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  1. It's not that complicated.... I was asked in other threads to post some guns.... 1). The LaRue's are wonderful firearms....I just don't prefer 5.56 and rarely shoot them. However they are so nice I will NEVER sell them....Is that OK with you? 2). The Quality of the LMT-AR is also great.....it just happens to be a PISTON-AR......that's all....I probably shouldn't have mentioned that part. I'm sure I'd be equally happy with an LMT-NON-Piston-AR-15. 3). I prefer 30-Caliber and LOVE my M14's as stated. 4). For a DIFFERENT flavor, and in ADDITION to the Rifles I already own, I think I'd like to own a .308-AR. 5). The Rifle I have my eye on is the LMT-MWS-Sharpshooter package....but I'm sure I could be extremely happy if I went with the LaRue OBR or PredatOBR instead. 6). In either case, I THINK I want a Schmidt & Bender 1.5x8-Short-Dot for any 308-AR I purchase. 7). I would NEVER shoot this further than 300 yards. 8). I'm not a "Tactical-Operator" and I don't compete in shooting sports, etc. 9). I'm just an older guy that likes nice firearms and plink on Saturday afternoons. 10). Is that clear and/or meet your approval? I apologize if it doesn't. As a moderator, feel free to kick me out of here though. Just thought it might be a good forum for me. Guess I was wrong....
  2. No need....I live in MAINE....and you can't even SEE 200 yards in any direction due to heavy wooded area, let alone SHOOT further than that. LONG distance shooting is one of those things that doesn't interest me....whether for self-defense or sporting purposes. I'd rather shoot steel or other objects at 100~300 yards.... POU....(Philosophy Of Use)
  3. Aimpoint 3X....got rid of it though....
  4. I LOVE these Wilsons.....all made to (older) Protector & QCB specs.... I can hit anything I aim for at 25 yards.... Knock wood....but NEVER had a failure-to-feed either... I love them so much....
  5. I understand the math behind the 20-MOA rail....and necessary at LONG ranges.....just not for my purposes. The LaRue OBR has the ENTIRE Rail at 20-MOA....not just a screw-on section, etc. The LMT-MWS has ZERO-MOA built-in....where the rail is parallel with the bore. I don't need EXTRA adjustments including double-turn turrets, etc.....just doo-dads that clutter me up. I'll never shoot any of my Rifles over 300 yards....
  6. My kid loves these and still shoots them.... They are so nice I will never sell them....LaRue stuff is like jewelry....but drive tacks like a hammer.
  7. I've been through a LOT of firearms over the past several decades.... For hand-guns NOTHING has come close to my many (Wilson) 1911-.45-Autos. But NOTHING makes me smile like my (LRB) M14's Rifles. I love everything about them....especially the simplicity, reliability, and ruggedness. I have another one coming next week! I just bought a pair of Schmidt & Bender 10x42-PM-II Fixed Power Scopes i'll be trying soon. (Scope in bottom pic is not mine) These are older pics, but will post more as soon with new TNVC Cheek-Risers, and Scopes.
  8. I realize....no biggie... I mentioned my LMT piston AR is as nice as anything. But the LuRues have never failed either. That said, I'll still take an M-14 over anything anyday to save my life.
  9. Hi everyone, I own some LaRue & LMT (Piston) AR-15's.... I NEVER shoot them anymore, and only shoot 7.62x51/.308. I've narrowed my next Rifle down to the LMT-MWS-Sharpshooter package.....I especially like the fact that the LMT Rail is 0-MOA.....(The LaRue-OBR is 20-MOA) Has anyone bought the entire meal-deal from LMT? Are you happy? I LOVE their Piston-AR... Thanks!
  10. That's a great point that S&B agrees with in their own advertising.... Honestly, the Vortex Razor 1-6x24 is AWESOME, and I may just stick with those anyway for a .308 AR... Thanks!
  11. Great comments guys......And another thing.... I have to say the Vortex Razor 1-6 does everything and more.....great eye relief, great glass, great red dot, durability, etc. I just wanted to squeak a couple more X's out by going to 8x with the S&B.
  12. Haha... But I don't own the S&B 1.5-8x26 Short-Dot.....yet at least.... So I guess I'll have to get one coming!
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