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Ultimate Urban Rifle...


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This vid is chock full of great information.  There's alot of "throw-ins" here from Clint Smith, which are epic, just to hear.  If you've ever met him, and talked to him one-on-one - he's live, ALL THE TIME, as he in in any video that you'll see him in. :hail:  Full Throttle...  :laffs:

Great vid, here, and this is leading into something soon, here, from me.

My personal opinion, right up front - the ultimate urban rifle, strictly IMHO, would be a 12.5" 6 ARC gun, with a LPVO on it, that you can run, and you know the scope - WELL.  Something that fits inside of a Wilson tennis racket case, so you can grey-man that bitch, everywhere, all the time, and nobody suspects anything, looking at you.  That would be the king. 

Gonna take a detour, and go into something else coming up soon.  :thumbup:

Here's the discreet bags, that guns need to fit in, IMHO.

Wilson BLX Tennis Racket Sport + Racket Cover | Konga Online Shopping

Wilson Full Tennis Racket Cover - Roland Garros

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I'll give my barrel preferences right now, based on this information. 

I think the ultimate barrel length, for long range shooting, is 18" is "ish."  I have an 18.5" Fulton Armory .308 barrel that is the gnat's ass.  For .308 Win.  There is no other prefect barrel, for .308 Win, that that very specific barrel. 

For small frames, it's 18" barrels.  That let's you move it, shoot it, work it, and still run some long range shiit with it.  Can be unweildy, inside a vehicle, so I've gone to 12.5" barrels for that.  Grendel and ARC - both from Faxon, on initial runs from Faxon.  After those intial runs, Faxon has changed them to 12" barrels - big mistake, IMHO.  12.5" is where it's at for those.

For 5.56, I have a couple 12.5" barrels, one 11.5" barrel, and a 7.5" barrel - that thing is nuts, needs a Noveske KX3 on it, to keep from rattling the fillings out of your teeth - the concussion just plain sucks - and that makes it just as long as the 11.5" gun.  Don't do it.  Not worth it.

Now, 18" barrels, on small frame guns.  Ballistic Advantage Mk12 SPR Profile barrels, match grade, and they're stainless barrels.  THAT is where it's at.  I have that barrel profile in Grendel, 6 ARC, .224 Valk, and .223 Wylde.  Many times over, per caliber.  They have a Sub-MOA guarantee, with match ammo, and I can verify that statement is true.  Those barrels are Sub-MOA, right out of the box, before you're gonna say "I broke that barrel in!..."  My 18" barrel for the 25/45 Sharps gun is from Sharps, but I wish BA would make one.  Probably never happen, but that specific Sharps barrel is pretty damn great.  The BA barrels are out of this world, when you build the gun right.  :hail:

At any rate.

16" barrels - this is where I think it's at, for an all-around gun.  BA again.  BA is the only maker that's doing the SPR Mk12 profile in 16" barrels.  The Mk12 Mod H barrels.  I have a .223 Wylde (5.56) barrel in that, and a Grendel barrel in that - the profile is phenomenal.  I'd pick my 16" Mod H Grendel as my "do-all" gun, over every other gun I have. 

Until now.

For the record, the Mk12 SPR profile barrel is the perfect profile for a small-frame AR gas gun.  It has everything you need, nothing you don't, and it's he best profile on the market.  Everyone ignores it, besides the National-Match gun builders - but BA offers it in a few different calibers.  It's the perfect Match barrel that will give you accuracy, weight being what it is - which isn't bad.

So I said that...  

I'd pick my 16" Mod H Grendel as my "do-all" gun, over every other gun I have. 

Until now.

Getting ready for this thing.




Image of LaRue Complete 16" 6mm ARC Match Grade Upper

This might be the New Hooker, right here - the Do-All.  We'll find out.  Be a minute before I can get the matching LaRue lower for it, but it can work out in the meantime, and be functional.  Time is coming up quick. 

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Trying Hornady 175 ELD-X projectiles with a G1 BC of .689, through that one.  Will smoke a .308 at any range, distance, and probably beat this piss out of my .260 rem gun.  I hate to say that, but, it's real. 

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