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  1. My local shop has bought a bunch of those from them to build some deer rifles. Early on the ports were small, first few he got. After that they went with a Tubbs flat wire buffer spring to fix reliability issues they were having. I think they build on Aero parts, I know they were using the short buffers in the carbines, seemed like the Armalite carbine kit would have been a better route for them but what do I know. Are you having the same issue with Pmags?
  2. Should be smoothing out some by now. Read that waterboarding thread and put all the data here, it'll get diagnosed pretty quick if all the info is here.
  3. Expect that with a suppressor, I've seen it all my rifles, including a Sig piston gun. You'll want to give it a few boxes of shells to mate up with opposing parts and get a carbon seal on the gas system. These large frames often start out sluggish but break in fine. Worst case you might have to open the port a bit, no big deal if needed.
  4. You could try it and see, it's all about the balance between all the players, it's not gonna beat the rifle up or anything. If you have any issues I would say that would be top of the list to swap. Wilson Combat has an odd length gas tube or two.
  5. That's gonna cost me...........
  6. Still not a peep, they have said nothing beyond they are investigating. Brad has been suspended from his Chiefs job, they sighted the city could not have the appearance of criminality from the chief so he is suspended until it's worked out. I got two replies on the letters, one from Brad and one from my state rep, radio silence from the media beyond repeating the atf press release, no editorials accepted. They got nothing, nothing but the right to intimidate anyone as they see fit, that they have in spades now. I guess it's not a trial so they can drag schit out as long as they like, nobody can stop them at this point.
  7. With the quiet quitting, rat your neighbor programs, and just flat incompetence of the government it's looking more and more like the Atlas Shrugged world, I ain't seen any soma yet. Even if their destination is set we can help ourselves by making paths very difficult for them, humans run the system and they are lazy and stupid humans being chose to run things these days, they will take the easy way if they can get by with it. Be the water in the oil, they have to change the whole damn thing for a bit of water or risk blowing the motor.
  8. I felt a little nauseous a few times......... but then it's hard for me to throw stones when strippers and coke are involved....damn that's a lot of strippers and coke!
  9. If the bolt is sound and headspaces on the barrel then it's technically OK to shoot it. I would still recommend having a dedicated BCG for an upper, parts that slide together should ride together.
  10. ^^^ Yep, bet they line up with the extension ramp lugs.
  11. Looks pretty normal, just smooth it up with lots of ammo.
  12. Not as easy as the Loctite.... 509...609....? I forget the number. I've never seen any slop after the barrel nut is tight, most likely don't really need the loctite but it calms my ocd.
  13. I use liquid shim, lazy but it worked so far.
  14. Don't be so sure, some of that early stuff was very machine hour and hand fit heavy, a true reproduction would be a major investment to manufacture if you could find the qualified help! There would be enough "Hi Points" step in to make them available though, whether I want one or not I'm all for it.
  15. ^^^ What he said, run an A2 or stick with using the rail.
  16. I got in on something like that, objective for the day, burn up that pallet, I had no clue or care why. It actually started to feel like work after an hour or so, tore up hands from loading mag after mag. Short of a last ditch hail Mary from a defensive position in the dark, grazing fire, I got no use for full auto, right now, times change but I can't see a benefit for me now. I almost shouldn't mention it but my thoughts are that modern optics have added more lethality to the AR than any giggle switch can ever accomplish.
  17. Seemed like it was, I remember something about a divorce, the owner was a looker if I remember correctly, I checked, they took down the picture of her on a bike, maybe things have changed.
  18. Sure thought there was one more current than this.
  19. Not at all Brother, if a picture could transmit the feel of this knife in the hand you would be ordering them in the thousands, your eyes make you skeptical at first look but roll it around in your hand a bit and it's a fit. You can't beat a good fixed blade edc, but you can beat one
  20. Got my AdventureCraft from Exodus Knife & Tool, short of shave some hairs I haven't done anything but handle it some, it's already obvious @beachmaster has a winner here The carry size is perfect for me, fits my pliers pocket just right with the sheath keeping it easy to grab the handle. The handle is small but doesn't feel thin in the hand, has enough meat to get good control for fine stuff, comfortable to choke up on it. Comes with a very nice sheath, good positive retention but not to hard your thumb can't pop it off. At 3.3 ounces with the sheath it carries like a feather, can't be a drop of wasted material in it. The wood box gives it a real deluxe presentation, that collectors panache, I'm torn, put it on the shelf and admire it alongside some other prizes or take a hint from the serial number and carry it 365, could compromise and keep it in the go bag for the car, it would be at the ready 365 anyway. Put a pic of it next to my present edc, ESSEE Izula first version, for scale. The web page; https://www.exodusknifeandtool.com/adventurecraft
  21. Not first hand, they have not been spoken of in a positive light the last time or two I read something here but I have no first hand knowledge. At one point they were hanging around here but that's been awhile, now we have this; https://forum.308ar.com/forum/143-moriarti-armaments-terminated/
  22. That and the proliferation of calibers for the AR-15 that close the gap with the .308 does make these hybrids much less appealing. If you can get the oomph from a lighter, better standardized platform why bother. It's always interesting to find out what parts are truly proprietary, Sig called their bolt for the 716 proprietary but it is running ammo out of a DPMS based barrel under direct impingement instead of the piston system it comes from....... I guess it didn't come from just the 716 then, wonder what ruger did?
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