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Everything posted by unforgiven

  1. The sleeves, cheers brother Eric 🍻🍻🍻🍻
  2. I run a Aero .308 mid gas, ballistic advantage 16" barrel standard gas block. AAC muzzle device to a AAC ND6 suppressor. Runs like a watch. I also run a 18" barrel 5.56 same way runs great with suppressor. Just my 2 mags.
  3. Welcome from Indiana brother from another Sue..., Rene
  4. We have a Concept 2 rower, great aerobic workout. Looking to get stronger overall. This gym has all the latest toys and training should one want. 5' 11" #250 looking to get to #200. I'll also become 68 hopefully this year.πŸ€” An exercise is good.
  5. 8 visits and I can do 10 pull ups on pull up/ dip assisted machine. Tricep cable pull and shoulder press are kicking my ass. I'm putting in the work.
  6. Well I decided to do something different this year and joined a gym. I didn't realize my insurance would pop for it. It's been 8 visits about 2 hrs.. Using the machines makes it easier for a beginner to get started. 3 day's a week and I feel good. Shoulders, triceps being the weakest parts. Going to a Anytime Gym, should make that hill in the desert easier to climb πŸ˜€
  7. ⚠️ shirt's are being processed.. ⚠️
  8. The Black Devils,http://www.firstspecialserviceforce.net/history.html
  9. what are you gonna eat next brother
  10. Fukin prices are ridiculous for everything
  11. Right on 🍻🍻
  12. Scuba's got some skills,that square tube is strong as fuk.
  13. If you wanted to put hooks you could use plumbers PVC hangers anywhere along the 4x4 for rifle rest.
  14. Fuken brilliant idea brother 🍻
  15. https://brunetteonamission.com/the-incredible-combat-abilities-of-the-united-states-armys-green-berets/ see if this worky brother
  16. Very nice fab job,welds look good 🍻🍻
  17. Could be a Sheet metal welding project
  18. Green beret's,https://brunetteonamission.com/the-incredible-combat-abilities-of-the-united-states-armys-green-berets/
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