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Bushnell Tac Optics Lil’ P(rism) Baby Scope

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This thing is tiny! When they say 8 ounces they must be using the heavier high mount because what I put on doesn't feel anywhere near a half pound. Zeroed in short order even with the obligatory wrong way adjustments. The reticle is multi purpose so of course it doesn't do everything great but it is a good balance of speed and precision setups, leaning a bit to the speed side. Zeroed it to shoot with a 22LR conversion in it, best done with the illumination off as it tends to blur the dot into the post of the reticle on all but the lowest settings. No NV compatibility for the illumination. First thing I learned was it is a scope, eye relief and eyebox position matter. Running through the steel fast with the 22LR was pretty easy, it will work with the Binion method just have to have one of those open eyes in the right place behind the scope. Switching to 5.56 at 100 yards really drove home the difference with a red dot, put the dot on one side of the window on these and it was way off the steel. The zero for the 22LR put me about 5 inches low and an inch left with 55gr 5.56 at 100 yards. Now the biggest benefit for me is the crisp reticle, astigmatism gives me some blurry half moon curly cues on red dots, some brands better than others but all give me a bit of distortion. Not in this baby scope, nice crisp and clear. I will bang it around some, hand it over to Grandkids repeatedly, then report back later on how it holds up.



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Swapped it to another 5.56 carbine and had a 37 yard zero in no time. Worked on the focus a bit more and got a really nice crisp reticle now. The turret adjustments are stiff and fine but once you get used to the feel they adjust pretty easy. Read some articles that say the next version they put out will have covers on the adjustment turrets, hopefully they keep the same tight mechanism. On the subject of tight, the mount doesn't seem to like to stay tight. Put 20 in Lbs on it and 40 rounds I noticed it was loose. Loctite blue for now, going to watch for a quality mount to put it in. At first I thought the reticle may be too small but after some use it worked fine for me. The dot has a nice white halo when centered on 5 inch plates, put the dot in the bottom of the belly on the 12 inch plate with a 37 yard zero and it fills up the center of the steel with hits.


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Got a second one for a 308 pistol. Had a glitch to start, one of the tabs around the 2032 battery had folded down and prevented the illumination from coming on. Bent it up and away we go. We shall see if they can handle the recoil.

Price wise keep looking till they offer it just under $200, Dvor and Optics Planet keep sending me special offers that get one to my door for a few bucks over $200.

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