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  1. I'm in Fargo and just shot a 1000yd match in Moffit. Not only is it cold in the winter, I think Moffit ND is one windy place to shoot at. Had 13 1/2 mins of wind on at 1000yds shooting my palma rifle. I shoot at the forks rifle club as well.
  2. http://www.brpc1.org/http://www.brpc1.org/ Is the home page. http://www.brpc1.org/events/ list calendar of events. Have fun
  3. Although I don't live there anymore, but there is a group of dedicated HP shooters at Boulder City who shoot 200, 300, 600 yds and 800, 900, 1000 yds as well. Not sure what you goal for your rifle is. You should check out their web site and check out there programs. They have hanging metal plates out to 900 yds as well. Take care
  4. just removed a 6.5 CM barrel, 24 inches made by DPMS - 8.5 twist. Probably has some 2,000 -2500 rounds through it, 50$ and it's yours. If your interested in it.
  5. A lot of the normal routine of shooting a match was changed with electronic targets. No need for a spotting scope at 200yds at all, just look at your phone for scoring. At 600yds the person writing your score down doesn't need a spotting scope as it's on the phone. A cross fire would be hard to prove as well. but it was cool not to pull targets.
  6. I competed in a NRA XC match at Camp Atterbury IN this past weekend, 200, 300, and 600yds. They used electronic targets for all the stages of the match. Using WiFi on my phone I was able to see the location of where the bullet hit the aiming area just by glancing at my phone and once done with the string save the target as well. Very cool system over all, nit sure how much maintenance it takes to keep it working. It was my first match of the new year and did OK. With iron sights at 600yds the 20 shot group was 16.3 wide and 7.8 high. Considering the 15mph wind with wind let ups and pick ups my score wasn''t to bad shooting a 308. About 14-15 shots were within height of the 6 inch x ring. The sitting was my 2nd string, 100-7X while my first sitting string was 198-1 and low to the right in the ten ring. What I should of done while reloading for the last five shots to see the group and made an adjustment. At 300yds, I did exactly that, made a sight adj after the firing that first 5 rounds and ended up with a 99 then a 100-5.
  7. I will have to get some then. I just bought 500 Nosler 6.5Cal 140g RDF (Reduced drag Factor) for my 260 and creedmoor to try out. BC was .620 if I remember correctly. But going to buy the 178 ELD this week. Will post when I get them loaded and shot down range.
  8. Has anyone tired out any of the Hornady 155, 168, 178 ELD Match match bullets. How did they shoot, mag length, loads? Just curious about them.
  9. LC case, 168MK, 42.5g of IMR4895, WW large primer, 2.800 OAL
  10. The moral and PTSD is an issue with drone pilots, my son is with the reaper in right now and I worry about it. I was with the predator drone maintenance for some 13 years and I knew of one pilot get up and walk out just after being cleared to fire a hellfire on two guys. He never flew again, we didn't like the guy as he wasn't very good pilot, over speed two aircraft and a hard landing on another one. I provided maintenance documents to the pilots review board. As the saying goes, "it's not if a predator is going to crash but when" ops tempo is none stop, it never ends, once being mission qualified, drone crews will fly everyday of the year if the AF could make that work. That's because there are drones everywhere, if weather is bad at one location you just fly extra sorties somewhere else. One could fly 4 hrs in Afghanistan, weather goes down and then brief for a sortie out of some other location for 4 more hrs. My son had probably helped kill some 30 guys so far between Syria and Afghanistan, he likes his job a lot.
  11. One could just look down the bore at an object, than without moving the upper adj the sight/scope to the same point. Very simple to do, worked for me very well.
  12. Yep, I have a 260 Rem, 26inch barrel, 1-8 twist, I use it in HP competitions from 200yds to 1000yds.
  13. Get a 1-8 twist to shoot heavy bullets, 142MK etc.
  14. Maybe over thinking this but, the reason I did this was after shooting a match I could feel how much harder it was to pull the BCG rearward when it was dirty compared to when it was clean. After doing my 308 upper The rifle turned from so what gun that barely brake a 190 at 600yds to shooting a 200 for the first time and shot a 787 that day. Reguardless it seams there are some people just don't like new ideas or over think it so much it just can't be that easy. I have a 223 bolt I did, does one of the moderators like to try it out?
  15. If you don't like it that's fine. But .001 on one side and .001 on the other side equals .002 total of the clearance. But sometimes we talk before we think.