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  1. I am one that did many things to get the family out into the wild. It was no problem with our 42 boys and the 2 girls, but their Mom wasn't used to not having the comforts of her home. I eased her into it, rented a travel trailer (no Bathroom, but it had a cookstove sink fridge and table) we went to San Antonio for the HemisFair in June of 1968. After that it was a go anywhere bunch. Now after 53 years with me, she can't stand to be hemmed up in any kind of a city or even a town of over 3,000 population.
  2. I use a Cabala shooting bench (without the included threaded front prop) for sitting and clamp a 1"x2" to the place where I need the bipod feet to be, I do use my tip toes and both shoulders in a prone position to load the bipod. It also helps me to also only have the center pad of the trigger finger on the trigger, and the rest of the trigger finger not touching the side of the receiver and softly squeeze the trigger after doing the inhale then let out half of the air., lock the exhale down, squeeze....Blam! More than any thing that will help is to have the proper training from a military rifle instructor to get you in a proper position and attitude to succeed, then practice dry fireing at a target and practice, practice and, practice live fire, then practice more. 50 rounds per sitting is a good amount, you can never practice too much... BUT practicing with bad position, a sorry sight picture,and poor breathing ,and posture are a sure way to become discouraged.
  3. Welcome from the cross timbers area Unforgiven, do you mean a stock tank , an oil tank, or an army tank? I've been to Uvalde several times but from what I remember it is scarce of most kinds of tanks. The Fort Hood area seems the best place to see Army tanks in my area. Midland Odessa is a good place to see oil tanks....We have a lot of stock tanks around here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to this mess, Red Ryder, BTW how is Little Beaver doing now? Hey if you are worried about a hole in a varmint being .065" bigger why don't you just use a .223, I do have an el-cheapo DPMS LR308 Oracle with just a couple of mods. a rubber buttplate a BDC variable scope and a new trigger seem to help it put a .308 hole in a lethal spot of most varmints fairly regular, but it is a bit heavier to carry around than the old .223 Ruger mini-14 I ,also with a BDC scope which I prefer for deer size targets and littler. If you want to cause them less violent trauma type wounds, I recommend a Ruger 10-22 in .22LR if your center-fire is tearing them up too bad. Where are you doing most of your hunting? I don't get to hunt anything much longer than 300 yards, that is because of brush etc., etc. we have a lot of pecan orchards around here.
  4. Well welcome back. Don't reckon I knew you before, I am kinda newbie, only been around since 2014, seems like you have the handle on of doing posting now, that is a lot in my books, missed out on your pics of some really cheap rifle slings, yes they do look kinda cheap, I been buying some of Beech Tacticals homemade stuff, they sure don't look cheap and they really carry the mail here is a pic.
  5. poop MAN! that makes it even scarier anyone actually having enough sense to load a magazine not knowing what is happening , how the hell could he drive to the range and back home, maybe he was shooting in his mom's basement where he has been living ever since he graduated from special education high school?
  6. I do like this one!
  7. I don't blame you for "dropping this" I saw it on Facebook earlier. I really have a problem believing this could actually happen------35 lead (looks like .45 wadcutters), being fired with only primers? and they re-barreled the piece and sent it back ? Warrenty? come on folks! My15 year old teenage son reloaded 50 rounds of .45 semi -wad cutters and entered a pistol Metallica silhouette match in Pampa,Texas back in 1979 and on the second string (pigs) he fired a round with no powder didn't understand what happened and fired the Colt 1911 .45 ACP again, the slide locked back and I had to hammer the slide pin out. the original barrel was bulged about half way down and there were two wad cutter bullets jammed there I drilled them out and kept the barrel for a demonstration item in our club pistol basic course.
  8. You might want to notice that it may have taken many shots and several hold overs ( forward observers directing to hold left 8, hold up 10 . etc.,etc.) We did this in field artillery at 29 Palms with little 105mm towed guns back in the 1960s for ranges in miles, not to mention the 8" guns!
  9. Day in and day out I wear Roundhouse bib overalls: . . . . . Other than that going to town wear is usually Wranglers.
  10. Could this ever happen to you?
  11. A well built revolver is a handy substitute for a blackjack, exsept it is also ready to fire if the dork causing trouble decides to pull a pea-shooter on you. Grandad said that is why Texas Rangers used to carry a 7.5 barreled .45 Peacemaker. (They didn't make a .50 Peacemaker that he knowed of)
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