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    BPOE organization. Business owner and family man. G kids abound. Christian and conservative views, always. New to the AR world in 2012 and enjoy it more, each time I pick it up. Not new to gunning and I only have cool pieces. (at least what I think are cool) Not much sense in buying junk.

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  1. The conservation club I belong to has 50, 100 and 200. There is a 600 yard range 30 miles from me, but the one I love most is the 600 yard range in the U.P of Michigan. We've been going there for 5 years now and it is a blast. They have every kind of range distance and various targets imaginable. A wonderful 8 to 10 hours of banging steel or paper. Do you guys know how far that 600 yard walk is back and forth on a sand trail, getting attacked by black flies and whatever else, along the way? I take a crap load of targets down there, so the action doesn't have to stop. I'll let other shooters have some fun at my expense. Great times every year!
  2. Under what thread, heading or forum, do I look for rifle maintenance and shop talk? Repairs and such. Typing in "Repairs" "Maintenance" "Service" in the search box brings no useful results. And thanks Edge, for the info.
  3. Had ordered a complete BCG replacement and a maintenance kit of springs for the trigger and lower and now have them. I did not order a new buffer tube spring. Was that a mistake on my part? I sure don't want to have to turn my rifle into a baseball bat when I want it most. Am I looking for problems that are not even there yet, after 1,000 rounds? What say you maintenance gurus? By the way, why is DPMS only offering these types of parts for G II rifles and not my LR308 any longer? Brownells sent them in DPMS packaging.
  4. Well, I hope the factory can resolve this. All of the ones that were bent, are the same brand. PMC 147. That is why I gave credibility to the ammo issue. BUT, all of the weights we threw got stuck. The other cartridges did manage to make it into the chamber, without getting turned sideways and getting destroyed. Still, the bolt lodged against the spent case in the port and didn't lock on to the new cartridge yet. Those cartridges slid in and out of the chamber and rolling them on the bench, didn't show any distortion, so we reloaded the magazine and fired those rounds. It was so annoying to have this happening so often. In 6 hours of shooting, 6 got bent like this and another 10 got stuck. This never happened on the last round, by the way. We were loading 3 or 4 rounds in our mags at a time. Group shots.
  5. Here are 3 pics from this weekend of fun. Lonely walk was taken through a 17 X spotting scope, from the 70's. Once I got that long range stuff figured out, the silhouette pic makes me feel good about 600 yard shots. Thats when banging the gong started. Her POF was the first one we adjusted and she was banging the steel before I got mine adjusted. We had a very knowledgeable guy on the range to help us that day and we kept ammo waste to a minimum. Damn, good shooters are good people to learn from!
  6. Since they are going to take care of it, I won't be tearing it apart Dews. I'd love to answer all of these questions with facts. I hope that they will inform me of what they found.
  7. These all sound like what I am experiencing. Bolt does lock back every time. Spent shell casings literally would fall into a bowl, next to the rifle. It is suppressed. Rifle is going back to Arizona for checking. They can clean the sombitch too! Selling agent is sending back for me. Says the POF's have been flawless for them and it might be an ammo issue. Wait a minute here. I have thrown everything I've got down the barrel. 147, 149, 168 and 175 match grade. All will fail to eject. We were banging 9" steel gongs at 600 yards with ALL of that ammo. Hers just kept jamming. Such a thrill killer. The selling agent said that his, throws the spent shells 4 to 5 feet over his shoulder. This one never did. Always dropped them on the table. I thought it was normal, until the frequency became worse for the jams. Thanks guys.
  8. A friend has a POF upper and barrel in .308 It ejects a spent case, just out of the chamber and in the first hundred rounds, I chalked it up to break in. Now it's almost every other round does not eject fully and the bolt slams the next round sideways and literally bend the bullet. The spent case has not fully come out and is stuck at the front of the port. After that first day, I have not cleaned it for about 200 rounds. This is very disappointing when trying to have some enjoyable range time. Anyone else have POF ejection problems? I could not find much POF info here. My DPMS was run through the same regimen and throws spent cases about 8 feet. This POF kinda dribbles the spent case onto the table. Is this the difference between direct impingement and a piston action? If there is another thread discussing this, let me know where it is please.
  9. KFS Versa Pod quick detach model 51, 7" to 9" Back ordered but seems the right choice for me. Range use and then snap it off and throw it in my backpack or carry bag...........or not. Thanks again board!
  10. I'm a meat and taters guy. I can do this, since I put that swivel post on there. Notice the identical post on the butt stock, in lieu of the sling/strap loop. Detailed pics of previous installs would lessen future mistakes. I hate having to make that statement, "Don't ask me how I know".
  11. Other than it having a bull barrel, your reply makes some sense, since they don't "rail" the bottom of the gas block. I guess I will have to make a custom saddle for the vent tube. Unless there are pictured options on this board.
  12. I would like to attach a bi pod to my DPMS LR308B wit bull barrel and solid free float hand guard. Are there others with this rifle that have had to customize the mounting hardware, to make it functional? The sling bead access is definitely going to be a problem. Are there pictures from you guys with this rifle? Maybe a barrel clamp type bi pod?
  13. Curiosity got the better of me. Here is the end of the shell casing. I'll look inside to see if it has 1 or 2 holes that indicate Boxer VS Berdan. Some interesting history about this on the interwebs. The fact that it is brass is the most important for the wellfare of the feed ramp. The carton as you see above says non corrosive, but I will take that to mean, "Clean your weapon when through". Not a big deal as I like to do this anyway. Nothing like a well oiled machine. If Berdan, into the junk pile of brass I will not use anyway it will go. Thanks guys. I have used this before and it does fire flawlessly. I will be using some tomorrow. Now, about that damned trigger!
  14. I did not open a package as of yet, but am told it is reloadable brass by the gun shop I purchased at. If not, back it will go. I'm not sure when the words, "Keep out of the reach of children" became the norm, but I'm sure it was later than the 70's. We weren't such idiots back then. A lot of things got sorted out naturally.
  15. Has anyone seen these before. Under .50 per round. I can't reload for that, for plinking practice. I opened the actual box and all 200 round packages are hermetically sealed, with no evidence of moisture. I plan to use these in June and before I do, I have to get a new trigger group for my LR308B. The new Nikon scope is amazing, but this trigger makes me wonder what's wrong with me. Shooting groups of 3 at various powers, 2 will be within a half inch, but then 1 will be 2 inches off. This trigger feels like it has 3 gritty stages and other rifles fire effortlessly, in one stage. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the 7 lb pull, but damn, it's almost un-natural. I haven't taken it apart to see if there are rough edges to hone, which I can certainly do. What is best plan?
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