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    Gulf Coast of Louisiana
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    Spending time with my wife and two young children. Hunting, shooting, being in the woods as much as possible and of course tinkering with and building AR rifles.

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  1. JMJ

    25 vs 20 rnd Pmags

    Thanks guys, that’s the sorta things I was hoping to hear! So far I’ve shot the 10’s the most and like the lower profile for the thickets I tend to tromp through. I gravitated towards 10’s and 20’s with my AR15’s for hunting also for those reasons, but own more 30’s than everything else.
  2. I’m looking for opinions based on the collective experience with both of these. I’ve got two 25rnd pmags that I’ve had since building my M5 along with tw 20rnd KAC’s I was gifted and three 10rnd pmags. I have 5 20’s arriving Tuesday from Primary Arms that I bought cause they were in stock during this shitshow election and the money I was spending went further on 20’s than it would’ve on 25’s. Just curious as to which are the most used and if going with my gut was the right decision?
  3. JMJ


    Welcome from south Louisiana!
  4. Thanks! What area of Arkansas do you live? I lived in Booneville and Fort Smith for a few years and still have close friends in Fort Smith. Such a beautiful state and a I miss it.
  5. Welcome from south Louisiana!
  6. JMJ

    New Guy Here

    I welcome from another new member!
  7. Thanks! I bought this G22 cheap at Cabela’s as a police department trade in and sawed the grip down and shaped it with files myself to match my wife’s G27’s grip when I first got my CCW permit. I later got another G22 and left it as is, that’s what I carry now that I’ve gained more confidence that I’m not printing. I still carry the “G27L” some when I’m having to dress up with a tucked in shirt. That’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to get a G24 since I’m deep in 40sw ammo, but if I ever buy a factory 9mm it’ll be a G17L or G34. I currently have a Lonewolf 40-9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags to go with my G22’s so I’m covered on using 9mm. I’ve also got this Gen3 G20 as my woods gun/hunting pistol and my Wife’s G27. She’s since gotten me to ditch the pink hogue grip sleeve and put her a black one, which added it to my carry rotation.
  8. I got into the small frame AR’s cause Barry and his friends didn’t want me owning them and quickly took to the ergonomics and started hunting with them. Greatly enjoyed my 450 bushmaster for hunting, but got nervous and traded it because at the time in 2013 the ammo was becoming scarce since Remington never got it going well and Hornady was talking about only doing runs once a year or so. I hunted some with 5.56/223 and had great success with killing hogs and whitetail with it, but wanted something that had more authority and more distance capabilities. I bought an Aero Precision M5 receiver set and was thinking I’d go 7mm08 since it was always on the shelves during previous ammo shortages then my best friend gave me a 50cal ammo can with 550rnds of M118LR as a Christmas gift as a push to go 7.62 NATO. So here I am. I’m still considering that 7mm08 upper since I’ve got an A-bolt stainless stalker in 7mmRM and plan to start handloading. seems like it’d be a no brainer like having my 300blk in that I can share projos with other rounds and use empty brass from other cartridges I’m shooting as well.
  9. Here’s some of the other AR’s I’ve got in my collection. First is a 16” mid length gas 5.56 built with an Aero Precision upper, Ballistic Advantage barrel and YHM Todd Jarrett rail, Surplus Ammo and Arms lower and LMT SOPMOD stock w/ ACOG. Second is my first AR15, Bushmaster Predator 20” 5.56 complete upper on another SSA lower, now wears a Leupold Vari-x ii 3-9x50mm. Lastly is a 300 Blackout pistol i built from spare parts I had sitting around from upgrading others AR’s and from an 18” 223 Wylde JSE upper I got in trade for a 20” Bushmaster .450BM upper I regret letting go now that the ammo isn’t scarce like it was then. I plan for this little blackout to be short yardage hunting rig in the woods and for worst case HD. The barrel was gifted from a friend, the upper parts and YHM Todd Jarrett rail were from the JSE varmint upper. The lower is an Anderson poverty pony with milled trigger guard and the cheek weld/brace is a Thordsen Customs buffer tube/cover system with MFT cheek saddle. Optic is a Vortex Strikefire and a Vortex 3x magnifier. I’ve also got a 16” carbine gas 5.56 PSA upper on a regular Anderson lower with Magpul MBUS sights as another worst case HD house gun.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Thats what I hope for! So far I’ve got no issues or regrets about any of my small frame or large frame AR decisions. Well except trading off my 20” bushmaster 450BM upper in 2013 when the ammo production was being rumored to drop or drastically reduced. It was really fun setup and hunting rig for thick woods. The 223 Wylde upper I received in trade got disassembled and build into a 300blk pistol. Traded the 18” 223 Wylde bull barrel for 200 rounds of M118LR 175gr.
  11. Welcome from one state over!
  12. Thanks everyone! Thanks, sometimes I feel like I go overboard researching something before I try my hand at it, but I hate having issues with something then realizing it was cause I rushed a process without understanding full whatever it was I was doing. Through my time lurking and researching on a few different AR forums I really grew to like and respect the attitudes and helpful demeanor here vs the others.
  13. Here’s my AP M5 308, pretty basic rifle but fills the role I have in mind pretty well. I’ve swapped the Leupold Vari-x II 3-9x50mm for a VX2 2-7x33mm since it seems to fit my uses better. I’ve also got an ATN X-Sight Gen 1 I plan to use on it some that’s served me well on my 5.56 rifles.
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