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I'm working with reloads here.

I have an issue of first rounds sometimes not wanting to seat into the chamber all the time.  I also have the issue when this happens and even when they do seat that I can't eject a live round. 

I'll have to pull on the charging handle and tap it with a mallet to get the round to extract.  If I've done this a couple times then usually the round to extract by hand ok.  This doesn't happen all the time but most of the time on the first round of the day.

As far as firing then everything seems to feed fine, I haven't tried to manually extract a live round during a course of fire.

These are full length sized and trimmed, the chamber is cleaned, the bolt is cleaned and lubed.  I don't have a single issue with some commercial 150 gr hornady that I have sitting around.

This is once fired LC brass, after sizing I've measured the brass and all the dimensions seem to be within thousandths of what they should be as close as I can tell.  I used a marker on the bullet to see if somehow it was jamming into the lands but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I do have scratches on the bullets but I'm guessing that is the extractor pulling it a bit to the side on extraction.

Opinions and advice on what I should be checking would be greatly appreciated.  I've been reloading for about a year so I'm not an expert.  I don't have any issues whatsoever with my R-15 using LC brass.

This issue is with my oracle LR308.  Could I have a tight chamber for some reason?  It's chambered for 7.62.


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Without looking at the brass it could be you need to CHAMFER your brass. The neck area is too wide and may be jamming into the walls of your chamber (tight chamber). Check to "feel" if  your reloads catch your fingernail where the bullet meets the brass, is it smooth or a ridge ? The other possibility is the bullet is hitting the Lead area of the chamber but this is unlikely. Measure the diameter of a few rounds of your reloads. That is where I would look first.

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Actually some other's advice seems to have solved my problem.  I had my dies adjusted per the instructions but backing off the stop nut seems to have fixed it.  I made 3 more rounds and they all ejected with no problem.

How is it that once you have the die touching the base and the handle still has 1/2" to go before touching the frame ( Lee hand press) that you can compress something more??  It seems to me that once you had metal on metal that would be it no matter how much harder you pressed the handle!

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