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    Gulf Coast of Louisiana
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    Spending time with my wife and two young children. Hunting, shooting, being in the woods as much as possible and of course tinkering with and building AR rifles.

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  1. That’s exactly right! I built an AR pistol simply because I had a MFT stock saddle sitting in a parts box and saw Thordsen Customs made a buffer tube cover system that fit it. They’re like a combination of Grimlins meets transformers.
  2. Another thing that your experiment with the sabots from a 300blk may allow using 80gr+ longer high BC bullets loaded to AR magazine length since the cases shoulders are pushed back like they are. Should be a similar situation to how Hornady evolved the 6ARC off the 6.5 Grendel case to load longer high BC bullets.
  3. Thanks for this post, your explanation about the “piston” size in relation to the bullet weight makes complete sense to me as to what you’re thinking. Should be interesting to see the results. A close friend and I messed around with some of the Remington Accelerators in his dad’s M742 back in college and couldn’t get them to groups work a sheeit. The faster twist from a 300blk barrel may solve that issue. At the very least you should be mirroring a 5.7x28, which could be fun for varmints and targets.
  4. Also good to know, I came really close to picking one of those up last summer. Only thing that held me back at the time was that I didn’t like how the main portion of the Sylvan didn’t butt up against the receiver like the Law unit does.
  5. Welcome from Louisiana!
  6. Welcome from Louisiana!
  7. Welcome from Louisiana!
  8. Welcome from Louisiana!
  9. That’s sexy, I want a variant of a hi power in 10mm.
  10. It wasn’t so much the added weight that caused me concern as it was the possibility of the extension falling out while folded and me not noticing it was missing when needing using the gun.
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