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Gunn Ammunition .300 AAC ammo $ 16 per box. 220 and 130 grain


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Description below is for the 308 round, not the 300 BO. Gunn Ammo is using the same bullet as the MK319

MK319 Mod 0  130 grain bullet, Barrier MK 319 MOD 0 DODIC: AB50 NSN: 1305-01-572-8492 Federal Part # T762TNB1 The open-tipped rounds until now have been available only to Special Operations Command troops. The first 200,000 7.62 Special Operations Science and Technology rounds are already downrange with Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan. SOCOM developed the new rounds for use with the Special Operations Force Combat Assault Rifle, or SCAR, which needed a more accurate bullet because its short barrel, at 13.8 inches, is less than an inch shorter than the M4 carbine’s. Using an open-tip match round design common with some sniper ammunition, SOST rounds are designed to be “barrier blind,” meaning they stay on target better than existing M855 rounds after penetrating windshields, car doors and other objects.

This ammo is made by Gunn Ammunition, INC in Blakely, GA. Owned by US Marine veterans and made by Army veterans. We use the same machines as Hornandy, Remington and others. All new brass that will be mixed head stamp. All new components. 300 BlackOut in Supersonic 130 grain SOST. ( Special Operations Science Technology) Gunn Ammo is using the same bullet as used in the MK319 Mod 0. The 300 BO 130 g bullet runs 2180 fps using a 16" barrel. This round penetrates 19" of solid wet news paper and the bullet recovered was .56 in diameter.This ammo is bad to the bone. This is in stock as well $ 16 per 20 rds.Please call Gunn Ammuntion direct if you want to purchase in bulk. 229-723-3508. Semper Fi!


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I have a big beef with what you're putting up here, and how it's misleading.  I think you need to straighten it out, kinda quickly.

Now, the way you've phrased this blatant advertisement is that Mk319 Mod 0 is what you're selling - and it's not.  That ammo is a 7.62x51 round, plain and simple.  You're advertising 300 BLK here, with that lead in.

Now, if you're advertising your own ammo that is custom loaded as a 300 BLK round with that Mk319 Mod 0 projectile (of which there are varying weights - not just one projo) - then clearly advertise it as "custom loaded 300 BLK ammunition, with Mk319 Mod 0..." 

Additionally, you don't need to pepper numerous topics with a cut-and-paste of the same information. That should stop.  I'll fix the other topics, and leave a redirect back to this topic.

Furthermore, check out the Site Rules (linked below), and pay special attention to Rule #2.


If I've upset you in any way with my post, then feel free to contact me directly, either via PM, or responding in this thread.

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