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EOTech 552version308 and DPMS TAC 20

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Hi Imschur,

Yes that's it.  I have been trying to decide what kind of optic to put on both my DPMS rifles.  One I bought prior to the "great panic" and one during.  I got both of them from R & R Arms - a good source for things DPMS I believe.  I first bought the LR-308 with 24 inch SS barrel with black teflon coating and Mikulek comp in mid-2008 for about $1050 including S&H.  It still sits in my safe unfired.  I then put the TAC 20 on a wish list knowing I would never see one.  Well I soon got a notification from R & R Arms that one came available in Dec. 31st 2008 and they  were asking the pre-panic price of about $975 including S&H.  Needless to day I grabbed it.  I have since then put a Magpul UBR on it along with the new Armalite spring and custom carbine buffer.  As you know I will put the MIAD on it soon.

As for the optic I have decided on the US Optics 10x ST-10 ERGO Riflescope with Parallax III and EREK Knob for both rifles.  Later on I might look into other scopes.  I decided on this one because I could always put it on a bolt gun as well.  I wanted one that was rugged and less complicated than the variable power telescopes that have more complicated mechanisms and more glass which tends to interfere with light transmission.  It is like light traveling through different temperature zones in the sea.

I am going to put the order in on Monday.  I will probably go for some TPR rings.

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I have the carbine DPMS 308 (sportical with upgraded upper receiver).

I have that Eotech sight along with the 3x Eotech magnifier and the Midwest Industries SPLP fold down rear sight which folds neatly under the magnifier. Personally (no experience in CQB) I think that the Eotech sight is more for close quarters use and it's effectiveness is reduced over longer ranges. I think you might be limiting the potential of that 20" barrel with a red dot sight. You might be better off looking at the ACOG by Trijicon.

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You are exactly correct.  I finally decided on a U.S. Optics SN-3 1.8-10 X 37 scope.  It is more versatile and can be mounted on my LR-308s and on a bolt gun I have been contemplating. 

It has Mil/Mil for elevation, windage and reticle along with FFP S parallax F.  Apparently they are built like tanks.  I am getting the green illumination for the reticle. 

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