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Everything posted by 98Z5V

  1. Well, we all did HORRIBLE today. Even Matt. He was just a little bit LESS horrible than the rest of us. It sucked. It was the most fun I've had all month, doing absolutely terrible job at something... I timed out on every stage, didn't clean a single stage. Came close, down to the last target or two, in a couple of them, but it was still a hoot! @JBMatt got some good pics and vids. I'll get more information in here after I look at all the info.
  2. This is My Mantra, brother. I did play Little League baseball growing up. I played football early, and you can't hit fuckers hard enough. I played soccer in high school, and was pretty decent at it. Racing BMX through junior and senior high was a game-changer for me. Earlier, though - somewhere in those early baseball days, I got my first dirtbike, and that changed everything... Ball-Sports were just never the same again, but pushing yourself individually was where it was for me...
  3. It certainly will keep your chamber cleaner if you're running suppressed, and you'll get less suppressor-gas in your face. Brass from a DI suppressed gun is hard to clean, if you reload. It's not impossible to get it clean, but it does add to the prep time. I'll give a piston system that, for sure.
  4. Hey, brother - it ain't easy being me...
  5. Scuba Steve signed up this month to shoot with us, so this will be his first match. He's shooting a 5.56 gun, and it's a blessing that he's not trying to enter Tinkerbell, and shoot bowling balls...
  6. Yep, this match is every 4th Saturday of the month. Come on out and check it out. We're Sqd 4, starts on station 4. Shoots starts at 7am.
  7. Nobody likes a Quitter. Stay your ass awake and fight it out... Pansy...
  8. I have lived that my entire life...
  9. What's your goal, and what are you looking for? End of the world ammo and guns?
  10. Let us know when those RRA triggers go soft on you, and lost that first stage...
  11. I'm just gonna start right off with this, here. The magical "DPMS AR-10" is a unicorn. It doesn't exist. It's either DPMS LR-308 pattern, OR it's Armalite AR-10 pattern. But those two patterns don't cross paths. Just tossing that out there right now, because nomenclature matters, when you're asking us to diagnose a .308AR gun-problem over the internet. Details really do matter.
  12. I'll try to get more pictures this time. I swear.
  13. Here I am again, out-kicking my coverage, and talking about something that hasn't happened yet... Me, @JBMatt, DirtBike Tommy, and @BigNate are all signed up and in Sqd 4 for the next shoot, this Saturday, 25 Sep. Doesn't matter how we do, when it's all said and done, because we'll finish at Wild Horse West for Bloody Mary's and a burger, and pick on each other for how bad we sucked in the match... The story will continue, the results will be fun - and no matter what, it's a hoot every single time. https://www.wildhorsewest.com/
  14. Biden's original "gun czar" was gonna be Beto O'Rourke. You saw where the entire Biden Administration left that chump - on the curb. SlowJow is a lot of talk. He hasn't accomplished a single thing in his "reign" so far, besides damage.
  15. They just dropped a new scope today, too - has my interest. A 1~8 FFP scope with the Griffin X Mil reticle. I'll be watching that one.
  16. Bed that barrel extension with some Loc-Tite 609, in that instance right there ^^^, and your accuracy will improve. For real.
  17. 98Z5V

    Metal Mags

    Good news on the running gun - than you for coming back in here and putting up the details.
  18. We went out today - first time is hasn't been over 100* in a long time.
  19. Makes sense now - you don't want those threads exposed in the middle? This device looks like it functions as a comp, but primarily changes the length of your barrel, in order to tune the load.
  20. Exactly - Haul ASS so you limit your exposure!...
  21. I resemble that remark. That doesn't mean that I accept it, though...
  22. That's epic news, man, and I'm happy that it went together - not much force, putting those two together after that process? When I have to do bearings in a motorcycle engine case, or a separate transmission, and I'm dealing with the removal of all those press-fit bearings - I bake the cases at 300* for an hour. I pull them out of the oven, and SLAM that case half down on the workbench... and all the bearing fall out, onto the bench. The new bearings were already frozen - like yesterday - and I drop them right into that hot engine case, right then. Biggity-BAM! Done deal, let it cool, and move on to engine assembly. I'm VERY glad that work for you, and VERY glad that you provided numbers beforehand. Maybe now, some of these other fuckers will start listening to me, and stop thinking I'm craaaaazy...
  23. In order to fully understand what you're talking about here, pics will probably be mandatory, to tell the story you're telling. The words-on-screen isn't getting it done.
  24. That's when we need to up the minimum post count - to see it - from 5 posts, to THIRTY-FIVE posts... It's the newb fuckin' Riff-Raff with 5 whole posts that get in there and try to wreck daddy's car...
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