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Everything posted by jtallen83

  1. Pretty sure the owner of rare Breed is the owner of that patent, almost like the whole thing was a set-up to get a case against the NFA?
  2. You have to work hard to be this ambiguous! They are not even trying to be reasonable, cause they don't have to. What are they after that isn't here, they gotta be using this like a first bargaining position or something...... or could it just be as stupid as it looks?
  3. By including it in indictments ............ they just suck. I remember the agent telling me they didn't like it either, it was the administrative part of the agency causing all the problems, he had no answer when I asked why then they just go get whosever's name is written down for them by the administration part? They seem to want to sow as much confusion as they can, you have to try hard to make rules this confusing, deceptive, and ambiguous as they do these days.
  4. I sure don't like this, I noticed the indictment of my LGS made a big deal of other people handling class III items, several times. I thought that would just be there for intimidation purpose, something to bargain with for them, looks like that was wrong, they are deciding that is the law. This would mean no more renting a machinegun for fun, no more handing your buddy that SBR to try out, and of course keep that silencer to yourself. Starting to look like I'll just run from the whole class III thing, take back that open invitation for an atf visit, this is getting way to complicated to not be meant to put me in jail or take my schit.
  5. Curios, a mismatch for function or just don't fit together? I'm being lazy here and not checking myself on the fit. Not trying to be a Tubbs fanboy but that is the best option my LGS stocks so if I need one right now that's the one I grab.
  6. Sounds like it was short on gas, you may have feed issues with cold or a dirty chamber like that, lack of weight causes it not to drive home as hard.
  7. What I have as well, three of them first hand, one mine, couldn't talk any of them into switching to the proper Armalite system, LGS had already sold the spring to them, I just like to experiment for myself, I've never actually put a flat wire spring on a build list beyond a low power one for a low mass race gun build but if it's what's on the shelf and I need one they have worked fine for me, but always use the Armalite spec system when possible is my advice, it's the gold standard.
  8. Thank you for the info Brother, that explains the sale prices.
  9. Thank you for the work Brian, I find this experiment very interesting, used to shoot those sabot rounds Remington put out but never saw any accuracy worth a crap. When you've gotten further along I'll try to pick your brain without insulting you, demanding answers, or looking like and bully for no good reason, should be doable.................
  10. I've used Tubbs and Strike industries and never had an issue. The LGS was building uppers for those .458 caliber wildcats on a large frame, they were having function issues with the aero lowers, they added a Tubbs and they ran, correct fix would have been some weight in the buffer but the flat wire had to have added some resistance. I have not wore one out yet.
  11. Call me a chickenschit but after my recent interactions with atf agents and the complaints I made I feel the need to keep schit tight, give myself everything possible to point to showing I tried to follow their mess just in case. I already have a trust but I'm not sure I want a safe full of sbr's and all that entails. If I had any faith in government operating correctly I might be able to tolerate the wait and see method....... I still haven't seen a bump stock back on the market, wouldn't that be irony if I could replace braces with 16 inch barrels and bump stocks, I'm not counting on any judge to save my pistol braces any time soon.
  12. Toolcraft makes big portion of them on the market. D Wilson was a maker years back that gave a forum discount, he in the precision business making them for other companies, doesn't sell to the public any longer though so I don't know if he still puts out BCG's
  13. I think they like the power an ambiguous regulation gives them.... " Just cooperate sir and that pistol can stay a pistol". Is it actually active yet or still in the que? Any gun rights group worth it's salt should already have papers ready to file as soon as they have standing, it would be a slam dunk in a real justice system but
  14. I guess I should grit my teeth and read the crap for myself, seeing lots of different opinions on what works and what doesn't, the part of removal that calls out not readily re-installed keeps snagging up the round buffer tube idea, I could easily just slide the braces back on my early Sig factory guns so? I'm gonna cut off the bottom of a carbine tube till the latch holes are gone for good measure, and I have several extra. The "pistols" with recoil though.... do you sbr the 308 pistols? Most of what I have was intended for a grandkid someday anyway, the few that are old enough and want them might be getting free sbr's......... I was trying to explain it to my Mother, she offered her crawl space, "Nobody would ever look there." .............................I reminded her she has two Alexa's
  15. Three cheap 16 inch 5.56 barrels from CDNN, known brands at least, one Anderson and two Bushmaster lightweight, for what I hope are temporary conversions........ figured I would diversify the holdings...... what a mess.
  16. Tons of videos on it if your curios, a good safety check on a new build or barrel bolt combo change.
  17. Wilson Combat will put out some tight chambers, I've polished a couple to solve the sticky issue, had to cherry pick a bolt to fit for one as well, have you checked headspace? Tried chambering a round with just the bolt and your fingers? SCS buffers show up pretty regular on the list of parts for guns having issues, that would be my next focus.
  18. Could lead to some bargains in the short term, new management never seems happy unless they eliminate a few SKU's from the line, never know what they will blow out to places like CDNN.
  19. I needed something to occupy my mind the last few weeks that wouldn't cost money, I've had a small sheet of roofing copper kicking around since the early 90's. When I laid it out for a couple bird house roofs I was left with some chunks that for some reason looked like they could be cuffs or bracelets, I dug out the sheet metal tools and ended up with this pile, family has appropriated about a half dozen before I got a picture, their enthusiasm could be the reason for the pile as I would hate for someone not to get one if they want one. I haven't really made anything for a good while, assembled and embellished but not made, felt good beating something out even if it ain't a bridge....... I don't think the cat or the wife enjoy the beating part
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