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Mira safety


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  I recently purchased some safety kit for shits and riots, smoke/fire? 

Products purchased:

Cm-101 full face respirator 

Cm-6m. "

Cm-8m. "

NBC-77 SOF filter

VK-530 smoke and carbon filter 

Gas mask essentials kit / replacement parts 

The fit and finish is tops. All quality as described. Sucked right to my face even with chin whiskers. Field of vision is as described, visor or view is not in anyway blurry. (*some light refraction)

 The cm-6 & 8 include a drinking canteen that can be used through a straw system built in. 

There are 2 ports to use with 2 filters as needed.  I find using one port is slightly restricted airflow but nessary for sholdering a rifle.  

The cm101 has a single port in the front, not ideal for sholdering. 

I like the feel of the mask as far as the rubber on the skin.. not irritating at all, but I have yet to get sweaty on the treadmill.. 

Talking is easy and announced outside of the mask.

Packaging is superb, they have a shelf life of 1 year for factory defects or register for 5 years.  Evey thing is vac sealed so they are steril from the factory. 

Shipping is good. Had to wait a month for the cm6 package but that was a Thanksgiving day sale.  I bought the cm8  and received it 9 days later. ( inclement weather) 

So in short I'm satisfied and hope I never have to use this. On to a few cons that I will give a pass to. 


The cm6/8 have 2 ports for filters they do not require you to use 2 filters at one time.. why not have a slick side instead of a port protruding. ?

The smell in the canteen is so bad I had to wash it several times.  ( the mask is noticeable but no wear near) kind-of like a tire store. 

The tactical sell was, cheek weld on a rifle and able to see your optics .. in the fine print you might need a riser!  I found the cm6 was easier to use than the more expensive cm8 to see optics without a riser.  I'm looking to improve my riser stash.

Like I said I would not shy away from mira safety they have a good product and I will put this to practical use hopefully never.  I would recommend the cm-6m for a full field of vission and a riser.  ( they do have a cm7 that the 8 improved , maybe a cm-7m?)  A few extra filters . I like a shelf life of 20 years if Un opened and stored in a controlled environment.  I will get some stress testing done soon and report. 


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