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Pet loads for H335

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Let me start out by saying a standard warning: Start loads at 10% off of full power and work up. All loads work on MY rifles, your results may vary.


55grFMJ/BT  w/Rem7.5,CCI41,WSR - 24.0gr H335

50grSP        WSR  -25.0gr H335

50grZMAX    WSR  -25.6gr H335

50grNosBalltip WSR  -24.0gr H335

75grHP        WSR  -21.0gr H335


Horn110grHP WLR -28.5gr H335

Horn110grHP/Spitz WSR-28.5gr H335

Sierra110grSpitz CCI34/41 -27.5gr H335

Horn115grHP WLR  -28.0gr H335

Horn115grHP CCI34  -28.0gr H335  * groups opened up @29.0gr

SpeerTNT90grHP WLR  -30.5gr H335


125grSpitz CCI34  -46.0gr  H335

125grNos Balltip WLR  -44.0gr H335 ** test on 45.0gr not completed.

150grFMJBT  WLR  -42.0gr TO 42.5gr H335 ***1moa (20" likes a heavier load than 16"rifle)

165gr and 168gr test not complete but rounds are made !


Horn123grSP  WLR 30.5gr H335  ****SKS rifle (1.5MOA)

Note: 223/5.56 used 16inch barrels

6.8spc used 16" and 24" barrels ,the 24" is alot more accurate

.308win used 16" and 20" barrels

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