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  1. I just worked an OEM manufacturer out of TEN HOURS of diagnostic time, during a warranty repair, just like that. I threw so many numbers and measurements at them, that they didn't know what to do - so they approved it.
  2. here was the freeloader 2-chicks ago... Out of the last 2 - I'm a 2-Striker. This last one hasn't been bad, but I'm not gonna talk about it. I'm not jinxing myself...
  3. ^^^ No shiit. That was the last one - I couldn't get that psycho to just GTFO. She's still embedded into my FB, and took over friends there. Looney-Tunes Motherfucker. I finally got her away, and haven't spoken to that fruitbasket in over 2 years, to my saving grace. What a fucking whack-job. Heard she got evicted from her last house. Pity, because her kids are fucking AWESOME. She's a fucking trainwreck, though. Oh, and I can't stand a Cobra, either. Those things are just fucked-up-freaks-of-poisonous-nature. They can strike with up to 2/3rds of their body off the ground, and they can be 12 ft long. That's 8 feet of certain death standing over you. Like an Amazon Woman... Certain death from that, you can't beat it. Goner... You are safer dating my last ex, than you are fucking with a Cobra. Wait... hold on - maybe not... Fuk a Cobra before you fuk my last e... hold on... I've come to the realization that none of this shiit is safe.
  4. That's pretty apparent. So, did the new bolt with the dual eejctors work better than that Davidson Defense bolt (which is a blem from SOME manufacturer) work better for you?... SS recommended you a bolt, and you went with it - and you're saying it's better performing than that "don't know what the blem was" Davidson Defense bolt was. Is that right?... Or, are you talking about a different gun this time?...
  5. 405 grains of silver-cast-lead sitting on top of 50.0 grains of IMR 3031 would have stopped that bear from eating MY kayak. I'm just sayin'... Kudos to Oregon Trail Bullet Company for such a badass 45-70 projectile. Huge shout-out and product-pimp for them... https://www.oregontrailbullet.com/shop/laser-cast/45-70-Cal-405g-FP-459-p104526390
  6. That very vid that you referenced is worth a "ding" by itself... Let's imbed it, so others can just click it.
  7. OMFG. That was one annoying motherfucker. Trying to REASON with a BEAR?! A reasonable person just would have come out with a 45-70, then shown a video of how to butcher a bear. One of my favorite YTers comes to mind, "Deermeatfordinner."
  8. You did the 40CL upper bunk setup, right? That thing is ungodly sweet...
  9. Also, what are the specific details on your recoil system -that's every bit as important as your gas system. List details for both.
  10. Second time I've seen this upper and lower used here - see if you can search on that, and you'll turn up the other thread on it. Do your feedramps/barrel extension, where it mates to the upper - look like one of these pics below? If so, state which one.
  11. He's awesome. He states things publicly that hurt Lib feelings, and makes Dems cringe - because he spouts out the truth.
  12. That is some damn fine work, right there. Very nice job on that rifle.
  13. Based on what you're saying, have you compared pressures between 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington? Do you know the differences, in operation, besides what you posted about the external cartridge-case dimensions? Having said that, with pressures being almost identical... why have I not seen this in any .260 Remington that I've loaded - besides those hot 130s that I loaded up?... I posted a link to them... I'm using a .308 BCG, not a 6.5C BCG. I should be seeing the same things you're seeing, if what you're posting is some kind of "evidence..."...
  14. @TeleStratMan, is this a 1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster? I just saw this for sale for $16k. Since all guitarists play guitars, then everything is a 1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster, by your mentality. According to that, THIS is a 1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster, too... I found this for $31.02 on walmart.com... Gotta be the same, since all guitarists play guitars. Right?...
  15. @TeleStratMan, the amount of butthurt that you've displayed about your nomenclature "willful" ignorance is amazing. It's not just "ignorance," because you state that you DO know the difference in the platforms. So, you're doing it intentionally, or with zero regard for what is correct - you don't care. The amount of butthurt based on the backlash is coming from the "I don't care" attitude, and your atempted defense of it- which is just stupid. You can continue to stay here- you don't have to leave, and you don't have to have someone "ban you." That comes up more often that you know, when people get caught in this kinda shiit. You can stay... But, since you already state that YOU KNOW the differences, then abide by the REAL nomenclature of the differences in the platform. Don't be lazy about it. If you think all three major platforms are the same, and "they're all AR-10s because there are only two platforms - AR-10 and AR15," as you state - they REALLY prove my point that you're correct - and buy a Rock River Arms Lar-8 upper and pin that thing to your Aero M5 (DPMS-based) lower. I just want to see pics of you possessing both, and trying to make it work...
  16. You didn't educate anyone here with that - we've been posting that for years here, to educate people on the differences. You just didn't search before you posted, and thought you'd found some kind of informational "gold mine." You didn't. What you posted is, literally, old news. Except to you... Here's another one that pre-dates what you're posting, and Troy Ind was the first company to address the DPMS "high/low" change. This was about 2010 or 2011. We've used this one alot... There's even a write up on it on the main informational website, here (not the forum). This was posted to the main informational site(s) (308ar.com AND 762ar.com) at the same time as it came out. https://762ar.com/dpms-a3-handguards/
  17. I just HAD to fix this for you, because you messed it up. I just clarified it for you. Tell you what, man, buy your Aero M5 Carbine recoil system (the complete set that they make). It will come with a buffer that's too light (at 3.8oz). You really need a buffer that's about 5.4oz - and there's an AR-10 Carbine buffer that meets that weight. Buy that Armalite AR-10 Carbine buffer, stick it in your setup, and report back what the results are. I can already tell you what the results are going to be, but just humor me here. You know, since you have an AR-10, anyway, and calling it by what it really is - just really isn't important. I'll be waiting...
  18. I love me some horsepower - but it's just a number that's only derived from Torque calculations. It's measurable, but only from torque readings over time. These two right here - are just badass...
  19. Nice looking setup, and well done. Just so you know, though, and it's discussed as common knowledge here - that's not an AR-10, not even close. Armalite makes the AR-10, and it's a completely different platform that the DPMS LR-308-based Aero M5 that you have. For example, I'll say this - pin an Armalite AR-10 upper receiver to your Aero M5 lower, and see if it fits. It won't. There are 3 basic platforms for these "larger ARs," and they are Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR-308, and Rock River Arms LAR-8. There are tons of different specialized platforms as well, but those are the three main platforms. So, just so you know, you don't have an "AR-10" in the least. Confusion amongst the platforms will only screw you over in the future, when you're looking for upper receiver parts and such. That's the entire reason that this site is named ".308AR.com" ...
  20. 98Z5V


    I like that on a scale of 10, it's a 12...
  21. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Go home at 2 with a 10... Wake up at 10 with a 2... Beer Googles FTW...
  22. You still sending Hornady your data on their defective ELD-M tips that dent and break when chambering?...
  23. No need for them, if you need Armalite-length gas tubes. Just buy the Armalite gas tubes. Custom gas tubes is where they shine, and nobody else does that besides them - and gets it right. They do. They shine is a WHOLE LOT of other areas, in custom guns and quality parts, but you don't "have to have" a WOA gas tube to make your gun run. Glad to see you using their real name now, instead of just calling them "Oak," like you were before... See what you have first, brother, for a gas tube length. See what you need...
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