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300 curiosity question


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Living in a suppressor free state, are there any advantages to the 300 blackout or whisper compared to 6.8 SPC or 6.5 Grendel .....??? I can't imagine it shoots farther or hits harder...is it quiet without a can on it??? I kinda want one ...got a spare lower in search of a upper...it would make me feel better if it was  more than just a novelty in my neck of the woods ...

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I sure wish I could get involved with the suppressors. It must be nice to shoot without needing ear pro. I was talking to the guy that made my 300 BLK barrel about another project I'm considering, and the subject of the 300 BLK vs the 6.8 SPC came up. I don't own a 6.8 so cannot say from personal experience how accurate this is. He told me that the 6.8 is a 450 yd cartridge, which shoots flatter than the 300, which he calls a 250 yd cartridge. He tells me that from his personal experience hunting with both, out to 200yds the 300 BLK does more damage (bigger bullet and all). before I built my first .308 AR and again when I started thinking about the 300, I did a little reading on the 6.8. What I found was that there have been some complaints with the 6.8 bolts not being as durable as a 300 BLK (.223) or a 7.62. In addition, the mags are more expensive than .223 mags and I have heard that some people have had reliability problems with them. Aside from the suppressor issue, I think the question you need to ask yourself is, Do I need a 250yd gun or a 450 yd gun. and if you decide on the 450 you have to accept the fact that it will most likely cost you more to shoot than the 300. Oh and by the way, we also discussed how long it will be before the 300 craze dies down and it becomes just another cartridge as we all know it inevitably will.

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I agree that the .458 is super expensive ammo wise, but I like the idea of shooting the equivilant of 45-70 out of an AR. Certainly not something I'll put a lot of rds through, which is why I'm thinking just an upper not a dedicated gun. I saw a video recently of someone shooting one and it looks like a LOT of fun.

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That's one of the beauties of the 300 BLK in an AR, the only proprietary part is the barrel. I've never shot the 6.8, but from what I understand, it is ballistically superior to the BLK out past 250 yds, but, for me, I think the the commonality of components between the 5.56mm and the 300 BLK in the AR platform just make it so much more economical for me to own, and be able to shoot regularly instead of just once in a while. Maybe not as cheap as shooting .223 but certainly cheaper than 6.8.

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