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    Free state Indiana
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    SheetMetal Worker,shooter,fishing,camping,family,God,Country.

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  1. I did speak to him when I was getting the Veloscity trigger and mentioned this forum to him. He did mention something for the members here. He also was going through a big expansion. That's what he said not sure if he was blowing smoke.
  2. Tough time to be law enforcement when people you serve turn around and murder/ambush you for no reason. That God welcomes all of his children into heaven with open arms and watches over the families. Fukin heartbreaker....
  3. Welcome from Indiana.
  4. Welcome from Indiana brother.
  5. Welcome from Indiana brother.
  6. This was way before your purchase brother.
  7. Nice area , looking to move to porter county.
  8. Would I buy another Sig , naw I'd pass. That just my 2 mags.
  9. With a dab of peanut butter right in the center.
  10. Great video brother SS, noticed they didn't show any Xdm's. I purchased my Xdm's after watching the torture test on the pistol. Beat the $hit out of it and it still went 5K rds.. I fell in love with the look of the Sig Scorpion Carry 4.25. Had problems with a short time FTF/FTE sent it in Sig worked on it. Got it back still wasn't 100% so I sent it to a brother. He got it running. But I got it in the back of my mine that there "were" issues and gives my second thought on everyday. I love the way the pistol fits the hand. Everyday Xdm/ for me in pistol.
  11. I have a bro to take care of just that. The wife knows what I have is not cheap and will not be giving $hit away.
  12. Welcome from Indiana brother and THANK YOU for your service.
  13. Welcome from Indiana brother. I am northwest how about you?
  14. looks badass
  15. Worse part of the job is the fukin drive. Fuk yea beautiful area..... could be Gary