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1 piece 30mm scope mount w/ 20moa cant?

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Hello all, forgive me for posting another thread about scope mounts, but I am sure i am missing something.  I am looking for a 1 piece scopemount to go on my MATEN build.  It must be 30mm and have a 20 moa cant.  It does not have to be QD nor does it need to be ofset forward sence my upper is monolithic.  I have spent the last few days researching, but some of the descriptions are vague.  I really like the Warne R.A.M.P. mount, but i cant find wether it has the 20moa cant or not.  I guess i am describing the Larue Tactical PSR but without the QD, and hopefully without the price tag also.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with something like i described?  Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for all the links, I must have overlooked some of those. I thought about the riser and rings, but hadnt researched into that much yet.  I see they have "elevated" risers.  Sorry for the misuse of the word "cant", I thought thats what they called it when i got a base for my bolt action.  I have been using cant to describe that for years now haha. Thanks for correcting me.

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Well I went with the American Defense 20MOA 30mm 1 piece base. My 308 is not finished yet, still lack the recievers, buffer tube and spring, and safety selector. But i have it on my ar15 for now with a swfa 5-20x hd, which is way too much scope for it, but my initial impressions of the mount are good. Though i havent tested it very much, i can safely say it is hunting accurate, with crap ammo. 1.5 to 2moa at 100. And it seems to be holding zero very well, especially since i dont have it tightened down very much.

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