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Guys, Im posting this in the "club house" as to more an appeal of a favor rather than a request.


Politics - With all the political crap that is going on the atmosphere here has been turning slowly darker. We tend to be focusing more on politics than anything else. This is understandable  as we are all caught up in it myself included. While I think it's important to stay informed we all need to remember in many cases we are preaching to the choir. While I am not asking anyone to do anything different I would ask that we talk a little more about guns and other enjoyable subjects in addition to the political stuff. We need some balance.


Going off topic - Without a doubt we are the kings of going off topic and I am mostly 99.9999% ok with that as I do it as much if not more than anyone. However lets take it easy on members build threads and tech questions etc, especially for new members. We have reached a point where every single topic goes to hell. I know most of us regulars dont care about our topics but some members do. The other thing is some of the OT stuff is very good, worthy of it's own post but nobody will  ever find it because it resides in a totally unrelated post. Here's what I'm thinking. If we cant control ourselves Im going to sanitize some of these threads on something like a 60 day delay. Worthy content, funny content etc will be moved. Useless content and smiley only posts will be deleted. Again this is not for the entire forum just the key areas that should reflect what the site is about



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