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Everything posted by unforgiven

  1. If I didn't say it before brother , I like the way you roll. 😁
  2. Nice job on the rifle sister
  3. Combined with using a Shop vac for dust. I used a rotary tool before DeWalt for drywall bigger mess.
  4. I'm using it right now for cutting wood,nails,drywall,PVC,metal, and cutting out grout to cut out framing for whirlpool and shower stall with less $hit flying like using a Sawsall. I still used a Sawsall for framing, occillating tool DeWalt for everything else.
  5. Welcome from Indiana brother 👍 enjoy a long healthy retirement.
  6. Occillating tool has cutting, grinding type blades. If you're careful you can put a cutting wheel on a grinder. Eye pro, gloves, ear pro.
  7. Youngin's grow quick brother. ..
  8. Hahaha Tundracast isn't cheap...
  9. Yeah they are fast but they do ride hard.
  10. I have a 16" and 14.5 M5 with mid gas. I also changed the recoil system to ArmaLite AR10 ... minus stock $60.00. I'm also running a .260 Remington on M5 platform. Just my 2 mags
  11. That is small, good deal brother 👍
  12. Way to go brother, my wife survived 3 remodels with me. That is something in itself 😂
  13. I like the Esee line , gotta have 1.
  14. I was at the remodel of Carson Perri Scott downtown Chicago watching tilesetters put slick marble down. Just thinking about all those slipping on a wet floor.
  15. My bro Armoral' s the seat on the wife's car, she makes a turn slides over hit a house.
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