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Everything posted by unforgiven

  1. My hat is off to you brother I hit it hard exercising or working around the house and I have to take a day cause I'm sore as fuk. I'm going to have to stop by a gym to learn how to lift weights without getting hurt. Blew up my wrist again with dumbbells and it is so fukin painful. My hands are trashed.
  2. This is what I use https://store.armyproperty.com/products/easyloader-rifle-magazine-loader-for-most-223-rifles-ar-15-m16-mini-14-etc.html
  3. Wow brother you have the space for that tool 😳
  4. Mr. Peterson Jr. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/navy-destroyer-frank-petersen-first-black-marine-aviator/
  5. Aero with Atlas S one handguard for the win just my 2 mags
  6. To late brother you set that hook solid. you after all are the master enabler
  7. We are all very proud of you brother watch your six. Give Kyber a woof and a treat from all of us.👍
  8. Welcome from Indiana brother
  9. How about the 6 point harness and roll bars brother 🤔
  10. Mr. Canley https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/05/12/only-thing-i-was-doing-was-taking-care-of-troops-medal-of-honor-recipient-john-canley-dies-84.html
  11. Let's go fund a TV for the brother he just needs one channel
  12. As a Sheet metal worker that was my gym. When I got home the iron in my blood turned into lead in my ass.
  13. Congratulations brother Matt best wishes for your family 💗
  14. So it looks like 15 7/16" or 15 1/2" long in a straight line. Yay or nay?
  15. Thanks brother I had that all fukedup
  16. Not yet thought it was 11 11/16"
  17. Couldn't find a AR10 rifle gas tube from Armalite so I went with Fulton FAR .308 rifle gas tube the site calls it similar to Armalite AR10 rifle gas tube.
  18. The day comes and the day goes and before you know it there is an old person looking at you in the mirror. if one is fortunate enough to see it happen.
  19. Good job on that rifle brother 🍺🍺
  20. Nice job on that chunk of meat brother 😋
  21. Mr. Riefkohl and Mr. Morris -war-i-navy-hero-medal-of-honor-5937086.-08/world-war-i-navy-hero-medal-of-honor-5937086.html
  22. The challenge is to keep them from going in the holes
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