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powder for dillon xl650


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I have used varget but it doesn't meter well in my progressive press.It does hand load well though. I will be loading .308  168 grain Hornady z-max.. I don't  hunt (except zombies)  but I like to shoot paper and like to hit where I aim. What suggestions do ya'll have for a good metering powder for a progressive type press loading for 168 grain  .308? I can usually find the powders I look for.

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  I use a pull down Powder that isn't available now a days ( WC 846 ) meters real good , of course its a Ball Powder. I found Ramshot's , TAC  Powder meters well & so far, I've found its very close to the WC 846 , so much so , that I will buy more of it . There are others , but I've been using the WC 846 for so long , I have just started for a replacement . 

 The Dillion's Powder Measure meters will with most powders . I have a 550B  & get decent results even with IMR 4064 ,an extruded Power .


  We have a Reloaders section here & you may get more responses down in the " Shooting  everything else " section , under 'Ammo".


  I'm trying the 155 gr. Amax & Nosler 155 gr, Match right now . I have some Chronograph results for a few 168 gr. bullets in the reloaders section , as do others.

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