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.308 Bolt Carrier


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I bought a .308 bolt carrier assembly from a local dealer quite some time ago as I was stockpiling parts for this build. The bolt carrier has no id marks but looks like a DPMS as shown on Midway USA site. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1413131451 The bolt retaining pin looks like a split nail with a flat head and the bolt has a one piece ring like a McFarland ring. What do I have???

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Sorry, I need to be schooled on how to post pictures.

It looks exactly like the bolt carrier in the link above, even to the gas key being staked from the side and no forward assist serrations. The pin holding the firing pin has a countersunk flat head, not a loop like a cotter pin. The bolt has a one piece gas ring. No identifying engraving on the carrier. I'm just curious enough to want to know the metal makeup of the carrier and bolt.

I was hoping that the countersunk flat head firing pin retaining pin and one piece McFarland/JP/? gas ring would be a clue to a quality piece, or not. Of course due to the time frame from when I purchased the bolt carrier assembly and I questioned my local gun shop crew they didn't know what they had ordered.

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DPMS used the retaining pin like you state, but they did NOT use a one-piece gas ring. 

Who did you buy this from?  What vendor?  What did they advertise is as?  Got a link to what you bought?

Throw us a bone here.  :thumbup:

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I found a YouTube video where someone was disassembling his DPMS .308 and lubing it and when he got to the bolt carrier it looked identical to mine including the retaining pin but the gas ring was not a one piece gas ring. The 3 ring gaps were clearly visible. The local dealer, The Outdoorsman Sports Shop, sells a lot of stuff they buy repackaged into bags they label with what it is and how much it costs, not what brand it is. When I asked recently (purchased over a year ago) they said they would know where what they selling came from when it was purchased but too much time had passed. They sell a lot of quality stuff so I'm not worried that it's junk, after all it has the one piece gas ring. I've purchased several Aero-Precision matched uppers/lowers from them as well as a POF lower and many small parts such including one each DPMS .223/.308 lower parts kits as well as a DPMS .308 A2 stock kit. I've seen several brands of .308 bolt carriers that look exactly like a DPMS carrier's bolt end i.e. multiple flat surfaces such a Luth and APF. 

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