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  1. buc378

    Hello from Arkansas...

    welcome aboard !
  2. buc378

    New From San Francisco Bay Area

    welcome aboard !
  3. buc378

    Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies

    there are not many left anymore.its to bad these peckerwoods today wont have a chance to know what real guitar gods really are.
  4. i just have to say ,bill maher is head cheese of the worst kind.he should be impaled with a hot 50 bmg barrel ,staked out in the middle east with ahla sucks carved in his chest .this guy is a f*^%$ retard.on leno last night he called gun owners assholes .well try to get him to admit some where down the line it was a gun that gave the douche bag the right to say that.just had to vent.i also just love the way the leftys are making this az congress women a marter.i feel sure in saying that the poor little 9 year old child would have gotten mentioned at all if the congress women or federal judge was not involved .grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am through.
  5. buc378

    Just another AR10

    nice looking build.
  6. buc378

    My MA TEN Carbine

    thats real nice.
  7. buc378

    Shame on you.. ? ? ?

    all i can say is what tango said .God help us all.
  8. buc378

    338 federal anyone?

    have not seen much about this round but, what i have i would just go with a 338 win. in a bolt gun.as far as the recoil its all in practice,practice and learning how to control it.a funny story when we hit the range and the wife pulls out her 300 weatherby (180 gr ) and starts shooting i see some fellows pack their rifles up and go home.
  9. man that turned out real nice.
  10. buc378

    Central NC New Guy

  11. buc378

    The Sportsmans Guide

    they have purdy good stuff .kind of like harbor freight tools compared to sears.the stuff you lend to neighbors that forget where they got it or if it breaks,oh well unlock the tool box with the good stuff.i've ordered ammo cans,cleaning stuff ,knives ,and other stuff from them with no problems.
  12. now thats purdy cool .i think that would make a good truck gun.slap one of those made for ar scopes on top and throw it behind the seat and when varmints,hogs or coyotes pop out you are ready.