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    Motorcycles, knives and firearms of all kinds.

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  1. Keep smashing my fingers on my optics, who makes a super wide charging handle that might give my fingers some room?
  2. Had to take the dog to the vet, range session pending.
  3. Thats interesting, cast a DPMS to have an Armalite look??
  4. Well so far I see Daniel Defense and KAC use Armalite style recievers, any others?
  5. Is there a list of Armalite AR10 pattern rifle builders? I have only ever had the DPMS LR308 pattern rifles and would like to buy or build an AR10 style rifle, would like to know what manufactures build on the Armilite AR10 style receivers.
  6. Heading to the range to sight in.
  7. Got the Ace stock today, I ordered a set of Magpul MBUS Pros, the stock ones look like Chinesium.
  8. Yes I really like them, I have used a couple over the years, here is a build from 2013.
  9. I have owned several large frame AR pattern rifles over the years, been lurking here since 2010, decided I needed a light version and picked this up, not as light as I would have liked but he price was right, have approximately 400 rounds of Lake City through it without a hitch. Only upgrades so far are a LaRue MBT-2S Trigger and a Trijicon HX Credo 1-6 mounted in a Warne XSKEL mount, 9.3 pounds. ARFX Skeleton Stock will replace the adjustable carbine stock, not much of a fan of the carbine stocks.
  10. Thank you, I have seen others on this forum talking about theirs.
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