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Matrix lower/upper. Some issues but workable I think.


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I slapped my upper/lower together and installed the BCA 20” 6.5 creedmoor barrel as they were the only parts I had so far. I ended up having a few issues with the lower parts kit they provide for their lowers. They didn’t include a safety detent and the mag catch is all kinds a funky. The actual catch part isn’t long enough for its channel leaving space at the front of the post and the screw is way to long I’ll know if it functions tomorrow. I emailed them got a quick response from cs but haven’t heard back from the guy who’s supposed to know about that stuff. They do seem to want to help and make things right as of now.

 I have an issue with the foward assist as well that may just be in my head.Its a strike ind part. It sticks into the bcg channel just a bit. I read on here at one point that the dpms rifles are that way and run fine but I could be wrong. Photo to come of that so you can see what I mean.

The last parts for my build get here tomorrow. Kak dual ejector bcg, kak comp, Midwest gas Block,spikes gas tube, bro safety detent, areo m5 long mag relase button and some pmags.





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That mag catch button is threaded WAY too far onto the actual mag catch itself.  WAY too far. Back that thing off.

Try a mag in the magwell to test that bolt catch before you ditch it.  Test it first...

If the bolt catch screw is too long, just make sure it's got good thread engagement - that's not a big deal. If it drives you crazy,you can trim down the other end, that's all smoothed off.  Knock the end off it the same amount as the threads stick out...

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I have a Matrix set - several of us here do - but it's based on the older version, identical to the Ruger SR-762 uppers and lowers. They were difficult to figure out, and took a weird bolt catch and takedown/pivot pin lengths.  The new style that's straight-DPMS pattern will be much more straight forward for parts. 

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