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hello this may be a stupid question,  but i am thinking of getting a noveske 7.62 barrel for my ma ten build,    however through searchs i cant determine if i can shoot 308 rounds in this barrel.  if anyone has one and could tell me please do.

if i cant shoot 308 out of it then i will go with the rainier ultra match provided i dont find any problems with reviews on the barrel.

thanks for the help


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Theres some duscussion here on 308 vs 7.62


Noveske states this about their N6

.308 Win vs 7.62x51 NATO ammo for the N6 While most .308 Win will function in our N6 rifles we recommend quality 7.62x51 NATO ammunition. Some commercial .308 Win ammunition may not function through the N6 rifle due to improper projectile design for a semi auto or the lack of a staked primer.

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thanks for the response and the link.    yea i dont think i wont to go through the hassel of wondering if there will be a problem.

so i think ill just go with the 20" ultramatch ,  if they ever getting any in stock again at least.

thanks again


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my thoughts, i dont even know anymore,  i like the idea of the noveske because of the quality and accuracy that is suppose to come with it,  however if i should only shoot 7.62 from it then it kind of goes out the window.  i havent dealt with 7.62 and from what i find on the internet it seems the loads are not as reliable or accurate as the 308.

but i also get good information on the ultramatch from rainier which can shoot either 7.62 or 308. and costs a bit less.  i plan to go with an 18" eitherway.

i have noticed that alot of guys here have used the noveske barrels,  if anyone reading this uses one - have you shot 308 out of your noveske and have you experienced problems with it?

i wish the 18" ultramatches were in stock if they were i would probably just order it and stop searching for the same info over and over.

I dont really know if i can shoot 7.62 ammo and get the same results that i can out of a 308 cartridge.

But i guess its better to research and make a informed decision by listening and reading the posts here and other sites.

all in all in rainier gets there barrels in soon i will go with the ultramatch, if not i'll keep debating with myself until such time i find a sutible replacement.


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