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  1. Texas style Nitrous assist!
  2. Quite True! these Mickey Mouse made LR .308s ain't anything like a M14 or M1A, I have both and each shoots well WITH the RIGHT .308 Win or NATO 7.62 rounds , whichever Caliber they are. I like a 145 Gr in the LA.308 and the 168 Match in the M1A N.M. By the way many of us put together a LR308 from a multitude of vendors reminds me of . . . . One Piece at a Time Johnny Cash Well, I left Kentucky back in forty nine An' went to Detroit workin' on a 'sembly line The first year they had me puttin' wheels on Cadillacs Every day I'd watch them beauties roll by And sometimes I'd hang my head and cry 'Cause I always wanted me one that was long and black. One day I devised myself a plan That should be the envy of most any man I'd sneak it out of there in a lunchbox in my hand Now gettin' caught meant gettin' fired But I figured I'd have it all by the time I retired I'd have me a car worth at least a hundred grand. I'd get it one piece at a time And it wouldn't cost me a dime You'll know it's me when I come through your town I'm gonna ride around in style I'm gonna drive everybody wild 'Cause I'll have the only one there is around. So…
  3. FF I'm sorry but I couldn't jest let this thread quietly slip by Help needed with feeding problems But when I have a bad day and have feeding problems I am apt to put a nice briskit with some special rub and a couple of tatters and corn on the cob on the GMG and go inside and pop a cap or two, on a cold brewski, that is!😝🎸
  4. Kinda looks like you haven't been spending A LOT of time SURVEYING out in the outdoors, Bro! . . . Well not enough time out surveying!
  5. In the spring of 1960, I had one experience with flip-flops, in USMC boot camp at MCRD in San Diego we were issued rubber shower shoes (Flip-flops) and during a double time to the shower and head a dork behind me got out of step and stepped on my flip flop with the big toe and the one seperated by a rubber strap, pulled the rubber strap dick head thru the sole of the flip- flop out and almost broke both toes! Since then I have never attempted to wear a flip-flop or any footwear with a strap separating my big toes or the one next to it, It just ain't possible to get one on either of my feet! Also it made not wearing socks a NO NO for me.
  6. Yeah, but wearing Flip-Flops? That is a No, No!
  7. It sounds like the words to an old Gene Autry song.
  8. Good one Magwa, this is what I call "the ladder test"to verify a rifle scope setup for distance be sure you use the same rounds you intend to use for long range. There are more than one type of Ladder Tests. Another one is used to find the best powder load for long range shooting. It involves loading at least 3 rounds of ammo with the same brass and bullet but varry the powder in .5 grain such as: 3 rounds with 36grain of 4064, 3 rounds with 36.5 grain, 3 rounds of 37 grains, etc.,etc. Using the same aiming point. There are probably several other ladder tests possible, but the commonality is changing the variant in equal steps using the same aiming point to establish a ladder step pattern of data to use.
  9. A very good video, but maybe I missed something, "The Ladder Testing for reloading" Maybe one of you modern long range shooters would explain how to do a proper long range cartridge reloading Ladder Test. I know how, but I am not really into long range shooting (over 500 yds).
  10. They never thought one of their former mechanics would do this, at home!: BTW it is really unsafe doing mechanic work in Flip-Flops !
  11. This borescope works good for me, connected to my Windows 10 laptop. The probe and mirror is only .20" in diameter, the semi rigid cable is 40" long, the LED lights are adjustable and can be turned off, since they do heat up the probe when on high. The 45 degree mirror is attached by threads and can be screwed in or out to adjust the focus to fit the gun bore from.22 to .50 cal rifles. It should work on shotguns too It comes in a black foam padded manila cardboard box that is 8 3/4" X 9" and 1 3/16" thick the 40" rigid cord and the connecting coil coil up nicely in the box. the cord will fit several sizes USB computer and smartphone connectors, The description on Amazon is right on, no surprises here. You can also see these on Teslong's website. I ordered mine from the Teslong store on Amazon. It was direct shipped from Teslong. It worked well to inspect the gas port on my .308 you can really see the condition of the rifling, and chambers. I also used it to check the bore rifling and breech plug condition of my 40 year old CVA 32" .50 muzzleloader. It was well worth the $50 to me since I do have Amazon Prime with the free shipping it came by USPS.
  12. Yesterday I received a new toy in the mail. Every once in a while I have wanted to lok inside a rifle or shotgun bore and see if there is a bad place or something i just am curious about. I looked on several vendors for a camera borescope. I found several for $500, 4400 dollars . Then I went to guess where? ..Amazon, found one for $49.95 shipping included. It is a TESLONG Professional borescope. Got it in on a 2 day shipping. It is a plug and play on Windows 10, which I do have a couple of them. hooked the thing up went to CAMERA her is the info from AMAZON: Sorry I can't copy and paste pics like we could before the site was updated. Teslong Rifle Bore Scope, 0.2inch Gun Barrel Borescope Camera with Side-View Mirror and Semi-Rigid Cable, for Windows, Mac and Android Smartphone
  13. Welcome from a like-minded Texas old codger, kinda from the cross plains, boonies. (Comanche County)
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