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Everything posted by sketch

  1. Well that was fun 🙃 April fools !! I'm here all night don't forget to tip the waitress!
  2. That 4% beer nicking your shorts is it bubby.
  3. That caught your attention I see. @Rsquared
  4. Yoda the nuts outa your startreak ass. At your age and the next generation of underwear , you could actually be a peaceful person.
  5. Can't even spell shits . Have another beer bro! 🍺 8 is a good time.
  6. You have more useless crap on this post.. why r u still here?
  7. My gear is tried and true so you can't question my abilities says the Fudd. I hear you bro. I should listen good. @Rsquared
  8. You know the peanut sack under your ass when you sit down. Crunch. Forgot you had a set didn't you oldass man???
  9. I didn't think so that's why they called me.
  10. Who you calling little. My gf has bigger balls than you.
  11. You actually came at me first bro so stand behind your words and let that's sit where it lands.
  12. The village called.. they want their idiot back! Can you take a direct call ?
  13. Oh you don't know either..
  14. You probably thought you got your first hair until you peed out of it.
  15. Surprised you turned yourself around also.
  16. No your the one. @Matt.Cross his ( back packer) fing guy.
  17. Show me on the doll where the needle pricked your finger. 98 would puke over a doll spread out like a lawn then wear it as a your preference... twisted fuuc!
  18. https://youtu.be/XM8_t8WTUkk to get you back to your roots I'll just leave this here for your fan boys.
  19. Confuses says pubic hair stuck in throat.. cock sucker!
  20. Removable pouch means you can crochet your own bro!
  21. Here's the next best thing @Sisco hope they have your size. AZB Tactical Vest, Lightweight Airsoft Vest, Adjustable Paintball Vest with Removable Pouch https://a.co/d/0BqJldc
  22. It's too bad that a distinguished member would offer up trash. And you would buy it..
  23. I think you started it man. 🤔
  24. See AL is outdated @AngelDeVille even says so.
  25. Yeah I wouldn't speak about it either or you have to man up and try it.. for a friend
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