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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. mrmackc

    Feed ramp Question

    Yep, ARs don't like dem softees
  2. mrmackc

    Some meat for the freezer

    WOW I never et a rat or possom that big! Bon- Appitite!
  3. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

  4. mrmackc

    Independence Day vs. July 4th

    I don't care about all this patriotic political $hit Chuck, Just give me several hotdogs with onions cheese and mustard a Qt. of Keystone beer and tune in the baseball game on ESPN...,! Happy Birthday America, I hope Thrump don't cut off my food stamps and shut off my Obama cell fone.
  5. mrmackc

    Funny thing happened coming home from work...

    Sunshine calls all 4 legged felines Kitty Cats. She don't like any of them.
  6. mrmackc

    Independence Day vs. July 4th

    I don't have a problem of calling Independence Day "The Fourth of July" because I know what is really meant by either name and I reckon it has been that a-way for my whole lifetime. It ain't just firecracker day. but also Bombs Bursting in Air day Happy Independence Day....Happy Birthday America!
  7. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

    This is a bad-ass video:
  8. mrmackc

    CDNN sale

    CDNN in Abilene has a AR parts sale that ends Thursday.....carbine buffer for. $5.99
  9. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

    It would be interesting to know"The rest of the story"on this old mystery.
  10. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

    If there had of been any of the Nitro still in the wrappers you would have prolly have developed a splitting headache after smelling the nitroglycerine in the dynamite . probably had been exposed to the elements of the woods for many years. Was there any evidence of mining operations or stump removal in the near area?
  11. mrmackc

    Funny thing happened coming home from work...

    I ate some once, cooked over a camp fire, back when the NRA Whittington Ranch was a primitive camping area, it didn't really taste like chicken. Quite bony and greasy. Would kill one and eat it if I really needed to eat something........
  12. You could go to Amazon.com search and type in : sling swivels. There are several pages of swivels
  13. When I bought my new in the box DPMS LR 308 Oracle at a Local gun shop, back in 2014, I asked the shop owner to install a front sling swivel, he removed the handguards and screwed in a QD sling swivel into the rifle, detached the QD swivel and replaced the handguards, I had never owned a LR308 before that.
  14. mrmackc

    Help me Find a Short 308 AR FF Handguard

    Let us know what you find out, I have a LR308 Oracle that has the high gas block that could use a new handguard, however the original has been okay so far. I really haven't been "into the free floating handguards" before.
  15. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I knew a Corpsman like that once!