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Seems a little slow

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I’ve been running 10 round ladder loads for in a 16” 308win , 1:10 , bare 416r conventional land and groove . 

New Winchester cases , Fed 210 , 2.80”


Right now I am doing the tests for 168gr Nosler CC . 

I am noticing I am about 100 FPS lower then where I think I should be . 

48.8 cfe223 @ 2549 

42.5 AR Comp @ 2446 

44.8 RE 15 @ 2351 

for example .... 

I am seeing flatish primers but nothing alarming . I have proceeded to go a bit above book on the AR Comp but it still hasn’t picked up any more than a .2 grain incriminate dictates . No pressure sign bigger than a flat primer , no cratering, no ejector marks . 

any ideas ?

I’m newer to 308 reloading but been reloading forever 

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Although I don't have any experience with cfe223 or AR comp, I have shot R15 and 168 and found it to be slower than I thought it would be. R-15 is on the slow side I believe. I did just chrono 42g H4895, 168MK, WW Case, CCIBR primmer, 2.800 OAL. My one AR has a 20 inch barrel and it was 2550 avg FPS. I would expect a 16 inch barrel would be 25-30 FPS slower per inch.

Fed 168 match is 2650FPS with a 24 inch barrel, figure 25FPS per inch that would be 2400 FPS give or take on throat of the chamber and temp etc. I would think getting 2600 plus with a 16 inch barrel would be hard to get to unless you shoot a lighter bullet, say 135g - 150g maybe.

Sorry can't help to much.

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Thanks , it’s a good help ... confirmation wise. I was trying to do math from some manuals , coupled with claimed results I have been finding . 


When end I first finished building I bought a box of factory just for function . 

It was Norma match 168gr . It chronied right at 2650 but the brass was hammered . It was really tough to resize and the head area took a bit of a stretch..... so I think I am on the right track . Shooting good , SD is surprisingly good with the AR Comp .

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