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Carbine Buffer


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Anyone running a 14.5" or 16" barrel with a carbine length gas system in .308?  If so:

1. What buffer do you use?

2.  What buffer would work best for a retractable stock?

3.  Will using heavy buffers increase of decrease reliability of cycling with these length gas/barrel combos?

4.  Best options for muzzle devices at this length and any other suggestions to control the barrel with this short a length?

5. I think LaRue makes the PredetOBR in a pretty short length -any idea what buffers they run?



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My LMT MWS comes with a 16" barrel and carbine length gas system. The stock buffer is an AR-15 H3 (5.6oz). The ideal weight is dependent on the gas port size on your barrel, for instance, the H3 in the MWS might still be overgassed, but in my PWS MK216 the H3 feels just about right (stock came with a normal AR-15 carbine weight buffer). Most DI systems will likely be overgassed even with an H3 so one of Slash's heavy buffers will probably decrease the recoil impulse while maintaining reliability.

LaRue uses an H2 AR-15 buffer in their retractable stock OBR systems IIRC.

Stay tuned for our muzzle device comparison! We'll be using the LMT MWS with 16" barrel.

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