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Everything posted by sketch

  1. Get well soon because we are in need of a 200yd pistol shot straight from the truck. I tried my best but you set the bar!
  2. sketch


    Oh you got me drooling again πŸ˜€
  3. sketch


    Smoky turkey 20# was a 8 hour ordeal but juices were flowing! I can't mess this up?
  4. Targets are solid! Happy hunting 🍻🍻
  5. Brother you paid it forward and also helped my tent situation. πŸ‘
  6. It's the same as the single ej. Bolt, depress the ej's with a spent case (or cut down case) drive the slave pin out and remove one before the other. You got that bolt pretty quickly 🍻🍻
  7. I'm glad that all that wanted a taste got more than a mouthful πŸ‘some came back for seconds. 🍻🍻 @magwa you were on fire the whole trip bro! You had us cracking up day and night!!
  8. So I found another 15 spent cases. that's a total of 60 on hand and a few keeper. We had a blast with the 50 slap!
  9. You did quit after 2 shots from the 50. 😈🀣
  10. Lol I can count 45 rnds but definitely gave some keep sakes away..
  11. So random ? πŸ€ͺ twas a good day till the scope loosened up. I'll go count the empty brass...
  12. sketch


    Welcome to the forums BT🍻 you hit the target on the head!
  13. I should have read this a while ago... I am also blind now. My Nuts!?
  14. Where to start.. I will hold up a glass, and cheers to all that attended the fall shoot 2022 🍻🍻 I have to say Tomass has the most heart in this gathering, he inspired me a few years back and its is an overwhelming feeling of brotherhood and sisters , that can't be mimicked on this planet with everyone that turns out. I even thought about the brothers that miss this event! This year I feel even more bonded to the group as the love and like mind is from all different walks of life. Thank you to the new faces you are in my family now... like it or not😈 I could go on but I'm actually fucking tired now. This was a legendary one for the books, shenanigans and all. THANK YOU ! Ps. If I had a dollar for every semi that flashed their high beams at me I wouldn't have to play the lottery. Cock suckers!
  15. Sketch lives as does Cunuckgaucho just got in a bit ago.. I'll report back.
  16. Edit " fell out my butt".
  17. sketch


    Cmon man! I know you know how to take awesome pic's, but how do you make me drool pic's are messing up my floor! 🍻🍻
  18. sketch

    Roadie 2022

    That's awesome 🍻🍻
  19. I looked at this rifle for a left handed friend, it was hard to find at the time but interested to hear your opinion. Lets have a separate thread.. @Matt.Cross
  20. (A2) is a fixed or permanent application the other (A3) mounts and is removable from a pic rail.. sight height and so on. I don't own any Armalite rifles so this information my vary.
  21. Nice 🍻🍻
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