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Subsonic 308


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I went to gunbot.net and looked for subsonic .308 ammo. One of the more interesting rounds is the -- a hunting round. It comes with a caution, that "these rounds will not cycle a semi-auto firearm." This may be a common issue with subsonics in .308, although I can say that subsonic .22lr cycles just fine in my Ruger 10/22. Also interesting is that a lot of these rounds consider themselves to be "match" ammo.


Here's the selection I found at gunbot:


20rds - 308 Win. Lapua 200gr. Subsonic FMJBT Ammo 1 hour ago    $2.65/rd    [$52.95]    in stock    Subsonic    [Ammunition To Go]

Lapua .308 Win 200 Grain Subsonic FMJBT Ammo, Box of 20 16 hours ago    $2.14/rd    [$42.76]    in stock    Subsonic    [bullets dotcom]

20rds - 308 Win. Right To Bear Subsonic 208gr. A-MAX Ammo    $1.30/rd    [$25.95]    in stock    Subsonic    [Ammunition To Go]

HSM Custom Plus Rifle Ammunition 762x51-5-N, 308 Winchester/7.62, HPBT Match Sub Sonic, 175 GR, 1060 fps, 20 Rd/bx    $1.25/rd    [$24.99]    in stock    Match    [Able Ammo]

.308 Win CORBON Performance Match Subsonic 185 Grain FMJ-RBT Bullet 1000 fps 20 Rounds PM308S185    $1.74/rd    [$34.72]    in stock    Match    [CheaperThanDirt]

.308 Win 185 Grain Performance Match FMJ-RBT Subsonic CORBON - 20 Rounds    $1.70/rd    [$33.99]    in stock    Match    [surplus Ammo]

Sellier & Bellot .308 Winchester 200gr Subsonic Boat Tail Hollow Point - Box of 20    $1.37/rd    [$27.49]    in stock    Subsonic    [Primary Arms]

Corbon Ammunition Cor-Bon Performance Match 308 Winchester SubSonic 185 Grain 20 Round Box    $2.06/rd    [$41.18]    in stock    Match    [iAmmo]

Atomic Match Ammunition 308 Winchester 175 Grain Sierra Matchking Hollow Point Boat Tail Subsonic Box of 100    $1.35/rd    [$134.99]    in stock    Match    [MidwayUSA]

Lapua Ammunition 308 Winchester 200 Grain Full Metal Jacket Subsonic Box of 20    $2.75/rd    [$54.99]    in stock    Subsonic    [MidwayUSA]

20rds - 308 Win Right to Bear Expanding Subsonic 170gr. Lehigh Controlled Fracturing HP Ammo    $2.40/rd    [$47.95]    in stock    Subsonic    [Ammunition To Go]

20 round box - 308 Win 200 Grain FMJ-BT Subsonic Ammo by Lapua - B416 - 4317340    $2.45/rd    [$48.95]    in stock    Subsonic    [sGAmmo]

Cor-Bon .308 Win 185gr FMJ-RBT Subsonic 20rds PM308S185/20    $1.95/rd    [$38.99]    in stock    Subsonic    [PSA]

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