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    Free state Indiana
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    SheetMetal Worker,shooter,fishing,camping,family,God,Country.

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  1. That's great Aero for the win 🍺🍺
  2. unforgiven


    Nice job on the chicken πŸ— brother πŸ‘
  3. unforgiven


    The key is to find a sure thing, even crappie gets them hooked.https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sure-life-labs-worm-glo?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions&ds_e=GOOGLE&ds_c=Shop|Generic|AllProducts|High|SSCCatchAll&gclid=CjwKCAiAm-2BBhANEiwAe7eyFK_sDWmlrt0I3yQzMZWn2nfoe9aPx4yR3rHDaCmqeOqizex5QaqSZBoCEOsQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds if you can find this I used it for the kids and it's like 🐠 crack. We hammered panfish and bass.
  4. Target sports notification
  5. When things were a little edgey I took care of a couple of brothers. No regrets 😁
  6. https://www.dvor.com/lapua-scenar-338-lapua-magnum-300gr-otm-rifle-ammunition-10-rounds.html?promotion=lapua-ammo-and-reloading-gear-84-2021-02-28 there was more on the site
  7. If it was working and then quit working properly retrace your steps. It's probably you. I never had a problem with either a SSA or SSA-E . Not to say it can't happen any mechanical device can fail, just unlikely IMHO. Just my 2 mag's
  8. Wheel of fortune gives out more Clue's than that.
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