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Everything posted by jtallen83

  1. A tiny little prism scope, hoping this will work better than a red dot with my astigmatism; https://www.dvor.com/bushnell-bt71xps-tac-optics-little-p-1x-11mm-obj-circle-dot-bdc-black-cr2032-li.html
  2. I remember helping Grandma put up canned tomatoes in those quantities. She didn't do any hot stuff besides a pickled pepper relish that was mildly spicy. I think what I remember most aside from the great sauces made throughout the coming year was how hot it got in the kitchen! No AC, just fans blowing and a ton of steam all day long, usually three or four rounds a season. She put up about 90% of the families vegetables for the year so there were many summer days like that. Enjoy that time with the little one, they will remember.
  3. Bedtime Stories Imperial Milk Stout brewed with graham crackers, marshmallow, vanilla, and chocolate. From Abomination Brewing Co, brewed and canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. Boston Mass. and distributed by 12%. I can smell the graham crackers and vanilla, also getting some light smoky aroma like you expect from a stout. Flavor is smoky malt from front to back, on top all the way through, there are hints of dark chocolate and graham cracker, a little creamy from the marshmallow I assume. Has a bitter finish, but does leave a vanilla flavor behind as well. Feels real watery in the mouth, expected a much thicker feel with the list of ingredients, a good summer chugging stout I guess.
  4. It took my young Peruvian intern to explain to me why it was telling me to check the back seat! The only way that warning will work is to put a button in the back seat they have to push or the horn and lights will go off, and then it won't be 100%!
  5. No off button for auto-stop on the Acadia, at least I could turn off the warnings to check my back seat when I turn it off, kept looking back there thinking WTF could be wrong in my back seat!?!
  6. They are putting it in more and more vehicles.I saw it in a new Ford truck last year so was wondering if GMC would follow suit.
  7. Hey @Armed Eye Doc, does that GMC have the auto stop feature that shuts the engine off at stop signs and such? The GMC Acadia they gave me for a government vehicle has it, thought there was something wrong until I saw "Auto Stop" on the speedometer and started reading the book.
  8. That is a fantastic group for a magnifier/red dot combo at 300 yards. Put a good scope on that rifle and it may do one hole groups!
  9. Which makes your insistence in calling them all AR-10's even more bewildering! You know the difference, great, why confuse the guy that doesn't?
  10. People commonly beat their wives, doesn't make it right, seriously though it is important to differentiate these platforms with the proper terminology, lack of standard specs for these large frame AR's causes enough problems for those of us assembling them. Way to many parts sellers and manufacturers get it wrong, many on purpose to increase their search results. The grief this has caused the people that bought the wrong parts is real. We just try to do our part in bringing clarity to the subject.
  11. I scored some early Blackwater gear with provenance from the man as well, he has been there and done it!
  12. jtallen83


    If nobody else chimes in before I get home in a couple weeks I can, just let me know what you want to compare. Somewhere here I have a few internal measurements with those and a Lancer posted, mostly focused on cartridge length capabilities though.
  13. For me the clamp on is preferable but not always available in the type and size block I need. It came in super handy for getting the block location correct on my Sig 716 barrel build as the shoulder was there for the piston gas block and didn't line up.
  14. ^^^^^^Exactly. Of the comparisons in this thread the Sig has the tallest engagement surface as well as the widest from the pivot point. If anybody can add to this data it would be great.
  15. I have the SLR jig, works great, carry all sizes; https://slrrifleworks.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=57_129&product_id=579
  16. As long as it doesn't let the bolt go without hitting the release I don't think I would worry about it. I will be home in a couple weeks and take a look at my 716 and see where it grabs.
  17. Just got my second $10 coupon from Magpul, took a picture of the medium DAKA pouch I got on the last order, Magpul tough schit for sure! http://media.magpul.com/display/t/DAKA-bags-have-endless-possibi/magpul-Product/d16b0016-bb7e-11e9-adeb-22000a223b2a?utm_source=rivetworks&utm_medium=ugc-post
  18. Highly doubt you have any issues with the lower. Once saw a comparison article in Shotgun News on lowers. They compared something like 10 different lowers, I recall Stag, Aero, Spikes and Anderson being in the mix. Anderson was in the top two or three in all categories and even beat Aero having tighter tolerances. I have never had an issue with them myself. What can is that? Almost looks like a SDN-6? Love mine!
  19. I Don't Like Mondays NEIPA by Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. Stratford, CT. and distributed by 12%. Has a tropical fruit aroma with a bready, malty background. Flavor is malt forward, a sweeter, light caramel like malt. The hops come in the middle with some tropical fruit notes and a touch of citrus. Only a mild bitter in the finish but it is combined with a real creamy finish, a little milkshake action. A very easy drinking beer, chugging material but 7.5% ABV so you'll know it if you do chug a few!
  20. jtallen83


    Me to, now I know.
  21. Any more details on the issue, does it not always grab or is it the small engagement surface area you are talking about? I use 716 catches on all my 308AR's now, found them more reliable than others. One of the few functions my P716 has never had an issue with.
  22. Just make the investment, they will be around long after you forget how much they cost. Why chance this?
  23. There is one game warden for literally thousands of square miles. Nobody wants them around anyway. There was eventually some quid pro quo dealt out, law enforcement gets one shot and fixing things like that in my country, they know when they don’t it will be handled, Kinda a wink and nod thing.
  24. Deer hunters shot our pony one year and a goat the next, worst part is they didn't have permission to hunt the place but nothing was done about it, shot right off the road about 75 yards into the pasteur, both were using scoped rifles??!!!??
  25. Supa Sumo DIPA in a can by Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorha Iowa. Had this in a bottle last fall and it was great, this can did not disappoint! Has a citrusy pineapple aroma. Flavor just explodes, orange, pineapple, mango, all those tropical notes you expect with a DIPA loaded with fresh hops. Just the right amount of bitter to balance the fruity sweetness, even a hint toffee/caramel malt. This schit is ambrosia! If you look close you can see the plastic label is on a Golden Nugget can, sure hop they put out a fresh batch of nugget soon!
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