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  1. KillShot


    Thanks, George. The compensator works really well. It was specifically designed for a precision rifle and it all but eliminates ground signature and blowback that is typical when using a brake/comp when shooting from the prone position. It takes the recoil of a .308 down to that of a 5.56 so I'm very happy with it until my TBAC comes in next year.
  2. KillShot


    Well, since I was last on here, I've made a few modifications to my setup. The current specs are below with updated photos. POF*USA P308-20-HSR-308-SPR Magpul PRS Geissele SD-E Ergo Tactical grip Magpul 7.62 Pmag Accu-Shot BT12-QK Slash anti-tilt heavy buffer Flatline Ops anti-cant level B.A.D. Ambi-Safety Selector Atlas V8.1 BT10-LW17 bipod BCM Gunfighter mod 3 charging handle NightForce NXS 5.5-22x56 HS ZS MOAR GDI Engineering P-ROM L-Model™ 0MOA Primary Weapons Systems PRC (precision rifle compensator) http://catchmypicture.com/aDGRmt.jpg http://catchmypicture.com/N561xP.jpg http://catchmypicture.com/nMCJqg.jpg
  3. KillShot

    P-308 reliability?

    Lube isn't "bad" for it, I just haven't ever had the need for running a lot of lube through my POF. Try a different magazine like a DPMS and/or C-Products and if the problem persists then I would say there's an issue with the BCG.
  4. KillShot

    P-308 reliability?

    POF rifles require no lubricant and I strongly advise against running them "wet". That is the reason for the np3 coating on the bolt. It eliminates the need for lube and even says so on the POF website, however, I use a very light coat of MPro-7 on my BCG to avoid any issue that may arise. Additionally, POF is right about the foreign ammo. It is not held or manufactured to the same standards as ammo produced in the U.S. so you get what you get when you buy junk ammo like Bear, Wolf, and crap similar to what has been mentioned. Stick with stuff like PMC or German NATO if you're wanting cheap plinking ammo. You do not need to run the POF rifles "really wet" like the impingement rifles. If your BCG is returning without having chambered a round then the magazine may not be fully loaded into the magazine well, which could indicate a faulty magazine, or the BCG is out of spec and it's not loading a round on the return after ejection of the round. What magazine are you using?
  5. Ha ha ha...my bad! I went back and read through the posts and saw it was mentioned a couple of times.
  6. No harm, no foul. No offense was taken. ;)
  7. You might check with Jay at SportOptics.com as they carry a pretty good supply of optics.
  8. I didn't insinuate anything. In fact, I was trying to get the point across that I respect that you might not be able to afford anything other than Simmons but I guess I failed miserably at that. What I was implying was to say the Simmons is as good as the high dollar optics would be untrue, from anyones viewpoint who's had the opportunity to see for themselves. If it's good enough for your application and it works for anything you need it for, great! It just doesn't compare to the quality or clarity of the higher priced counterparts. You are incorrect in your assumption that I was call you a liar. That isn't something I take kindly to being called and I don't make a habit of referring to someone as such. I wasn't there so I'll take your word for it but, again, it all comes down to personal preference. I don't NEED a NightForce but it sure makes shooting at distance that much easier when you have a top grade optic. As a rule of thumb, the optic should cost at least half of what is invested in the rifle alone. Before the NXS, I had a Hawke Sport Optics 4-16x50 and it's only a $400 optic but I was pleased with it. That is the only 'bird of prey' brand of optic that I would recommend for someone on a tight budget.
  9. I liked my first POF P308 so much that I purchased another one. In my opinion, it's the best semi-auto piston rifle on the market. When I get ready to pull the trigger on an AR-15, it will be the POF P415. I guess that depends on what your definition of a "very nice" gas impingement AR-10 would be. If you're wanting a top shelf AR-10, you can expect to pay $2300+.
  10. Very nice stick! I've handled a few of the LWRC rifles and each of them have been good to go.
  11. Clearly, you haven't peered through a good $800 optic or you wouldn't have made that statement. The Simmons doesn't come anywhere close to comparing to the glass of the Vortex PST, Bushnell Elite, Sightron SIII, or Super Sniper. That is why they are priced in the neighborhood of $800 whereas you can pick up the Simmons from MidwayUSA for $100. If the Simmons is all you can afford, there's nothing wrong with that. However, for you to say that it's "hype" to spend $800 on an optic if you're not in a combat zone...that's simply asinine. If spending $800 on an optic is considered to be "hype", what does it mean for me since I spent nearly $6,000 on (3) NightForce optics? If you're punching paper, ringing steel, or hunting at distances out to 100yds the Simmons will work just fine for you, as long as you don't have a lot of mirage. If you're shooting beyond 100yds, the Simmons will quickly lose its clarity and won't be of use for anything other than a club. The glass of Simmons can't touch that of an $800 optic. Go take a look through a Vortex PST, Bushnell Elite, Sightron SIII, or Super Sniper and then get back to me on the Simmons being every bit as good.
  12. Wow...I can't believe no one mentioned the largest tactical/precision forum on the web, which also happens to be the one I'm most active on. Sniper's Hide: For the Serious Tactical Marksman
  13. Whaaaaaaat? I think you must be thinking of something else entirely or perhaps you're mixed up in your thinking. Both the BABC and the PWS are compensators; neither of them are brakes so it would be considered as comparing apples to apples. That being said, they work better than probably most of the top brakes on the market in reducing recoil. Comparing apples to oranges would be comparing either of the two aforementioned to a Surefire brake, AAC brake, or a Badger Ordnance FTE brake. Entirely different in performance and looks. PWS FSC30 http://primaryweapons.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=37&idcategory=6 BattleComp Tactical Compensators http://battlecomp.com/store/ Surefire muzzle brake http://www.surefire.com/MB762SSALRE-Muzzle-BrakeAdapter AAC muzzle brake http://advanced-armament.com/product.aspx?pid=627 Badger Ordnance FTE brake http://badgerordnance.com/muzzle-brakes/
  14. +1 on everything Matt has said. As a matter of fact, the NEW 175smk through Southwest is also cheaper than FGMM 175smk and it's specifically made to excel in gas guns. I'm not trying to sway you one way or the other, simply stating the facts.
  15. Okay, so buy some of the match 175smk from Mike at Southwest Ammunition. It's every bit as good as FGMM. http://www.southwestammunition.com/category_s/75.htm
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