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Burris MTAC

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I got the bug a few years back on pig hunting. Since then I have decided to get a rifle that could take down pigs and hunt deer with since my state did not allow .223 to be used on deer (that has changed). I decided on an AR platform since all of the grumbles that a black rifle isn’t used to hunt and I chose 308 as the caliber since the ammo was easier to find then a lot others. I next had to decide on an optic. Most of my shooting would be under 200 yards, but I wanted to be able to reach out too if I needed to. I also wanted an illuminated reticle. I feel that an ACOG would have been perfect for what I was wanting all except for price. My price range was about $600.

A buddy of mine had a Burris Tac30 on his 308 AR and it appeared to be what I wanted. The downfall of the Tac 30 was that the illuminated sight was a button and hard to manipulate. I checked out the Mtac which had a dial to turn off/on and change the brightness. The reticle reminded me of the EOTEC sight. I am not a long distance shooter, but more of a close quarter shooter and have used EOTEC for little more than a decade.

I got the combo package which came with the scope, mount, and a fastfire red dot. I didn’t really need the red dot, but it was just a $100 more while they usually go for $200.

The scope was a lot bigger than I had hoped. The one thing I would change was the ring to change magnification is tuff to turn and a knob on it would complete it. I can use it with both eyes open like an EOTEC or I can close my weak eye and settle in for precision type of group. For precision wouldn’t be the best choice since the center dot pretty much takes up a 2inch circle at 100 yards, but it was great for what I needed. The scope is a 1x4 and came with the red dot on top. I changed the red dot to out front on the forearm and attached it to an offset mount from GG&G. A simple roll of the gun and I have a close up red dot.

Here is a group I had from 100 yards. I had just sighted in my ammo I was going to shoot on hunts and was screwing off enjoying shooting from different positions with cheaper ammo when I relized I did not have any shots for groups. My cheap ammo shot low compared to my hunting ammo, but it does show what I could do. The bottom one was my first shot and I knew I had put it a little low since I did not have the gun locked into me like I should have.


I decided to paint this gun so the scope and red dot also got painted. Here are some pics of the scope on the rifle. Notice the red dot off to the front in a offset mount.



An over the top view.


Of course its first hunt it did just what I wanted. I used Hornady 165 BTSP and shot the pig at about 150 yards while he was on the move.


While an ACOG would have been better, I am very pleased with my MTAC and would buy another.

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