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    Free state Indiana
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    SheetMetal Worker,shooter,fishing,camping,family,God,Country.

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  1. Sam's $1.16 gas. limits on toilet paper to 1 big package .
  2. I was having the same problem with the bolt on my RRA Lar8 had FTE problems. So I got bolt vices from Young manufacturing. I worked it for a few days. Even with the roll pin out wouldn't let go. Got rust buster, hit it with a alignment pin and tryied to slip it off the face so the plunger would lift higher than the lug. Finally was able to and grab it with needle nose pliers. It was bound with brass shavings. Of course I got it out after I ordered another bolt.
  3. Rock River is ambi safety,bolt release. As a lefty my only issue is with slick side upper then it's brass snacking.
  4. If it's a collapsible stock unload,close the stock. If it an A2 type rifle stock, check for clear you can put a piece of wood on the ground. Grab the charging unlatched other hand on the handguard. Drive into the board sharply. Don't pinch your fingers 😉
  5. Welcome from Indiana brother. NW corner Porter county. You?
  6. I was getting the girlys oiled up to get in those drawers and one thing lead to another..... Open belt drive listening to the clutch plates when you engaged the clutch. Fukin love it. I had Barnett's latest Carbon fiber plates.
  7. unforgiven


    Looks delicious 😋 guys
  8. This was a simpler time. All I had to worry about was how was I going to entertain myself that day.
  9. There was a lot to be said about the fact the barrels never ruptured. Sad fact for a cheap pistol.
  10. New York is harvesting antibodies from those recovering to formulate a vaccination.
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