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Everything posted by jtallen83

  1. jtallen83

    AMU rifles

    Neighbor kid I babysat for builds and shoots rifles for competition in the Army, haven't seen him for years now but I know he could answer since he has built them. If I can find his sister maybe I can get in touch, MSG Michael Hester in one of the last pictures. Little bastard always had an eye, he was lethal in snowball and apple fights! https://thecmp.org/anticipated-long-range-national-matches-return-met-with-success-in-2018/
  2. jtallen83

    Beachin Tactical Sling Porn!

    Black Hills Gear, veteran owned small business. It really works for the mirage, get about 95% of it; https://www.blackhillsgear.com/store.html#!/Suppressor-Silencer-High-Temp-NOMEX-MAD-Wrap/p/85499571/category=0
  3. jtallen83

    Help me spend my money!

    The real accuracy nuts will tell you that using the set screw blocks introduces stress to the barrel and can mess up harmonics. I agree in principal but have never seen any real testing to prove it. I try to use clamp on style blocks for most rifles but like at least one dimple if using set screw blocks. Again I have no testing to confirm it but it seems to me I can get a little better hold using a small dimple without introducing higher stresses needed with the set screw and no dimple. Guess this makes me at least a little gay.............who'd a thunk it.
  4. jtallen83

    Et tu benchmade?

    Now if people could just put as much effort into looking at where their representatives get and distribute their campaign booty. For your searching pleasure; https://www.fec.gov/search/
  5. jtallen83

    Help me spend my money!

    I use a dimpling jig but not as much for full depth dimples but to get that hole lined up. With the jig you can't get the one opposite the port wrong, lines the block up dead center of the port every time. I only drill what I need to and stopped drilling the second spot after I did one, just not needed.
  6. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    I titled the thread the way I did because some of us here are knowledgeable enough to give a review, like @shepp , and then there are many like me that are only giving opinions. Black Dome Stout from Catawba Valley Brewing Co. in Morganton, NC. A heavy roast flavor but the chocolate caramel sweetness tames it a bit. Like all their beers I have tried to date it has a good creamy feel but at the same time is nice and light, an easy drinking beer. These guys know how to brew a good beer! https://catawbabrewing.com/beers
  7. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Good to hear, got one in the fridge right now That Gamma Gamma didn't last long here, wish I would have bought several!
  8. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    @sheppHere is one that helps with the alcohol level! Even More Coco Jesus, Imperial Stout from Evil Twin Brewing in Connecticut. Has a sweet chocolaty, smoky, dried fruit aroma. Flavors abound, up front with some bitter is a toasted coconut and molasses flavor but it keeps rolling with smoky dried fruit flavors, lots of sweet sugary flavors but some bite from the hops and the smoke balance it out, has that barrel aged booze flavor as well. The sweetness and the syrup feel come on as it warms. A very well done stout, fuk'n ambrosia!
  9. jtallen83

    Et tu benchmade?

    Easy for me, no benchmades now and none on the wanted list. Think I will just carry on.
  10. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Double Dry Hopped Galactica Double IPA from Clown Shoes in Massachusetts. Smells piney and bready. Has a mild pine flavor followed by a citrus and fresh grass notes. There is a toffee like malt sweetness all through the middle and then that pithy, evergreen dry at the end. Gets a little sweeter and fruitier when it starts to warm up a bit.
  11. jtallen83

    Beachin Tactical Sling Porn!

    My latest Beachin Tactical sling, just like it was made for it, because it was! Texted the man a picture of the rifle and inside a week this matching sling appeared at the door! Since I quit picking colors and just asked Jacob to make what he thought would look good I couldn't be more pleased with the matches.
  12. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Liquid Truth Serum IPA by Dogfish Head. Aroma is a subdued maltiness and a touch of citrusy fruit. Very deep layered flavors, bitter citrus pith, malty biscuit, some pineapple and peach in the middle with that pith dry bitter lingering at the end. More of a classic beer flavor with a little boost on the hops, very drinkable.
  13. jtallen83

    I cant shoot left handed

    Do they give you much for time and rounds with the new gear before you are hanging your life on it?
  14. jtallen83


    Forgot a regular use lube for me, Otis Dry Lube spray for cleaning and lubing magazines. It knocks out the carbon and after a wipe with a paper towel or rag it leaves a slick but not sticky surface. They had an earlier version the called Special Forces Dry Lube but this new batch is "improved" .....worked the same for me. https://otistec.com/dry-lube/
  15. jtallen83


    I really like the stay in place stickiness of that test lube. Slip EWL 30 is as close to it as I have seen, like to use that on the bolt and carrier rails. I have a big tub of Weaponshield grease on the bench so it gets smeared here and there, cam pins and rings mostly. Slip EWL straight for pins and such.
  16. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Cloud Catcher Milkshake by Odell Brewing of Colorado. Had a melon fruit aroma. Taste starts with a good blast of hops bitter but then a fades to a milkshake with berries flavor in the middle, Sweetness fades to a tasty lemon hop fruity taste. This is pretty good stuff for the money! 6.8 on the ABV….for those that care.
  17. jtallen83

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    No doubt I will follow your lead on that, he did complete the mission given. Still can't help wandering if he carries a weapon of some sort on his next jaunt in the wild.
  18. jtallen83

    Another new guy from Washington

    Welcome from Iowa!
  19. jtallen83

    New member fromWv

    Welcome from Iowa!
  20. jtallen83

    Barrel bedding

    ^^^^^THIS! No way should a gasket material be used, the idea is to remove any movement, gasket material will have some flex. 609, never had an issue taking the barrel back off with this stuff.
  21. jtallen83


    I could do that
  22. jtallen83

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    Badass for sure but part lucky ass and part dumbass, who hikes and bikes in mountain lion country without at least a fixed blade knife? I spent a couple years working in the Mountain Home Arkansas area and didn't see many men that were not packing a fixed blade on their belt, societal change is making it to the Ozarks I guess.
  23. jtallen83

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Armalite made a simple solution, last one I saw belongs to me now;
  24. jtallen83

    Pic Of The Day 2