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I have a friend of mine that believes in polishing the feedramp on everything he's got, does it for many other folks as well. Mine is stock and doesn't look like it would hurt anything to polish it, what is you thoughts on this? Thanks for the help.


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How much I think it will help? Not very much. The ramp is more for guidance than actually being used as a feeding chute. If the ramp were struck by every round, imagine how much wear would result. The angle a cartridge points as it is stripped from a magazine is supposed to be aligned with the mouth of the chamber. The ramp is more of an aid for when that alignment is slightly off. Even then, I think that is more for full auto fire... Hence the reasoning for creating the M4 cut barrels and receivers.


How much do I think it will hurt? Not at all. No harm done there. A little extra polish in that part won't effect any of the mechanics or safety features. Shine it up to a mirror finish, till you can shave in the reflection. I can't imagine any damage you could do with just polishing. As long as you don't remove material and change the angle of the ramp, you should be fine. 

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