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    Free state Indiana
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    SheetMetal Worker,shooter,fishing,camping,family,God,Country.

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  1. Thanks brother when I retired I had my right eye done. I am the worse patient in the world when it comes to my eyes. When they did the right eye and strapped my down to start I was freaking out took twice as long for the procedure. I don't look forward to doing it again. But your right the eye was like new.
  2. To make matters worse I'm a left eye shooter with a cataract brewing but not cooked yet. Glad I can see as well as I can considering years of welding and burning.
  3. We do have an in house ojo specialist.
  4. The arm on my glasses stick out at the ends and after a few hours of muff's is not comfortable.
  5. So the question is if I wear glasses and use a scope,can I remove the glasses and use the optic to make up the difference and remove glasses?
  6. That's different brother πŸ‘
  7. I'm a fan brother, Magpul stock has Tech sights other is stock anniversary model rear peep front blade.
  8. I need better glass starting with a spotting scope.
  9. Met up with a few of the guys here and finally got a chance to try out my AAC ND6 suppressor. Both rifles DI 5.56 has Nickel boron PSA BCG, Slash rifle buffer/spring and SSA-E trigger. PSA assembled 18" rifle gas upper. Other Aero M5 keymod upper assembled 16" mid gas Armalite carbine setup, Nitrate Wilson BCG a Velocity single stage trigger. Steel gas blocks, BAD safety's, Griffin CH. Earlier I went to LGS and they verify alignment with the can. There were no issues. The Black hills suppressor cover worked well. Fukin can does get hot. So you can run well without an adjustable gas block. Watching Eric with that little Allen key adjusting his gas block I would be hard pressed with my arthritic hands. Mag was sooty I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary as far as excess gas in the face. Made shooting fun again. Also easy wipe off on both coated BCG's.
  10. Ergo has this https://www.ergogrips.net/shop/tdx-zero-angle-suregrip/
  11. That is truthful information. Good Link brother.
  12. I know I know...fuk no would be the correct answer
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