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Everything posted by 98Z5V

  1. No, I caught it, and it was great - I just don't want some fuktard to read what he wrote, later, and try to get out of this. Stupidity is just Stupidity. They're not gonna come back and admit that they were stupid - they'll just disappear, never to be heard from again. There's no Rule that we can emplace upon them - as Grand as that would be... they just go, because they KNOW they fucked up... That dude was here to trash Aero - for his own mistake... Fuckin' BACKFIRED...
  2. Wise man, that R2 is... I've set my own self up with The Rule here, just to test people. Brand new part in-hand, not even announced yet, and I pitch it. The Rule get's called swiftly... and I just post pics of it... Complete Shutdown on calling The Rule on me, fuckers...
  3. Of course we don't have a Rule about it, because it's fucking Common Sense... I guess Common Sense just isn't so "common" anymore.
  4. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    Watch your OD at the neck, as well. I ran into this necking down Hornady .308 Win Match brass for .260 Rem. The ID of the neck is always right - because of the die. That brass has to go somewhere, and it's left in the OD of the neck. I have to trim the necks on my .260 makings, or they won't chamber. If I'd force them to chamber- they'd be stuck cases. Check the drawings on 6 ARC, at the neck OD - and compare it to your formed case neck OD - 0.002" can screw you, royally. Just what I've seen, necking down cartridges.
  5. 98Z5V

