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Everything posted by MikedaddyH

  1. Just picked up a bottle of 1800 Silver !
  2. Alright bitches !! I am here with Tom . We are going to start drinking without you guys !!!!🍕😮🍺
  3. Those are all nice ! I saw two models of the Beretta AR12 shotguns at an LGS by my job. I liked one of them . Also liked a Turkish brand one that looked like a 308.
  4. The setup that 98 has shown us works ! I have trimmed 10k pieces of brass with those. I have since upgraded to a different Lee trimmer . It is better and easier to use. With more consistent results . It mounts on your press and has a manual and power setups. I posted a Thread about it . Look it up.
  5. Any body shot any cool magazine fed semi auto shotguns ?? Kind of looked a a couple in a LGS here. They are going for $600. and $649. Does any one have any experience with them ???
  6. The upper is all i ha e to do with a few... Lucky to have some completed lowers laying around.
  7. Cancer and THE SHOT !!!!!
  8. Tom was that good for you !!!
  9. I really don't think so. We are not normal !
  10. In have bought a lot of stuff from there over the years and never had a problem. I might be lucky but i read what others say about a seller before i bid . Never sold anything at GB.
  11. What's kinda F...ed up is that i can put together a gun with the parts that are just sitting in a box.
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