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  1. rck

    Which Geissele?

    This link was nice , http://www.recoilweb.com/ar15triggerguide/.... I had wrote much more but edit destroyed my hard work :P
  2. CMMG is better ... their enhanced trigger nice ..... the worst trigger in any gun I own is a DPMS in their AR 10 platform , one with a solid trigger bow . Long rusty files rubbing together .... Do NOT have any OLD milt. surplus rifles ( have many types ) that have a trigger that horrible .
  3. Will work on getting a pic of the AR 180 , got a chance to try the new toy { very high wind so didn't shoot much } had to back out the adjustment far more than I would have thought so maybe the 24 in barrel doesn't need it as much as I thought or could be every thing is stiff yet .... after zero at 25 yards could dead center the gong at a 100 yards and a cow pie at 85 .. the crap flies from large cal. ;) Way to windy to try paper at distance .
  4. rck


    Looks the same as the one in the video ... with a old Busnell 4X scope on it ... had it a long time , early 80,s traded for it from my brother .. Going to have to learn how to post pics to this sight... see some say no pics didn't happen ... lol
  5. Thanks for the greetings I will add I went with a JP adjustable gas block ... will get to try it out in a few days , weather is crappy right now and need some scope mounting parts ...
  6. Pikers all , 8 lb cans and jugs and many singles , curse of loading many cal. ... being a farm/ranch I am under NO jurisdiction for zoning laws , I know sit a local board .. and what the Ins. Co. doesn't know ..... A lot of Win 748... for 223 and 308
  7. Why I never send in a small order ... wait or go in with a buddy to make shipping cost small in comparison to the total order , even a flat rate $7.00 a order is 10% or more till ya get past $70.00 ....
  8. rck


    I have that gun , made in England and the scope mount that goes with it and ya it does stay zeroed when remove and reattached ... takes 2 or 3 shots to settle in :) And NO it is NOT for sale ..
  9. That one should be served with a side of pork ..... the truth hurts for some .. He makes a good point ....
  10. I should add the DPMS hand guard clears the JP gas block , makes life easier to instal gas tube and modifying the hand guard , being used the sling swivel stud ended up in the 11:30 spot . .... Murphy at work .
  11. Thanks guys , used a chain saw file to take some material off the top { outside } of the hole and that did the trick put the gas tube in a adjustable JP gas block I should now have a upper that works :) I had thought of using a drill bit too ... have number , letter and standard bit sets but the material at the bottom of the hole over the upper threads is very thin , so a little more time with a file and no time spent trying to clean up threads ... A lot of good information on this sight .
  12. On the subject of blocking the mag to make it legal to hunt with , I used a piece of wood that fit lose inside the spring { think shotgun plug } of a M1A/M14 mag . Sanded it smooth worked good . Should add the edges were sanded off a bit so as not to catch on the spring .
  13. It wiil go through the four prongs ... and even through with the barrel nut in place just not when the the barrel nut is tight ...As long as the nut has a little wiggle to it it goes tight and no wiggle a no go . More than likely would have had no problem with a standard barrel nut or shorter length on the DPMS nut it would probably go ... I do think I will be filling or drilling that 1 hole to a bigger diameter.
  14. Yikes & OMG .... buy 1 of each or by a gun for the same price ..? Think I would rathe by gun parts or ammo first ... but if I win the lottery I would ... With 308 do you really need that much ?
  15. I have a problem I have never run into in almost a dozen ar 15 builds . The hand guard ( barrel nut ) is for a DPMS free float ... the one that you can't clock . Cannot get the gas tube to go into the reciever when the barrel nut is tight . A slightly used 24 in DPMS 24 bull barrel with the factory handguard ... so I know it worked one time . I am matting it with a Aero upper , gas tube fits the hole in the upper and slides in through the nut into reciever when lose but as soon as the nut is tightened a no go .... And yes I have tried a little both ways from being perfectly lined up { a little too tight - to lose } I am trying this with the gas tube not attached to the gas block .... and I have a drill blank I use for a gauge that fits , but not the %$#@ gastube . By eye ball when things look perfect left - right it seems the nut hole sits a tiny bit lower than the hole in the reciever . Or to put in another way , it looks like the radius from the bore centerline for the nut is slightly smaller than the radius for the upper reciever gastube hole ... A little file work on the nut should solve this I think , but I thought o run it past some wisdom here before I start carving . I did look around and didn't see my specific problem .. oh for a mil-spec AR 10... lol
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