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  1. Paratroopers! Good to the last drop!
  2. If you have the means and the ability and machines - that would be awesome to fabricate. I would really like to see the end product!
  3. Not an M1A. It's an LRB M25! I really like the slab-sided look and the top-mounted rail for the scope rings. Just as a heads-up, M1A is a the proprietary name that the commercial company Springfield Armory were forced to name their M14 clones. Other companies like LRB, SEI, Fulton, Polytech/Norinco are not required to call them M1As. These companies can call them M14S or M14SA (for semi-automatic only) and the slab-sided are referred to as M25s.
  4. You mean like this? LRB M25 with EBR and Criterion heavy barrel, 1x10 twist.
  5. I highly recommend Ted Brown but the price is steep. You get what you pay for. Or go directly to LRB Arms and/or Wideners and get an LRB M14SA (semi-automatic) or LRB M25 already built. Or for the next alternative go to Fulton Armory - their receivers are not hammer-forged like the LRB Arms ones but they are excellent cast receivers.
  6. The pictures do not do justice to the color of the stock on the LRB M14SA. It has a redder tinge to the color and looks awesome in person.
  7. Here are some really bad pictures of my new rifle by Ted Brown (who really did a great job!) and a couple of rifles I am thinking of getting as well. The first starting from the top a Springfield Armory M1D sniper is an CMP (or is it OCMP>) lottery. It came with the provenance, the box ("This Product Shipped From Defense Distribution Depot Anniston"), and a whole bunch of goodies, including flash suppressor, genuine M84 telescope with mount and whole bunch of goodies. Ted Brown, of course, built the rifle at the bottom, SN 03600 with NOS and NIW USGI parts except, I think for the Minelli stock, the LRB M14SA receiver, and LRB bolt. Then there is the all P. Beretta M1 Garand in the middle. RNGR1
  8. Well I don't have the 10 free copies they are supposed to be sending me as per our contract yet so I don't know how the title has been translated. The topic is based off of my master's thesis which is how both the European Roman Catholic and the Sunni Muslim traditions of the the 14th century used Aristotle's "Posterior Analytics" (scientific or logical demonstration) and the idea of certainty in the understanding of divine revelation. The two men I compared were Gregory of Rimini, an Augustinian Prior General and Ibn Taymiyya, Taqi ad Din of Damascus, Syria a Hanbali Jurist Consult. The Saudi Wahabbis consider Ibn Taymiyya very important hence their interest in publishing my heavily revised thesis. It was almost a different work. I wanted to make some things much clearer. Oh well, lets see how it goes. To the Islamic Sunni tradition, logical demonstration was called "al burhan" and to the European Catholic Latin tradition it was called "demonstratio." It took me four years including languages like Classical Greek, Ecclesiastical Latin, and Medieval Arabic. When I was done my head hurt and I have been recovering since then!
  9. Well, my book is going to be at a book fair in the Arab world. They finally got it translated into Arabic, edited and now published. It was a group effort among Saudi Arabia (the legal firm), the Egyptians, and the publishers in Beirut, Lebanon! I don't know if I will become the voice of reason, but if they are listening, maybe I can do something other than promote violence and hatred. I can always try.
  10. I have the same rifle! I have been debating doing the exact same thing to it! Now I am extra motivated to do it! It will probably be next year though before I do it. I will post pictures. The ONLY thing I would do different is the bipod. My question is, though, why the glass bedding - since the whole point to the chassis is to not have to glass bed the rifle?
  11. Para308

    M1 Garand

    Even when I looked at the M1 Garand for the first time I realized what was going to happen and used the blade of my loading hand to keep the op rod/bolt back and prevented self from Garand thumb! NOOBS!
  12. Para308

    Grip Porn

    My apologies, he asked!
  13. Para308

    Grip Porn

    unforgiven, Sorry for the late reply! I have also been teaching 11th graders Dual Credit American History - survey level. It is for college credit. I have been touching on the subject of the Bill of Rights and the ratification debate between the Federalists and the so-called Anti-Federalists. Of course, I make many allusions to the present day mess our political and economic system is in! My book was just my M.A. thesis in which I compare and contrast how two 14th century men assess the validity of using Aristotle's Prior and Posterior Analytics in each tradition - the two men are Gregory of Rimini - an Augustinian Prior General, theologian, and teacher in Paris, originally from Rimini, Italy and Taqi ad Din, Ibn Taymiyya of Damascus, Syria who was a Sunni Juris-consult of the Hanbali school of jurisprudence. In Latin posterior analytics or scientific demonstration is called "demonstratio" while in Arabic it is called al-burhan. After I got my M.A. I threw it aside and forgot about it and took on PhD. studies. I may or may not survive my PhD. studies! A legal firm in Saudi Arabia got a hold of my university asking if they could contact me because they wanted to translate my thesis into Arabic in order to publish it in the Arabic speaking world (of course). I did a careful revision of my thesis and now it has been translated into Arabic. They actually paid me up front for the first printing! I am hoping it comes out in hardback! Anyway, it has gone through Egypt and now the publisher is doing a final editing on it in Beirut, Lebanon!
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