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  1. HotRod308

    Bullet Seating Depth

    Its very interesting on how different rifles using the same bullet will have such different seating depths for accuracy. My friend and I just finished the Berger Bullet testing procedure which is for VLD bullets but could be used for anything I believe. We were using the 7mm 162 ELD match bullet My friends rifle was a 280 Rem and mine was a 7-08 on a LR platform. Berger Bullets instructs to seat 6 rounds at .010, .050, .090, .120 off the lands those who don't mind jamming bullets into the lands start at .010 jammed, then .040, .080, .110 shot three shot groups of each seating depth and you will find your rifle will have a noticeable tight group over the other seating depths. Repeat the teat with the remaining 3 shots of each seating depth to confirm results. One then can fine tune the seating depth at .006 increments up and down for another 24 rounds. My friend found that his 280 liked the 162 ELD at .102 off the lands while my 7mm-08 was spot on at .050
  2. HotRod308

    Seems a little slow

    Although I don't have any experience with cfe223 or AR comp, I have shot R15 and 168 and found it to be slower than I thought it would be. R-15 is on the slow side I believe. I did just chrono 42g H4895, 168MK, WW Case, CCIBR primmer, 2.800 OAL. My one AR has a 20 inch barrel and it was 2550 avg FPS. I would expect a 16 inch barrel would be 25-30 FPS slower per inch. Fed 168 match is 2650FPS with a 24 inch barrel, figure 25FPS per inch that would be 2400 FPS give or take on throat of the chamber and temp etc. I would think getting 2600 plus with a 16 inch barrel would be hard to get to unless you shoot a lighter bullet, say 135g - 150g maybe. Sorry can't help to much.
  3. HotRod308

    Barrel Opinions Needed

    I have a x-caliber 7-08 barrel 24 inch light weight profile. Still working on fine tuning loads but so far the 160 TMK shoot about 1/2 MOA to 3/4 depending how well I hold it. Barrel cleans up very nice as well. I'm considering a a 6mm CM barrel right now.
  4. HotRod308

    Barrel Opinions Needed

    Check out Fulton Armory web page. They have 6.5 cm barrels by Criterion (one person already mention them) ready to go. I suggest getting a 24 inch barrel if you plan on shooting out to 800yds or so. One can get a little more FPS with a 24 over a shorter barrel.
  5. HotRod308

    Completed project 308

    Over this past week I finally finished my 308 DPMS LR project rifle. I pulled the old barrel and hand guard and installed a 20 inch M-110 profile barrel by Criterion. I purchased the barrel and 4 rail hand guard, and High pressure bolt from Fulton Armory. They did the chamber and head space as well, all I did was assemble it back together. The rifle has a two stage trigger and a magpul stock. I modified the gas block to adjust gas pressure as well. First shooting went well, no malfunctions once the gas port was opened up enough. Feed fired and ejected and locked to the rear from then on. Still need to find a better scope mount yet. Most scope mounts seem to high to me and perfer one that keeps the scope lower for a good stock weld but haven't found one that I like yet. I added photo of the rifle and last two groups I fired. The dot covers the orange circle even at high 4 power setting, kind of though to hold it any better. It seems to like the 175g MK over the 168 MK, but need to do some more shooting yet.
  6. After seeing Walmart cave and raise the age limit to 21 to buy guns to 21 just pissed me off. but what can I do, not much. Not much anyone one can do considering the huge size of wallmart, not even unions can bring them down. But I could pass my point or make my point to them by loading up one or two shopping carts full of beer and anything else I can think of that a person of 18 could buy and use and go kill someone else with. Once I have my shopping cart full proceed to the check out and let them ring it up. Once done, ask for the manager on duty. Once the person arrives, ask them why Wallmart allows 18 yr olds buy this and go use it and kill others with it. What is the difference between a loaded up drunk 18yr old texting and hitting another car head on? Then walk with out paying for it. Just an idea.
  7. HotRod308

    Tightening the Gas Cylinder on M1 Garand

    On a M-14 gas system one could actually bend the barrel nose up a little if you force the figure eight down to the six oclock position. I seen a few M1A from Springfield where it would shoot 10 inches high at 100 yds with the rear sight all the way down. Simple fix, loosen the figure eight one full turn and reinstall the plug and go shoot. Then it was correct after that requiring some 10 clicks up from bottom to center up at 100yds.
  8. HotRod308

    Why not many AR10's in F class?

