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  1. Cell phones and most video recording devices filter sounds to prevent extra loud sounds from damaging the device. You could use a decibel measuring device.
  2. ...To the Victor go the spoils!...
  3. Any time we travel we have several bags suitcases and hanging clothes bags. I go down to the lobby and without asking get a baggage cart go to the car, load it up and push in up in the elevator. No one has ever seemed to notice. My wife has a handicap parking permit and we park in a handicap parking space. We only stay in hotels that are pet friendly. People with pets may be considered to be non-security risky. I bet that changes in Vegas.
  4. Okay I saw the mention of lapping, didn't know it wasn't the rings being lapped.
  5. Hell fire bro. They gotta do sump-thin even if they do it wrong!
  6. What distance were you shooting? Did wind add to the 18 inches shift ? WOW that seems a lot of lateral change. Do you use a level while zeroing?
  7. I doubt that any degree of accuracy was a factor a spray of bullets as many possible in a short amount of time was the goal of this killer the elevated shooting position also indicates this supposition.
  8. This guy is dead now but I didn't kill him. He went on the Gravey Train dog food diet and it contributed to his death, he was laying in the street licking his dick when a truck ran over him. Ha!
  9. Back in the day our equipment operators used a large bench grinder with a wire wheel to polish rust off of oilfield bullet perforating guns and sometimes would get steel particles and wire pieces in their eye. We had a large electromagnet to magna-flux well casing. I would slip it over the guy's head and flip the switch on and off you could hear the metal hit the magnet and that almost always cleared up the eye problem. An eye wash completed the treatment.
  10. One thing to remember is that a lot, probably a majority of folks that show up on forums are looking to get a problem solved, most that have well functioning rifles just don't bother to say that every thing is okay. If you already have the piece lube it up and do the break in and then you will know for yourself good, bad or ugly.
  11. Here is what I found: U.S. military[edit] The Cavalrymen's Poem, also entitled "Fiddlers' Green" was published in the U.S. Army's Cavalry Journal in 1923 and became associated with the 1st Cavalry Division.[9] The name has had other military uses. Many places associated with the U.S. Military have been named Fiddler's Green: The U.S. Marine Corps operates Firebase Fiddler's Green in the heart of the Helmand River Valley, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. An artillery Fire Support Base in Military Region III in Vietnam in 1972, occupied principally by elements of 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry The U.S. Navy's enlisted men's club in Sasebo, Japan from 1952 to 1976 The cavalryman's poem about Fiddler's Green is the regimental poem of the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The enlisted men's club at Bainbridge Naval Training Center An informal bar at the Fort Sill Officers' Open Mess The stable and pasture used by Parsons Mounted Cavalry, a cadet group at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas A bar at the Saber & Quill in Fort Knox, Kentucky The larger of the two bars at the Leader's Club at Fort Benning, Georgia Building 2805 at Fort Hood, Texas, the former Officers Club A small E-club on the U.S. Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton in area 43 (Las Pulgas) The base pub at the Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, CA Former dining facility used by 2nd Cavalry Regiment at Fort Polk, LA An artillery only pub for the 10th Marine Regiment, Camp Lejeune, NC Now we have had our military trivial historical and Poetry class for today, enjoy!
  12. Any of you old dog faces mechanized ever heard or seen this poem? Fiddlers Green, Halfway down the trail to Hell in a shady meadow green, are the Souls of all dead troopers camped near a good old-fashion canteen, and this eternal resting place is known as Fiddlers' Green. Marching past, straight through to Hell, the Infantry are seen, accompanied by the Engineers, Artillery and Marine, for none but the shades of Cavalrymen dismount at Fiddlers' Green. Though some go curving down the trail to seek a warmer scene, no trooper ever gets to Hell ere he's emptied his canteen and so rides back to drink again with friends at Fiddlers' Green. And so when man and horse go down beneath a saber keen, or in a roaring charge fierce melee you stop a bullet clean, and the hostiles come to get your scalp, just empty your canteen and put your pistol to your head and go to Fiddlers' Green.