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  1. Okay, Matt, thanks for that factual? explanation!
  2. Just maybe he wants a barrel that can be bent to shoot around the corner?
  3. Just because 98 says : " This needs to be pinned... <lmao> " Dickfinity years ago don't mean SCHIDT....does it? Whatever happened to FaRKle! Anyway?
  4. I think I'll try this variety pack next Complete Mission Fuel Kit Coffee Rounds for Single Serve Coffee Brewers 48 pack.
  5. Any body beside me still drinking Black Rifle Coffee? I use the Keurig Pods (AK47) blend.
  6. I like it...I really like it!!! (even if it was done in 2010) Thanks 392 Hemi !!!
  7. I did a search for DPMS Oracle and saw this thread, I really didn't want to start a new thread, Okay? I did have a problem posting a picture so first I posted it on the FB page and then linked to that page. I wish that there was a way to post a picture here without having to use a URL. I don't know how to upload an image directly from a windows 10 file. Maybe someone will PM me how to do that, hint, hint..... When I tried to copy and paste I got this rude message! LOL Ala: You cannot paste images directly. Upload or insert images from URL.
  8. The pickup was parked forward from me at a slight angle, just enough to use the right side red reflector, the laser showed up nice and bright even in bright sunlight. I have found that any reflective material extends the range of visibility of a laser. I think a taillight reflector is made to reflect a wide lateral area, SAFETY FIRST, you know. I have a Crimson Trace set of green grips on my 1911 Govt. model 45 ACP and a red laser on my Ruger .380 that led me to seek out a reflective spot. Kind of like seeking out a available WI FI hot spot.
  9. Picture of my LR308 Oracle after I changed the scope mounts to a lower mount. I raised my Site -N-Clean with a couple of 4x4 blocks in order to get the muzzle above the window sill so that I can use the cartridge style laser to bore sight the new mounting job. The neighbors GMC tail lights are a good reflector for the Laser at 50 Yards BTW the set of Green Blob Outdoors Iron Sights Match Grade Model 4/15 Rear & High Profile Front Sight Gas Block, DPMS Oracle are the only ones I have found that work right on the LR308 Oracle (GenI) at Amazon.com
  10. For such a hypothetical question don't rely on any of us to give you the answer that you are looking for , just go buy several of those "smallframe AR10, LR308s and prove to us you are right and a really smart guy, OKAY?
  11. mrmackc


    Like the gal said "The steak tastes the same, the fuel don't make it taste better, the cow and the cook is what counts!" The bad thing about your reply,Wash, is you only noticed the mention of the Power Smokeless Grill. You didn't mention the use of the grill mats to simplify grilling. Or the fact that that there is a better way to boresight a rifle. Charcoal and wood fuel for cooking went out of date in Texas with the production of natural gas, propane and the introduction of alternating current electricity for home and commercial cooking. Anyone that shoots a gas operating semi automatic firearm and cooks with wood pellets controlled by WI FI suggests being. a bit of a oxymoron. Have a good weekend and grill some cow meat and smoke up your neighborhood
  12. mrmackc


    I don't remember any discussion on using copper colored grill mats on this forum. I have been using them on my gas grill and my GMG Davy Crockett pellet smoker/grill. I like them for burgers, steaks and veggies to both keep the small pieces from falling through. They come in a pack of five . Today I decided to fit them to my new Power Smokless grill I got for Christmas. I set the grill plate over one, marked around it with a Sharpie and cut it to shape with scissors, folded it down the center and cut three diamond shaped holed in the center to let the juices and grease drain down into the drip pan. The mats are 15 x 13 inches and the Powers Smokeless Grill plate is about 9 x 14.5 inches so I had a 4 x 15 strip left over. I use several different Laser Boresighters, a couple of cartridge shaped ones for rifles that you can't take the bolt out and look thru the bore to bore-site the sights with, and one that fits in the muzzle. If any of you have done this you know a laser dot is hard to see against a paper target anywhere over 40 or 50 yards . You don't really need a target just set the rifle boresight laser on an object and then adjust the sight to the laser dot. Well the rest of the story is I discovered that the copper grill mat is a good reflector for the laser boresighter. I have been using the taillights of my neighbors GMC pickup truck's taillight reflectors when he parks it in his driveway 75 yards behind my shop window. It is a good thing to laser boresight on, except sometimes he goes to work when I need a good reflector. From now on I will tape a copper grill mat to a target frame and use it for a reflector, I'll just make a cross on it with black plastic tape for a good target point. BTW the BBQ sauce brushes come with the 5 grill mats for $12.97 at AMAZON BONEY APPATITE!
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