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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. Hey, do you mean nobody has done a .17 HRM? OOps, my bad: Did somebody say an AR .squirrelly gun? Check it out here: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2011/11/14/alexander-arms-17-hmr/ Alexander Arms .17 HMR
  2. Well DNP, I could have deserved killing a couple of times in the 54 years, and crazy old me, I even taught her to shoot and drug her off to the NRA Whittington Ranch in Raton back in 1977 and she came out a NRA Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor. She is deadly with her old Model 1908 Colt 32ACP.
  3. Wow, I just spent a hour looking up parts for my wife's Poulan Pro walk behind mower. I got a good deal, bought it almost new, The parts should get here in a couple of days ala USPS and RFD. It got where the battery wouldn't hold a charge so I took it in the shop cleaned it up of spider webs and durt. . Found the parts I need on Amazon, Surprised me too ordered a new battery $21, a new primer bulb and air cleaner, spark plug. After all I can't afford to get up and keep running outside and start the engine every time she let's go of the safety bar that kills the engine. I mean after all I bought her a nice self-propelled electric start 22" mower, so she wouldn't have to quit mowing before this only acre and a half gets over a beer can high. I think she really appreciates me doing stuff for her, anyhow she has stayed with me for 54 years thru thick and thin and 4 kids all grown and have kids of their own now. I reckon I am a lucky old codger, after all. Praise the Lord.
  4. ARMOR-ALLs ? Like: I OKAY got it!. . . I once ArmorAlled the seat of my Cessna and had a hard time applying the toe brakes, taxied off into the grass.
  5. These do look like adequate Iron Back Up Sights..... Yes, All of us Marines did and do qualify out to 500 Yds. with Iron sights, most do so in Boot camp at the age of 17 to a few as old as I was (22 years old I turned 23 during my 2nd week in MCRD, after college, back in 1960) after 30 or so years later many have eyesight not quite so good. I still can see thru iron sights out to about 300 Yards on a nice sunny day. However, I may not be the everyday normal old guy, My problem isn't just vision but mainly mobility. Optics are the chosen sights for Marine, Army, Navy and Air Force Sniper teams. Just thought I should even up the subject at hand....Shooting with a rifle. **** BTW I forgot to say Marines at the Boot Camp practice, Pre-Quals and Qual day have a crew in the butts Marking and scoring their targets so that the shooters can see where they hit the targets with their neck-id eyes at the 200, 300 and 500 yard lines.
  6. Yeah or just leave it hooked to the prime mover for sleeping, you can't beat that price for any kind of a trailer larger than a lawn cart. Travel trailer leveling jacks (aluminum are not that expensive either. $45 at Amazon, for 4 of them. these are handy for other things too.
  7. mrmackc


    This looks good but in Texas we all gotta have DESERT!
  8. My Bad for a while I thought you were chatting about AIR pistols. . .DUUUHH!
  9. mrmackc


    AMEN on the RIBEYES! Clubs (beef tenderloins) porterhouses and even T-bones!
  10. mrmackc


    That is funny, because in Texas we began smoking brisket as a substitute for barbecued rump and pike peak beef roasts that became very expensive. It was a few pros that pioneered making the cheapest cut of beef tender and delicious, now brisket has become high dollar beef, because of it's popularity.
  11. Another factor in Self Selection is in where you chose to live, free state or otherwise. The problem comes with those that falsely believe that they are more wise than their neighbor , therefore they should control how their more tolerant , less well educated, less intelligent. . . . (In their flawed opinion) neighbor behaves. example :Left wing Democrats, Socialists, Muslims, Communists. New York City idiots. IMHO, . . . . .or maybe I am just one of those XYZhomoomniphobics that cling to their Bibles, Guns, and Liberty for all,etc., etc.....
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