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    southern tier. n.y.

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  1. 125 Nosler Ballistic Tips shoot great in my 308 and 300 Blackout.....not 175 SMK great ....but still very respectable
  2. I've tried it in most everything I use Varget in with mixed results....groups are good..close to Varget but not quite as good.....one thing I have noticed is charge weight doesn't have big effect on accuracy..grain or 2 one way or the other still gives respectable groups.....found that light bullets in 6.5 Creedmoor wouldn't cycle action with XBR ...made for an accurate single shot....H4350 rules here still
  3. 300 Win short mag,.308,.223,.300 Win mag
  4. Kinda makes me want to blow the dust off my twentysomething Delta Gold Cup...have scars on the web of my hand from hammerbite
  5. Ow ..!!!Hand and wrist still operable..??? ....that's a lot of shooting for being away from it for a while...
  6. hobbesgunner


    WOW!!! There's a sweet centerpiece for living room coffee table....what a conversation starter...... You know how it goes,his warranty probably just expired.....I imagine Ronnie will want this one back, even if it's just to look at it....
  7. Traded the Chevelle for a 69 Skylark with a 455 in it...got that together and running then sold it to buy the ZX14 I have now....had that 67 Chevelle for 19 yrs....practically got sick watching it go down the driveway..wife hated that car..always said I cared more about it than her..she referred to it as "your orange baby"..(it was Hugger Orange)....I'll have another one someday...66 or67
  8. Drag raced my 67 Chevelle for years...drove to the track and back every Saturday ....still have a 27 Ford Roadster with a 440 inch Big Block Chevy sitting in car trailer...sad to say I didn't even start it last year....my boy is getting to the age were he'll be into cars more than video games soon. Maybe get back into it....Watkins Glen racetrack is 15 miles away. We go there sometimes ..like to start drag racing bikes ..think that would be fun
  9. Picked up the new Kimber catalog today while making gunshop rounds....been slobbering all over it :drool:...dying for one of their lightweight customs
  10. Glock.......P14 wouldn't be a bad second choice...have both but prefer shooting the Para......carrying a Glock
  11. If your looking for mid or long range the 6.5 Grendel lays the smackdown on everything else in an AR15 platform....sold my Grendel when I aquired a 6.5 Creedmoor.....got a new Grendel marked lower with plans for new one
  12. Yes ...but that was with considerable stoning on hammer and trigger....not bad for single stage when done....don't know what it would have produced with just spring change.........switched it to Rock River 2 stage few months ago..much better....have the JP springs in 4 rifles all together......can't say wether it's better to replace springs or just take some of the tension out of factory springs
  13. Wolf in a couple rifles for plinking at steel gongs....55 gr Nos ballistic tips, 53 gr Horn Vmax in Federal commercial brass in a 24" varmint rig.80 gr. Amax shoots fantastic in that rifle also but turns it into a single shot.....77 gr. Sierra MK in mini SASS...75 gr Hornady HPBT and 69 gr.SMK shoot almost as well in that rifle
  14. Scored a hundred rounds of the Remington UMC ammo at gunshow yesterday...$12 a box...maybe get to the range this week to give it a try...hope it shoots good in my setup, if not, at least I got some quality brass
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