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Everything posted by MikedaddyH

  1. You are all forgetting the lower... Glock Mag Lower vs. AR15 Lower
  2. Please remember... Bench Rest Primers have more brilliance than other primers !
  3. Poking the dead ! Necromancer.
  4. Can't add too much more... Choose a powder that fills up a case at least 3/4 full. This will be a quick and noticable indicator of a double charge of powder.
  5. I loaded a bunch of different types of 125gr tipped projectiles the all shot good to great. Twist rates of 1/11 and 1/12 barrels. None were magic bullets though. After all that experimenting I found that 155gr ,168gr & 175gr worked best out of my rifles.
  6. Kubota's are badass mini tractors.
  7. I have driven those up walls while cleaning stalls in barns. Glad the internet didn't exist then !!!!
  8. Two of the Rolex watches are clones and one is a super clone.
  9. I use to warehouse watches back in the day. Timex ,Casio Lorus and a few other brands. I started with the Timex Ironman had like 3-4 of those then the Casio G-Shock. Hated the bands on all of them. Now it Citizen for the last decade plus . they only die if you leave them in the safe. They are indestructible and look great i wear it at work and don't worry about the watch.
  10. I even broke the computer system at an eye doctor's office.
  11. Remember it all started as me kidding Shep. I like that poor Brit... Didn't even know Tractor Porn was even a thing.
  12. Why can't this just fade away and die !!!
  13. I bought an upper with the low rise receiver . That 24" bull barrel was heavy. Total weight of the gun was 19 lbs. Our group shot it in Sierra Vista. I think 450 yards uphill at targets. But that was like a decade ago. Also remembered shooting it at 900 yards downhill at 4 peaks at posters mounted to a half sheet of plywood. That DPMS was very accurate !
  14. Just picked up a bottle of 1800 Silver !
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