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First Build Question


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I have never owned a 308 AR but I am thinking about doing my first build.  Main goal is an accurate (MOA or less) and reliable rifle for mainly target shooting out to 500 yds.  Budget is a concern and I would like to keep the price down as much as possible (1500 to 2000).   This is what I am thinking right now:

  • Aero upper/lower/ 15" hand guard builder kit
  • Magpul Stock (don't know which one yet.  Might go with something less expensive now and upgrade later)
  • Aero LPK (upgrade trigger later)
  • Fulton Armory 18.5" SS barrel
  • Fulton Armory BCG or Aero BCG

I know I will have questions later if I decide to proceed but my first questions are would I be better off with the Fulton BCG which would already be head spaced for the barrel or go with the less expensive Aero and check the head space once everything is assembled?  Will matching the BCG to the upper or the barrel increase reliability or accuracy?  Or does it matter?  Will either of these work well or should I look at something different?  Will the Fulton barrel provide MOA or better accuracy?

Like I said above, I am just starting to look into this so I am open to all suggestions.

Thank You,



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15 minutes ago, eli23 said:

 Will matching the BCG to the upper or the barrel increase reliability or accuracy?  Or does it matter?  

The headspace should always be checked when building the large frame ARs, simply because there is no set-in-stone standard for them - companies can make whatever the hell they want, smack "AR-10" or "LR308" on their description online, and everybody thinks it'll just assemble itself and work remarkably.  Definitely NOT the case out here in the real world...

So, does matching the bolt (actually just checking headspace) increase any accuracy or reliability?  Not really, because headspace MUST be met.  Having the headspace meet the minimum and maximum dimensions decreases the chance that the gun blows up in your face when you pull the trigger for the first time.  :thumbup:

Yes, it's important.  Your parts list thus far is solid, by the way. Good parts from good, reputable companies.  

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