it I doubt I would see much difference in accuracy out to 300 yards, the barrel shoots better than me. I really like a balanced rifle so I went with the 14.7 inch to loose the weight up front, these things can get heavy.
  16. My Dad would set his scope to his eye and not the bore, he wanted the reticle plumb when he shouldered the rifle, obviously not plumb with the world. I tried explaining but he stopped me with a question "Do I miss?".......... I gave up.
  17. Potato guns don't seem to be an issue, that's high tech for me
  18. No Take your time, get a list of what you need and watch the prices, I think there may be some good holiday deals this year. I got my 338 barrel on sale at Wilson Combat, under $200 and a great barrel. Keep your eyes peeled there; https://shopwilsoncombat.com/338-Federal/products/740/ Some reading, @98Z5V has a build thread somewhere but I couldn't find it;
  19. More who not to buy from than who to buy from lesson here. Sounds like you have a nice tight fit, excellent for accuracy. Try some heat;
  20. Hold on to that sucker, collecting tolls can be quite lucrative when law and order breaks down....... hell you have the manpower to staff it 24-7 with those boys
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