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  1. I have both DPMS 18" bull barrel/DIY modified single stage trigger, and Rock River LAR8 Predator 20" cryogenically treated barrel/RR 2-stage trigger. They are both very accurate at sub MOA levels. LAR8 is little more accurate and forgiving with different ammo. DPMS's receivers and bolt/carrier is lighter than Rock River's. Don't overlook DPMS brand just because it is generally less expensive.
  2. Another natural progression here. ;D I bought an entry level AR-15, a DPMS, 3 years ago. I placed a free floating handguard on it, modified trigger myself, and turned it a very accurate carbine. It out-shoots my CZ 527 varmint model in .223 (with 50, and 55 gram bullets). I think that direct gas system is one of the key designs that contributes to it's accuracy of a semi auto rifle. So, I advanced to a larger caliber of AR, a home-build DPMS lower with a fluted bull barrel DPMS upper (when it was on sale).
  3. That stainless barrel/NP3 upper combo are beautiful! Has any of you tried the CCMG barrel? http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/item/M300-AAC-Blackout-Barrel-w-Gas-Tube-and-Block-1710
  4. Jgun: How long had you waited to get yours after you ordered it? How much does it set you back (include barrel blank, chambering, and wrapping) if you don't mind I ask?
  5. That is something! I would love to know little more about that barrel. Where did you get from?
  6. Opening day at 07:20. Head-shot at 40 yard with Savage 10LE 308.
  7. JSE offers a lot stuff with great price. The lower stripped receiver I got from them only cost me $235.
  8. Just read the post in technical section of DPMS LR-308, I realized that I used a WRONG buffer! My bad! Please forgive a newbie. Paul
  9. I'm new to 308 AR and this forum. As the title indicates, I have a problem with a complete upper assembly build on a DPMS lower. I use carbine buffer tube, DPMS 308 lower kit, AR 15 carbine length buffer, and Tubb Superior shooting buffer spring (for 308). I was following DPMS's instruction for break-in the barrel. The ammo used was Federal 150 gr soft point from Walmart. I loaded one round to Pmag (Magpul 20 rounder), fired it. Cleaned the barrel; loaded another round to mag, chambered and fired it, no problem. Cleaned barrel again, loaded 2 rounds in the mag, the first one fired, pulled the trigger again, nothing happened. Now, with a live round in the chamber, the bolt was not completely closed, I couldn't remove the round from chamber, the bolt was locked. Luckily, I was able to open the bolt with a padded screwdriver and removed the live round. I then inspected the feeding ramp, it was rough. My best guesses are: 1. the buffer spring is too strong that the bolt was not fully pushed back to correctly chamber a following round; 2. the rough feeding ramp dragged the following round and in combination to possible problem 1; 3. resulted from soft point ammo; or 4. had something to do with headspace. I change to regular AR15 carbine buffer spring, re-cleaned and re-oiled the bolt assembly, polished feed ramp with dremel polishing wheel. This time I used surplus ball ammo for a test. It was better, one of five round got stuck with the bolt not complete close, forward assist didn't help. It was not as tight as before. I could eject the round forcefully with the charging handle. My thoughts are that the bolt assembly is still tight, and feeding ramp still needs some smoothing and polishing. I assume that the upper assembly should be headspace at DPMS and test fired. Before I try shooting again, I would like to hear from experts here so I could avoid incidence or damage to me/my rifle. I appreciate your inputs. Paul
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