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Got my upper today


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It was made by Red-X. I've been aching to see the quality of this new company's products first hand. I have nothing to compare it head to head to, but based on what I recall seeing, it LOOKS a little better then the stuff I've seen by DPMS, but only in the sense of the fluted stainless barrel (which I'm sure they make, but I have yet to see them. The overall quality and style reminds me allot of the S&W M&P 15. Of course, I am only going by looks. It'll be January or February before I can complete the gun and put some rounds down range.

Below are pictures I just took. The odd color to the barrel is residue from the bonding agent left behind when they removed the flash suppressor at my request.

The only thing I dislike about it is the main thing I dislike about .308 ARs in general - weight. Though not as heavy as it looks, it still DOES weigh a bit. I am now very glad I went with a fluted barrel. Had I gone without, it probably WOULD be as heavy as it looks. The volume, depth and length of the fullers suggest that a whole buck knife worth of metal has been removed from the barrel. I'd hate for it to be any heavier then it is. That said, I've held a few others and this SEAMS (based on memory) to be a little lighter, probably due to the fluting, so I have no complaints.


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COOL!! I wanna see it! I'm quite impressed with this company. I figured (based on their gunbroker comments) that they are not going to be another blackthorn like so many fear, but I was not expecting them to be this nice.

When I ordered my upper, I had asked about the BCGs they offer and the man said they are out of them at the moment, but he sounded like he was expecting more before too long.

I here you on muzzle lapping. I do this to all my guns.

The muzzle attachment I intend to get for mine is the PWS FSC-30. Though I am not particularly bothered by recoil, I found that the less a gun kicks, the easier it is to hit accurately and stay on target, so I intend to make the recoil as little as possible. Though probably not till the middle of next year, I plan to install a hydraulic recoil buffer as well.

At least the the extent of what I have in mind at the moment (which can and has a good chance of changing over time), the ultimate goal is something very similar to the AR-10 shown at the upper right of the forum page, the main differences being the grip and muzzle attachment.

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