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Price Gouging - Read Before Posting - Warning!


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Members and staff of 308ar.com graciously devote their valuable time and energy to helping others here on the site all the while asking NOTHING in return. While we understand these are trying times and firearm parts are being traded at 20-10x or more their normal price we will not tolerate that here. Not at all, not one bit.

We are not opposed to a higher than normal profit but we are opposed to gouging and find it offensive to all that we try to accomplish here.

Any one deemed by the staff to be gouging will be banned for 14 days. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.

Threads will be deleted without explanation.

If you are responding to a "WTB" request and your going to gouge I suggest you present your offer via PM.

Buyers - Your on your own if you choose to pay ridiculous prices that promote this behavior

All transactions are between the buyer and seller and in no way shape or form will the staff mediate disputes. I suggest reading the good to go thread. If the member is not listed there ask for go to go references at other sites.

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