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Everything posted by unforgiven

  1. unforgiven

    Hello, New Member

    Welcome from Indiana brother I am also an M5 fan. Rifle looks badass.
  2. unforgiven

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Bueatiful brother😊
  3. unforgiven

    New to AR10, looking at ADM UIC-10A.

    Welcome from Indiana brother
  4. Great deal brother πŸ‘
  5. unforgiven

    I'm going back.

    Looks like fun 😁
  6. unforgiven

    Need additional horsepower

    Thanks brother πŸ‘
  7. unforgiven

    Missing girl found

    Knowing it happened is enough I don't want to know the lurid details. I refuse to give these fuktards the notoriety they crave. This girl's head is fuked innocence lost. Sad
  8. Dvor has some good deals, try getting on the list.
  9. unforgiven

    Concealed Carry

    Can't go wrong with a wheel gun. S&W Bodyguard revolver w/ laser. Changed the stock grip.
  10. unforgiven

    Need additional horsepower

    Can someone put a link that I can tap into. All that window licking has lowered my IQ
  11. unforgiven

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    They lighten up now it's life with a possibility of parole.
  12. unforgiven

    Missing girl found

    More people seem to be unable to control there emotions then ever before. Now murder is the solution to problems. Fantasy is the new reality
  13. unforgiven

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Boone's farm a very delicate blend πŸ€—
  14. unforgiven

    Lucas Gun Oil

    Thanks brother I like the info. Just moved to Porter co.
  15. unforgiven

    Lucas Gun Oil

    Where in Indiana brother ?
  16. unforgiven

    Need additional horsepower

    I don't know how to fukin do it
  17. unforgiven

    I hate Kel Tec

    It looks like fun.
  18. Where did you find that πŸ‘€
  19. unforgiven

    new here...

    Welcome from Indiana brother
  20. unforgiven

    Funny Videos Thread

  21. unforgiven

    *Limited Release* Sharps Relia-Bolt

    I'll take one , I have a Sharps relia bolt on an upper that's not finished. Purpleish is cool. Thanks brother πŸ‘
  22. unforgiven

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Bueatiful set of pistols brother. πŸ˜€
  23. unforgiven

    Pulled the trigger on colt 901!

    Way to go brother Phil.