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WTS: Nacre Quiet-Pro & TCI TABC II Headset ($300 ea.) (((SOLD)))


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WTS/WTT: The QP has been sold, however the TCI TABII is still available. I have two separate communications devices up for sale. I will accept USPS Postal Monet Order only. FREE SHIPPING !!! Shipping is included and provided by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. All sales are FCFS !!!!

For parties interested in both items I will reduce the overall price as a package deal, just let me know if that is what you want to do.

I will also entertain all reasonable trades, just let me know what you have to offer with details.

Nacre Quiet-Pro: ((((SOLD))))

    Nacre Quiet-Pro is a multifunctional device. It is a unique system that incorporates active hearing protection while simultaneously  providing ambient sound amplification, all incorporated into a communications interface that allows the user to utilize their primary or inter-team communications.

During operation the system provides the user with amplification of ambient sounds in the immediate environment and automatically reduce loud noises to a safe level around (30db) as they occur, all before the sounds hit the inner ear and cause damage, then instantly returns to amplifying. This provides the user with a safe level of  hearing protection and increased situational awareness. Furthermore, the user can attach an AN/PRC 153 or radio with similar connector and have inter-team to mid-range communications right in their ear.... all at the same time.

The system will work without a radio attached. It can still be utilized as hearing protection and sound amplification.

Nacre Quiet-Pro includes:

-Quiet-Pro Interface

-Ear-Piece Cable (Microphones, Speakers and Cable with Connector).

-Radio Interface Patch Cable

-Quick Attach / Detach Assembly (Mounts directly to any MOLY Webbing System in a variety of configurations).

-User Instruction Manual

Condition: Used / Excellent

Price: $300 Shipped


    The TABC II is a state of the art, binaural bone conduction headset. It is light-weight, well-vented, yet robust headset that is adjustable and worn around the back of the headset. Binaural Dynamic Audio Resonance System "DARS" is our proprietary sound reproduction system that provides pristine audio fidelity directly to the Cochlea through the mandible (jaw) bone. Due to the nature of this technology, audio bypasses the eardrum and is perceived by the auditory nerve. The TABC-II also allows the user to maintain complete peripheral hearing. Compatible with various types of tactical helmets and headgear.

This model TCI TABC II is designed for Harris AN PRC/119 (SINGARS), AN/PRC117 (VHF/UHF/SAT), AN/PRC150 (HF) or AN/PRC152 (VHF/UHF/SAT) or Civilian Harris radios with similar connectors. 

TCI TABC II Includes:

-TABC II Binaural Headset Assembly

-Adapter Cable

-Coyote Carrying Case

-User Instructions

Condition: New

Price: $300

Nacre Quiet-Pro:



[img width=810 height=607]http://hphotos-ash4.fbcdn.net/331874_1958488814160_1600953909_31758309_742900843_o.jpg

[img width=810 height=607]http://hphotos-snc7.fbcdn.net/341082_1958489334173_1600953909_31758311_812455653_o.jpg

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