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    Free state Indiana
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    SheetMetal Worker,shooter,fishing,camping,family,God,Country.

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  1. Good thing everyone likes Raman
  2. What sounds better...

    Where's the rifle bro.
  3. That how you control stupidity, with you wallet.
  4. WTF don't open the door.
  5. Radical Firearms

    I couldn't put one together for that price brother. Good deal
  6. Winchester P-17, My 100 Year Old War Horse

    Just went to look at another house this morning. I guess they had 2 Labs. Fukin dog dug a hole to when you could see the subfloor WTF. short sale. Hoping this goes through. Inspection on previous house reveled moisture/mold issues. I'll know later if we get our earnest money back. With limited inventory I shot myself in the foot jumping in to quick.
  7. Winchester P-17, My 100 Year Old War Horse

    I hate that fukin cone.
  8. Winchester P-17, My 100 Year Old War Horse

    If we could just stop Greg from chewing on the furniture
  9. Semper Fi Gunny!

    Gunny took over , if they thought they were in hell before. It just got a lot hotter
  10. extractor spring upgrade

    For little parts there is this : https://ar15xtreme.com/store/?s=308+parts&post_type=product
  11. Never ends haha

    ACT or MBT
  12. Armalite 2-Stage National Match Trigger set

    For a single stage this is the cat's meow. Tacti- cat shout out.
  13. Winchester P-17, My 100 Year Old War Horse

    Where road signs say " put on ya blinkas "
  14. Semper Fi Gunny!

    Thankfully there are many young Warriors that would even make the gunny smile.