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Primer popping


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Well testing out the new muzzle device I put on the wifes carbine , I had a FTF & it was caused again by a primer popping out . Well, part way out, but enough to have a stopage, unfired no less . Quickly cleared ,but it has been happening to me far to often , well twice with this rifle & the 270 load that one popped out while seating the bullet ( that was a first for me )


Needless to say , all my hand loads are hand primed with a Lee hand primer & some how I'm missing these light seating loads .One to me is too many , since I load all my ammo I find it strange that this is happening to me latly . May be I'm getting old & can't feel them like I used to & missing them or they are just border line & I'm just missing them . So ,I have come up with a solution that I think will work for me & maybe some of you other reloaders.


I have an older ( most of my reloading equipment is well past twenty year mark ) RCBS Swaging tool. I'm using the primer pocket uniformer to test the primer pockets for resistance & after testing some that i just sized & cleaned I got about 1/4 that didn't pass my new test . Not that any or all would pop a primer but, with feeling no resistance to inserting the tool , they are put maside for the scrap brass , Range master at the range . He collects brass for recycling for cash for his after school youth shooting class, a good cause I don't mind contributing to.


The photos show brass that I can not insert the primer pocket tool into with out resistance & those that do . I only use this tool on really large or heavy crimped pockets . I use my deburring tool to clean most up .


The brass to the right or lower part of photo didn't pass.






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I went through all my .223/5.56 ,300BLK & 308 that was sized & deprimed & cleaned,. decided to try seating some primers in both the passed & those that didn't & you can definitly tell the difference seating the primers in both the .223/5.56 & 300BLK & cut down 5.56 , formed to 300BLK , didn't matter what manufacturer or cal. .The only brass for .308 I have ready are all 308 , no milspec brass, all commercial remington ,WW, FC, the FC at least had some resistance.


Definitly another testing to make sure I have no problems with reloads. I just have to set some LC or other milspec 7.62x51 brass to do more testing on the 308's.

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Some have been used in load testing & may have got mixed up with std loads. When I pick up brass on the range , I always seem to miss some from one batch to another & they tend to get mixed in ,but should not be many if they do.

Probably CCI or WW, I have some bench rest Remington's ,but use them for hunting loads mostly.

I don't understand about the Wolf ,never used there primers & so far it's been .223 & 5.55 ,have not had a problem with the large rifle primers .

I do not think it has any thing to do with brand , but my stretching the limits of the brass . I just wanted to share how ,I now have added another test to weed out possible failures in my ammo.

I looked at my log , they were CCI primers , but I shot over 150 or so & one bad round , so it would be hard to blame the primer manufacturer .

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