    Range day

    That is some FINE work, Al!!! Very nice! When you love the gun - it always shoots great. When you don't like the gun that much, you'll find that "it shoots like shiit" often...
  6. Check this out, and it's not really "fine print" - look closely at this web page: https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5-enhanced-mlok-handguards-gen2 This is directly at the bottom of the "Features" section of that web page for that handguard:
  7. You ordered the wrong handguard. No, it's not because they don't have any - it's because you ordered for the M5E1 ENHANCED... the handguard attached directly to the upper receiver on the ENHANCED upper. There's ALWAYS an option on Aero's website for the handguards - check the block for barrel nut... You didn't check that block. That's WHY you received what you did. It's not Aero's fault. This upper right here is what you ordered your handguard for: https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m5e1-enhanced-upper-receiver Now that you're done trashing Aero, you might want to realize that YOU made the mistake, and call them. For real - call them on the phone and talk to a human - and tell them that YOU MADE A MISTAKE. Then, beg for a barrel nut - for which you'll pay. Handguards without a barrel nut are cheaper - when you add in the barrel nut, the price goes up.
  8. For whatever reason, I can't find the pics here of this 12.5" Grendel in the case. At any rate, this is the gun, and folded, fits nicely into that case. Same purpose for the build - "Who would think?..." This gun gives alot more reach than the 8" 300Blk does, though.
  9. It's damn good info, but there's so much more, deeper info, that you can get into in each little area. A long time ago, I built a gun for a specific reason, posted pics... 8" 300Blk pistol. This is it's carrying case: Kinda makes more sense now, in this topic, but that's why I did it back then. Truck gun, a daily. And I can get away easily, with that thing across my body or over my shoulder. Nobody would think twice, in a crowd. Just be casual, walk away,move like they move - go with the flow, break away when you can... When I built the 12.5" Grendel, I got another Wilson tennis racket case - but the12.5 Grendel was too long. So I stuck a LAW Tactical folding stock adapter on it. I'll find the pics of that one and put them in this thread...
  10. I have almost 40 of these things, different sizes, different calibers - magazines don't affect my accuracy, at all. In fact, in only have one bolt gun that's not detachable-magazine fed, and I have a big pile of bolt guns. Doesn't affect them. The accuracy on these guns is quite nice, ARs, bolts, all of them. Magazines are not going to ding your accuracy. It's pretty far from purely subjective. In an AR, where your ejected, empty cases go has everything to do with the buffer system components, and nothing else.
  11. After THIS pic... we NEED to get you here for a shoot sometime!!! We needed you here a few years ago, when some drunk teens in a one-eyed Ford F-150 decided to roll into camp around midnight - had they seen YOU first, when they rolled in...
  12. That would be the absolute worst thing you could ever do. Running adjustable gas - even wide open - and you still need more gas for the subs. Open that thing up some more. Since 0.096" barely moved the BCG, open that thing up to 0.105" and see what happens. You may need to go up from there, too. Adjustable gas block can dial that back down when necessary. 0.125" is the absolute max that you can go, because that's the inside diameter of a gas tube. Try 0.105" and see what happens.
  13. We'll take "the numbered approach" to this post... 1. They're not completely "interchangeable", at all, but to a degree, you can install a complete operating system from one, into the other. Barrel, Complete BCG (not just BOLT - because there ARE Bolt Carrier differences), gas system, recoil system. Recoil system is a sore spot with me, because DPMS-based recoil systems just suck, and they're not what this platform needs. Another story, already written about. You can TAKE an Armalite Barrel, COMPLETE BCG assembly, and AR-10 Gas system - and make it work in DPMS-based receivers. Look up my 13.5" .308AR gun. That's exactly what it is. All Armalite AR-10 guts inside of Aero Precision M5 receivers. And it runs like a champ. The thread on it is here, shouldn't be hard to find. Now BASED on that - there's zero reason you couldn't take ALL those DPMS-Based parts, and run them in Armalite AR-10 receivers. I just don't know why someone would do that. 2. Armalite AR-10 upper receiver threading and DPMS LR-308-based upper receiver threading are different. They don't interchange. Armalite AR-10 handguards don't fit DPMS LR-308-based guns. The info on the threading differences is here, on the board. Your receiver choice determines what handguard you need to run, it's that simple. 3. The LMT shiit is different, and you need to do some deeeeep research on what those differences really are - I don't know. I'll never build one, it's over-priced for what it is. LMT makes 40mm M-203 Grenade Launchers for the US Army, and I'll take one of those any day. I'm not all up on the hype of their rifle, and I don't want one. I can do better, cheaper. They can keep the MWS, IMHO. 4. The opposite - I don't think you should waste the money on it -too much "proprietary bullshiit" to deal with. I'm simple, and easy. You don't complicate shiit, with complicated shiit. Keep it real, and keep it simple, and it'll work for you every single time. Thus Endeth My Sermon...
  14. That's a fair statement, but... VA only covers Service-Connected Disabilities - shiit that happened to you while you were in, and you receive VA DIsability Payments for it. If you're 100% disabled, it's a different story - everything in your life is covered by VA. If you're retired, it can BE a different story, IF you can connect that thing that you're claiming, directly TO a Service Connected Disability, that they're paying you for now. Ask me how I know. VA ain't the end-all-be-all, unless you're 100% Disabled. Even IF you're Retired. Getting your face blown up by a gun, tomorrow, isn't gonna be covered by VA, unless you're 100% Disabled, and that Disability Rating was already established, prior to you eating your gun.
  15. The guy here in this thread is placing 3 shots left. Then he places 3 shots right... He's changing his sight picture. The mount is good, the scope is good. That's a very minute ("My-Noot") change in sight picture - inconsistant sight picture - between groups. Shoot 10, see where they fall. Shiit, shoot 5, see where they fall. Make scope adjustments from that. Repeat. Don't change your sight picture. Dial your magnification DOWN...
  16. Vertical stringing, if it were that, is a breathing problem - firing at different times during your breathing cycle. Always fire on the full-exhale. Always. Only if they're machine guns. Times are different now. If you're still quoting Viet Nam Logic - those were light profile M16s with a 1:12" twist rate and with 55 grain projectiles. That was even before "Government Profile" was invented. "First Round Flyer" is a cold-bore shot. It CAN be different, over a warmed barrel shot, but most modern barrel-manufacturing technologies mitigate this, as much as they can. Walking as the gun heats up... That's only a thing now if it's a pencil-profile barrel, and you rapid-fire the shiit out of it. I have a 16" Faxon Pencil-Profile 5.56 gun - and it doesn't walk as the barrel heats up. Once it's warm - you are right there, everytime. Technology and times are different from what you're preaching, my man.
  17. Times have definitely changed - and so has technology, and NVG capability. What you know from back then is a different world now. Shiit, it's even more advanced now, from when I retired in 2007... There is no Depth Perception in Gen 1, Gen 2... That's why you have to train. The current White Phosphor shiit is unreal. You can see how many hairs are in a guy's beard at 35 yards... It's just nuts.
  18. I had a great big group of Army Aviators that were masters at it, and they love it. We only flew at night,with them, and completely blacked out. Those guys were magicians, and absolute masters of their aircraft and crew. When they had a time-hack, they were always +/- 30 seconds from it, and never failed, no matter what the distance was, that they had to travel to get you there, or get to you to get you out of there. Absolute Flying Ninjas. Some people hate driving with night vision, and can't comprehend the concept of what makes it work. I got "qualified" on that in 1989. I absolutely love it, and practiced it whenever I could, after that. I turned it into training in future units, as a main training event, with an "NVG Vehicle Obstacle Course." - Train others... I got to do it, for real, through the mountains of Afghani-Land, in 2003, when it counted. Years of practice definitely paid off. When you put a Toyota truck through those mountains, on roads that are narrower than that Toyota - at night - you better not fuk it up. Proficiency pays dividends.
  19. That's a pretty cool Intro - thanks for joining, and glad to have you here. Awesome.
  20. Brother, are you looking at the gear side or the mentality side? Those are the two big sections of it. Inside of the mentality of it, you need to know how to use your gear, and you need to know how to move in/through a crowd unnoticed (with all your shiit) and get the fuk out of there. EDIT- for those that don't know - this is a great primer on it: https://www.thebugoutbagguide.com/gray-man-theory/
  21. Looks like a good profile. Not bad at all - it sure isn't gonna flex! You'll have to hit up Armalite for a 13.5" barrel. It's AR-10-specific, so if you go that route, just make sure you run the Armalite AR-10 BCG with it. That stuff works inside DPMS-based receivers. That's the Trifecta of Pissed Off Snakes, right there. I grew up around Water Moccasins and Copperheads, so I know how to deal with them. I learned Rattlesnakes out here.
  22. Nobody likes a quitter... It all goes back to 3rd Grade Playground Rules. Pu$sy.
  23. This was what I meant to respond to - before Ron ambushed me again. Been doing this a long time - have alot of .308ARs. Have a few more large-frames, in other calibers. All told, across the large-frame and small-frame (AR15), there are 12 calibers of them. Many multiples of them in the same caliber, too. It's just a way of life, and a fun thing to do. Maintain your proficiency on the guns that you own. It keeps me busy.
  24. You don't have to spend a million bucks on some latest boutique-bullshiit fancy parts, which is just a waste of money, most of the time, most of the people. You just need good parts from good vendors that ain't Shady As Fuk. We'll help you with that. More often than not, we see cheap people here arguing cheap parts - that just don't work. Then, they implode. Self-destruct. Just had one last week...
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