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Everything posted by unforgiven

  1. Establishing these segregated area's did not work well for the European countries. Breeding ground for radicals.
  2. They have a 20 mm that can be shoulder fired. 🤪
  3. That's a slick set up with those clamps brother 👍
  4. Your having to much fun brother 👍😁
  5. What gets me is that the peer group within does nothing to against those that murder there own. Where is the outrage against the radical elements. They give approval through the silence. Unlike that gooffy bitch that wouldn't shut up. I believe that there is more good people than bad.
  6. Do you need someone to adopt I'm available.... outstanding collection brother 👍
  7. Ray Charles could see the threat to Democracy and Christianity. I don't give a fornicate what anybody believes , don't foist your$hit on me or my family. Snowflakes embrace this $hit so they can feel better. I will die on my feet , knee deep in brass the speed that this is going is disturbing brother. God help us all.
  8. Nice job on the rifle brother.
  9. Snowflakes have given away your country so they can sleep better. Thier is the dynamic that causes secular strife. Enemy is in the wire now ?
  10. So sorry to hear brother... Will say a prayer for you and your family that life gets better soon. Unfortunately suicide has touched my family also ?
  11. And just because you have a hobby that others might not like you are still afforded full protection under the law. Innocent till provin guilty.
  12. They had good prices. That Gundock had great prices also. M5 is a good deal for the money.
  13. That is so fuked up. We all feel for you brother. Politicians will savor the moment to the last drop.
  14. Aero M5 striped lower, lower parts kit w/o grip, trigger. Gundock.com had damn good prices.
  15. https://store.thegundock.com/ , I haven't found anything lower than this.....anyone else ? https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/winter-sale/ar-10-lower-partsaccessories-993/m5-308-lower-parts-kit-minus-fcgpistol-grip-9936245
  16. Can this be repealed with a new administration ?
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