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    Gulf Coast of Louisiana
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    Spending time with my wife and two young children. Hunting, shooting, being in the woods as much as possible and of course tinkering with and building AR rifles.

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  1. Man I wish it was a thermal! It’s a digital day/night optic, basically a ruggedized IR sensitive camera that picks up ambient moon/start light and works best with an IR illuminator. I’ve used it in different 5.56 rifles to take hogs out to 120yds at night. The picture quality at night is on par with Gen 2 nv and I’m comfortable telling a hog from a black bear out to 200yds with the IR illuminator. Not sure why it took me so long to try it out on my 300blk.
  2. We’re definitely kindred spirits in regard to being harsh on wooden stocks. I’ve got very long guns left with wooden stocks, my 22lr browning a-bolt squirrel rifle being the only one I still regularly use and it surely looks it. Part of what drew me into AR type rifles for hunting is the synthetic stocks and limited parts that are prone to corrosion are perfect for the humid wetlands of Louisiana gulf coast and the creek/river bottom lands I hunt further north in my state.
  3. Good to see you here bro!
  4. My dad has that model, was the first handgun I ever shot and the gun I killed my first hog with as a teenager.
  5. That’s one sexy rifle! I had the pleasure of shooting a 358win chambered in a Ruger M77 one day at the range. I didn’t know about it before that day and immediately thought it was an awesome round that I wish was more popular. It and 7-08 are the main two I’d like to build additional uppers in.
  6. This’s what I meant by minimalist holster.
  7. My type ccw as of late, I carry appendix in a minimalist holster. I get weird looks when folks here realize I carry full sized Glocks daily. Luckily I’m a big framed at 6’2” 230# with a 34” waist so lots of room to hide sheeit.
  8. Welcome from deep south Louisiana! Folks here will definitely help you avoid any pitfalls. I found this place while researching parts for my Aero M5 and used their suggestions to others as I was building, I ended up joining the forum a couple years later, cause I was impressed with how everyone gets along here and how “trolls” are dealt with swiftly. It’s definitely one of the more unique forums I’m a member on.
  9. Yep definitely not something I’d see myself using much. I’d just want to see what I could do with an AR with a bipod mounted on a hog sounder moving through a tight gully.
  10. Exactly, once the 1986 machine gun law would be struck down there would be no “grandfather” clause that created the current values of machine guns manufactured in ‘86 or before.
  11. I use 10, 20, & 25 round pmags and I’ve got two 20 round KAC mags that all have run flawlessly. On my M5 308 I’ve got Aero Precision’s 2nd gen quad rail forend.
  12. I’m in this camp, I could see swapping my 5.56’s over, converting a 10/22 and likely a Glock switch. I could see those being a hoot when doing hog ambushes.
  13. I beat on my Esee’s like Ike beat on Tina LoL. I’ve had quite a few of their knives, kept the favorites and sold the rest finish building my M5. Been carrying this Izzy 2 daily since early 2020, it typically shares cutting duties with this one. That Adventurecraft looks really handy, bet that thing makes for an awesome game processor.
  14. I’ve been taking a similar approach, in only using fde 30rd mags or metal 20rd mags with 300blk and all black pmags (20’s/30’s) with 5.56/223. I do keep both my 300blk and 5.56 pistol uppers and the lower in a case together, but I pickup all ammo and designated mags for the upper not in use before I take out mags for the one I’ll be using. I had seen these sorta warnings before I built my blackout so I’ve tried to stay mindful, especially since I only shoot 110gr and 120-125gr supers through mine.
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