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Everything posted by 98Z5V

  1. With the physical differences between the two, that's gonna be hard to pull off in a .308AR, with that specific AR15 part. You have pics of the ones that you have, that work just fine?
  2. 5.4oz carbine buffers won't work on a 7.000" receiver extension, as aon off-the-shelf part. What's the length on that 5.4oz buffer?
  3. That's a pretty badass idea right there - Recce Rifle...
  4. That sucks, in a way, but it's funny as hell. That's a lesson, right there, folks. Lesson 65b. You snooze, you lose. I saw someone in here about 30 minutes ago, looking at this thread. If they wanted it, it should have been grabbed then. It is what it really is - You snooze, you lose. That's Lesson 65b here.
  5. Good ammo for those - the 123 ELD-Ms are just about perfect, for those guns.
  6. Mine was $265 OTD from my Gun Pusher, and he owed me. MAP is $299.99 on them. You'll need to know someone to pull it for less than that. MSRP on that Trijicon RMR RM-06 Type 2 is $699. I don't know what the MAP is on them, and can't find anyone that lists it.
  7. 98Z5V


    Oh shiit!!! I'll PM you my work address to send it to, right now!... My bad...
  8. So will the .30 cal Brakeout, Rene. I've got a couple .30 cal muzzle devices on Grendels, but my brake on the .260 is the VG-6 Gamma 6.5. Allen Engineering make their brake for 6.8 cal, but don't advertise it. Only place I know that keeps it in stock is Precision reflex. That's so close to 6.5mm it's not even funny, and it will set you up for an Ops Inc/Allen Engineering can. https://www.precisionreflex.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=186717&CAT=4212
  9. 98Z5V


    I swear that thing was half the damn cow...
  10. You're gonna kick me in the nutz, but... I'm just ordering a HUGE batch of Cerakote this coming Friday... I've had shiit weather for painting, for so long, that it never got done. Now that my weather has been nice, I figured I better get off my ass and get this painted - along with 3 or 5 more...
  11. Yes, they are. http://www.cci-ammunition.com/products/primers/primers.aspx?id=30
  12. Take a look at that thing close - that should be a pretty narrow section that the mag catch passes through, and the hole that it passes through is not a tight fit. That's something to look at, but it's not going to have a giant impact in the mag catch function. How many -thou do you think you'll have to machine, when moving that mag catch placement upwards, on these lowers that are giving you issues?
  13. Instead of the trouble of welding mag catches together to take up space of a re-machined slot..., Machine the slot upwards, to what you need. Fill the bottom with HTS-2000 alu brazing rod, re-machine the bottom until the slot is 0.250" from the top. That would be alot easier, and it's also a permanent fix for that lower.
  14. That's a strong possibility, right there. I only run CCI 41s in my heavy 5.56 loads, just for that reason. It gives those 75s a little bit more velocity, and gets them over 2750fps. That's where the magic happens on those projectiles. You don't need to use them in any 300BLK loads, but that might be a benefit, if it works the same...
  15. Water seems routine, but can never be underestimated. That's a tough way to fight it out. That sucks to read, brother... RIP.
  16. Never heard of that lower - that's their mag catch height?
  17. I use CCI 400 primers in all my 300BLK loads, and have never, ever used a magnum primer. There is zero need for that, at all. There is also no way you will ever get close to a full-case capacity on a 300BLK load, for supers. That's why the basis of the cartridge is pistol powders. Pistol powders are what it take to run this type of load, due to the specific case capacity, and the projectile. This is just .30 Carbine, reinvented. Same powders, same projectiles if you're comparing the lowest weights - 100~110 grain. The biggest difference between those two is the case itself.
  18. 98Z5V


    This right here, brother -great for shrimp on a skewer on the grill.
  19. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Fuk Grackles. They are the total asshead of the bird-world. I can't stand those dickheads. I've chased them out of my yard, and they don't come around often. They used to come around and harrass my quail that nest in my big tree in the back. Not anymore. Jackasses.
  20. Isn't Greg's PWS a 5.56 gun?... Does he have a .308 PWS?...
  21. I just compared my Armalite AR-10 cam pin and 3 machined, quality spares to his PWS cam pin. That's why I asked him for measurements. They look like twins, or quintuplets, when you look at the measurements. I'm sure that makes sense now.
  22. I'll measure these three spares, plus my Armalite AR-10 spare: Armalite 0.9485" long. 3 spares 0.950" long. Armalite shaft diameter 0.3685". 3 spares 0.370". The head diameters don't matter.
  23. POF, brother. Not the same company.
  24. Sometimes that's exactly what it takes, brother. Good for you, man.
  25. Looks like all the other .308AR cam pins I have. We can compare measurements, if you want to measure yours. I'll measure mine...
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