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  1. @98Z5V… RayGun? not to be confused with the legendary and dearly missed Jgun. That guy was legit badass.
  2. We don’t use that 4 letter word in my house.
  3. LuthAR makes the best “affordable” parts kits.
  4. That still makes it’s way around the internet. I saw it reposted on Full30
  5. That pic is the 911gr on the left and the 1200gr on the right. we are loading the 911 subsonic, and 647 API supersonic.
  6. You’re seeing it here first. This is the first shot to come from the CROM CR-7 500BLK Tom, pack your bags, and loading press, I’m booking you a flight! ASAP. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Lol. I’ve had 25 of these barrels on back order for nearly 6 months. Nathan left Faxon a few years back. I believe he went to FN or HK.
  8. And say goodbye to an entire village with a MK19.
  9. Thank you guys. I had a great weekend with my family. For those of you that don’t know, my son and I share the same birthday. So for the last four days he and I have been eating way too much sugar, and drinking way too much whiskey… Although he’s only eight, so you guys can guess who was eating the sugar and who was drinking the whiskey. We didn’t get to give them a birthday party last year, so we had to make up for it this year. We rented a jump house, a giant tent, hired a magician, and served pizza popcorn and cotton candy to about 30 kids and parents.
  10. I’m not a lawyer, but even with Cali’s fuKt up laws, I think I can articulate the legality of this pistol and brace. Much like my brother, @MikedaddyH, I’m constantly striving to find the most fun gun I can make. Last year I purchased a chassis for my Glock G17. The FAB Defense KPOS. It was fun, but that’s my duty pistol, and I don’t like taking that one out to play. Besides, I always wanted a .45acp. I got a chance to play with the Recover Tactical 20/20 chassis last year. It was definitely fun, so when they announced their 20/21, I jumped on that faster than @98Z5V jumps on a crazy red head. I finally got my parts in the mail and wasted zero time assembling them on my G41. I dug through my gear to find all the FDE parts I could. I definitely see a 10mm conversion barrel in my future. I know the double optics is a bit much. I’m not 100% sure if this setup yet, and I really don’t want to re-zero that RMR if I take it off.
  11. My barrel design + Zach’s technology = a badass tube!!
  12. I can't talk about too much, but I can tell you that we have several prototypes out being tested by possible investors.
  13. I just picked up these Walker XV 3.0 Bluetooth ears
  14. Whoa! I need more info on this. I have traveled all over this country to meet members of this site.
  15. I already have that one. I'll show you what I did to it soon. I'm keeping that rifle mostly the same, as it's my go-to deer rifle. I want to do something silly with the MVP, since it runs on DPMS LR mags. I don't care about BBL length. I can adjust that as I see fit.
  16. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m dropping this here just in case. I promise it will go to a good home... where it will get chopped up and experimented on... and possibly something badass will come from it. it must be .308 chamber.
  17. You’re right. Most of the ballistic data for a subsonic “50” was done by the .510 Whisper crowd. They showed that the Hornady A-Max 750gr, traveling 1050 fps, only had a 9% depreciation in velocity at 500 meters. The CROM 500 Blk will be launching several different loads, but the 911gr monolithic copper is our signature cartridge. I seem to remember that our math projected that the 500 Blk would still be traveling about 450 fps at 1k meters, and would remain terminal down to 220 fps due to its mass. Aside from the 911gr monolithic round, I also have a box of NATO API projectiles that I intend to load up for “faster” application. I want to shoot a 500 Blk API in the AZ desert just to watch @Matt.Cross stomp the holy hell out of a burning cactus in the middle of the night. 🔥 🌵 🔥
  18. First... that’s the greatest movie ever. The Il Duce scene is historic. second... it was only 4 guns... plus mags.
  19. Magpul LR20 PMAG Lancer L7AWM 25 round with CAT TQ and KRISS mags. Lancer L5AWM AR15 7.62x39
  20. Get ready. Big news about to drop on that
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