    Although the big AR can shoot very well, but if one wants to win and has the skill set, shooting a semi auto isn't going to do it. The bolt gun with the 30 inch barrel is going to be way to go. If they made a class where semi autos could compete against each other would be the ticket. That would encourage people to bring their big or Ar-15 out to compete and that would lead to experimentation leading to more accurate rifles, barrels, parts, and etc. Several years ago I took my big AR set up as match rifle with iron sights to a practice f-class match. Being the only sling shooter, I didn't care if I shot on a f-class target, a black bull is the same size anyway. After we were done, I talked to the F--class guy pulling shooting on the same target, he didn't know at first what rifle I was using. I shot a pretty good score at 600 and he was surprised when we switched out for him to shoot to see a semi auto with irons behind the firing point.
  9. HotRod308

    Velocity Difference , Piston/DI systems.

    Although I have no way to prove it..... I have found that DI system with a lot of drag from the gas rings results in a little higher FPS while with little to no drag from the gas rings results FPS are a little slower. As carbon builds up on the gas rings, the ES increases as the gas rings cause more drag from when they are cleaned. The gas piston might be smoother as it has no gas rings and the BCG has very little drag when moving compared to a BCG with gas rings. I know many people don't agree with my idea of DI system without gas rings, and that's fine. Like I said I have no way to prove it, it just my thought.
  10. HotRod308

    North Dakota members, shout out!

    My Palma rifle is a Mod 70 Winchester, 30inch barrel, 1-13 twist on a McMillan prone stock. Mostly shoot the 155 TMKs now, 46.7 of varget and WW case. Bubbas45-70, since the shooting season is basically over for the year, I probably won't be back to Moffit ND until the spring match next year. Tom from Bismarck set a new state record up in Rolla ND last weekend. Fired a 598 out of 600 for 3 600yd matches. Another shooter had in one match a 200-16X with a scoped rifle tying the state record. My high score for that day was a 197-10X using my 308 AR.
  11. HotRod308

    North Dakota members, shout out!

    I'm in Fargo and just shot a 1000yd match in Moffit. Not only is it cold in the winter, I think Moffit ND is one windy place to shoot at. Had 13 1/2 mins of wind on at 1000yds shooting my palma rifle. I shoot at the forks rifle club as well.
  12. HotRod308

    Vegas shooter ,anyone else

    http://www.brpc1.org/http://www.brpc1.org/ Is the home page. http://www.brpc1.org/events/ list calendar of events. Have fun
  13. HotRod308

    Vegas shooter ,anyone else

    Although I don't live there anymore, but there is a group of dedicated HP shooters at Boulder City who shoot 200, 300, 600 yds and 800, 900, 1000 yds as well. Not sure what you goal for your rifle is. You should check out their web site and check out there programs. They have hanging metal plates out to 900 yds as well. Take care
  14. HotRod308

    6.5 CM differences

    just removed a 6.5 CM barrel, 24 inches made by DPMS - 8.5 twist. Probably has some 2,000 -2500 rounds through it, 50$ and it's yours. If your interested in it.
  15. HotRod308

    Electronic Targets

    A lot of the normal routine of shooting a match was changed with electronic targets. No need for a spotting scope at 200yds at all, just look at your phone for scoring. At 600yds the person writing your score down doesn't need a spotting scope as it's on the phone. A cross fire would be hard to prove as well. but it was cool not to pull targets.