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  1. Interesting that you got one - how long has it been on order?
  2. 98Z5V


    Bladders blow when they get too hot - been there.
  3. Okay, so I left a review, might take a couple days for them to approve it and publish it - but I noticed that the email said it was until July 11th, or while supplies last. I snatched another set of these, and it stated that there were 2 left in stock... If you guys get this email from them, do a review, get another set now before they're gone, because they were $136 shipped, and get here Thursday the 30th...
  4. Got an email from them today to make an Amazon review, and get 30% off anything in their Amazon store. I'll grab another set of the Stealth 28 HTBTs.
  5. I'll get the course layout stuff up in awhile - here's the pics for now...
  6. That's from the shell deflector on the upper receiver...
  7. It was "Ah....Ahhh...Ahh" for my back... Cleared her house out this weekend. That ended at 1:40am Monday morning, then off to work at 8am. Hellish weekend. @JBMatt absolutely killed it at the shoot on Saturday. Crushed it. We shot Heavy Metal class this time, the bigger guns. He took the 6.5C gun, and I had the .260 Rem gun. Found enough ammo bagged up last week, so I didn't have to load any - that was a mistake. Some of my earliest loads were in there, cases too long, crimped too tight, bulged shoulders... THOSE don't chamber well!...
  8. I'll get them up. You know what I've been doing...
  9. Let's get this moved out of this section, please. Into the PSA Section.
  10. Found this with a quick Google search: https://www.google.com/search?q=igman+308+168+review&client=firefox-b-1-d&ei=p3a6YuKTF-jXkPIPpI6zoAE&ved=0ahUKEwiig46om8_4AhXoK0QIHSTHDBQQ4dUDCA0&uact=5&oq=igman+308+168+review&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBggAEB4QFjIFCAAQhgMyBQgAEIYDMgUIABCGAzoHCAAQRxCwAzoFCAAQgARKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQmQRYixVgrx1oAXABeACAAbwBiAG4CZIBAzAuN5gBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz
  11. What projectile are they using? Is it their own projo? Never heard of this company before. Post a link to what they offer.
  12. Busy around here. We had a match last Saturday, and I tried them out for the first time. They blow the Walker Silencer 2.0s out of the water. Excellent ear-pro. I'll need another set. Because. Amazing hearing quality - you have 3 levels that you can maximize for normal-voice level, and the hearing protection when things go Boom is better than the Silencers. The higher you crank the normal-voice level, does not impact what they do for attenuating gunshots. They're outstanding.
  13. This is what you have to go through to get a .gov TS Clearance.
  14. It recesses because it's a true A2 sight wheel, the 8/3 wheel. Those went into the receiver. The 6/3 wheels on the M4 Carbines didn't recess - they didn't make them 6/3 because it was on the Carbine - they made them 6/3 because they didn't want to mill the receivers for the longer-travel 8/3 setup. There's the rest of the story...
  15. I've dealt with that Stag 308 spring before - it's the stiffest damn spring I've ever seen in a .308AR. Too stiff. My cure on that gun was a Sprinco Orange spring, and it worked. On the PSA, chances are that the adjustable gas block is on there because it's so completely under-recoiled, and has a tiny gas port. All been seen in the past. They like to put the band-aid on the wrong cut.
  16. OP, is this your lower receiver? https://www.lonestararmory.us/shop/receiver-sets/receivers/tx10-receiver-sets/ Or this one?
  17. Stay away from that company, no matter what. PSA is proprietary to PSA, also.
  18. They can try all they want - the specific Supreme Court decision was directly against NYS, though it impacts the entire country. They (NYS) can try anything they want, enact anything they want pertaining to this, and all it'll take is one court case - it will end quickly, with the Supreme Court decision ending the lawsuit. In record time. Today was a very major victory, for everyone in this country.
  19. Don't sweat it, man - we'll still be here. Do what you have to. I have an original PRS, and it's one boat-anchor heavy MFer. I like it for the build that I did. If I was in the market for another one, I'd do the new-ish PRS-Lite. Cuts out some big weight. On the .260, I used a carbine recoil system, and mounted the AB Arms Urban Sniper Stock. Love that thing. I'll be picking up another one soon. I know you're going Rifle Recoil System - but for Carbine Recoil System, this is my new go-to. https://www.abarms.com/A-B-Arms-Urban-Sniper-Stock-USS-p/abauss.htm Now, I'm really, really wanting to try the new-ish B5 Systems Precision Stock... which I'll probably do over the AB Arms unit. I wanna try this one. It weighs 20.65oz, which is pretty light, for all it does. Again, collapsible stock setup. We can change your recoil system, and still get it right for what you want to do... Just gonna need a heavy buffer from Clint @ Heavybuffers.com...
  20. Legit parts, for that caliber. Very. You might have to take it apart so we get some gas block journal info and gas port diameter info... I chat for hours with this guy, every single time I go to SHOT - James Reddish.
  21. NYS can't do shiit about that decision, but abide by it. The only other choices they have now are: Stay Mad, or Get Over It. It's gonna take the same amount of "political will" that would be required to make a new Constitutional Amendment, to change the Supreme Court decision today. Today's decision affects the entire country, brother. All 335 million of us, and all 50 States. People, especially NYS lawmakers and elected officials, think they can do something about this - they can't. It's done. Over. They THINK they'll find an end-around - unpossible. Unless, like I said, Constitutional Amendment. Won't happen. An amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, or, if two-thirds of the States request one, by a convention called for that purpose. The amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of the State legislatures, or three-fourths of conventions called in each State for ratification. In today's political climate, and probably forever into the future, we'll never see another Constitutional Amendment - no way in hell we'll ever get that many people in this country to agree on a single thing. Ever. What happened today was pretty historic, for both Pro-2A and Anti-2A sides of the fence. It laid down the law... There's 7 or 8 blue States that are gonna be changing their Concealed Carry Laws pretty damn quick - as soon as the State lawsuits come up. Bet that will be happening pretty damn fast, too...
  22. Midlength gas, but what's the barrel length? Gas block journal size? Know the current gas port diameter?
  23. Nope, no idea who it is, brother. Just saw it in the list of people online, and LMAO. Pretty creative.
  24. @LensWork, let's get back to the beginning, on your build...
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