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  1. Thank you. I appreciate the info. I dropped it off to be cut, but not fluted.
  2. Please let me know your thoughts on accuracy going from 24 to 20 inches. Also your thoughts on fluted barrels. Anyone look at the "honeycombed" http://forceproduction.com/page26/index.html fluting? Spiral or straight? I currently have a 24 inch bull barrel. I need to lighten the load a bit. Thank you in advance...
  3. I am interested in your opinions if you don't mind sharing. Thanks, Papa
  4. Please PM me the price list and thank you for your service... Papa
  5. My wife the artist is very impressed, but wants to know why I am looking at s "machine guns."
  6. Papa

    Les Baer .308s

    I was kind of curious as to why this particular rifle is not mentioned or represented in this forum... . Still learning, still reading, still saving up!
  7. Wow!!!!! What a gift!!!!! You are one lucky guy!
  8. Papa

    Colt 7.62 Rifle

    What do you think it will cost?
  9. When will it be available? Any details on accuracy?
  10. Wow, nice. Tell me about the scope and the flash suppressor or muzzle brake, please. Thanks, Papa
  11. I wil definitely revisit the LaRue website. Care to post a pic of that rifle?
  12. 308reloaded, I am looking to reduce recoil with a muzzle brake. I have an old and recurring injury that I am trying to protect. Thanks for your reply, Papa
  13. whoa, nice shootin' there, edgecrusher.
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