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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    I love people that keep and love "Man's Best Friends!" Police Dawg! she turns Nine this month.
  2. Pic Of The Day 2

    I came home today to find my two AR15s unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen. I’m so proud of them. Raise them right and they won’t harm anyone.
  3. BAD Gas Cylinder lock wrench

    Do you have a preferred vendor for this wrench?
  4. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    Yes and coaches, technical subject teachers and administrators, along with classroom teachers would be employees that could be easily trained. since their classroom duties can be augmented with several periods of alternate duties. There could be a rotational duty plan to encourage not having the same teachers armed every week.
  5. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    Yep, I think you will live longer if you are cautious and wary of your so called health care provider. Getting old is not for the timid or naive.
  6. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    We don't teach about good and evil or about consequences of doing evil acts. Our punishments for murder aren't really punishments. Back in the day murderers were tried one day and executed the next day. Preachers and school teachers taught that if you killed someone you would be killed and burn in Hell for eternity. Now you are locked up, fed, clothed, in a climate controlled cell with TV, computer access, good medical care. Many states with death penalty don't execute before 15 years. Hardly anyone believes there is a God, a devil or a Hell. Kill a bunch of students and become famous.
  7. Grilling

    Hope all that sweet stuff don't make you sick, and Here I am eating Post Toasties..... just jealous.
  8. Is Colt Ar worth the added expense?

    It means you have a mess.....
  9. Anyone have one of these Turkeys?

    I thought it was a good price for a 1911 specially with all the features of this turkey bird. I did notice in the fine print it says FINISH =BLACK and barrel length =4 inches BTW I sure like the green laser grips I put on my old Colt 70 series. This pistol is only a C bill above the cost of the new green Crimson Trace laser grips, I reckon the "Batteries for life" is what drives up the cost....LOL.
  10. Not from Texas but Texans are ok with me

    I attended several hockey games back in the 1980s in Amarillo. of course all of we did stand for the National Anthem, Back then before Obumma we didn't know that we were racist just being white and black americans, now it is monkey see, monkey do.
  11. Not from Texas but Texans are ok with me

    Nope, we aren't much for ice skating fighting! it is right up there with ice fishing for alligators. we have two MLB teams , ever heard of The Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros?
  12. Anyone have one of these Turkeys?

    ZENITH ZIG M45 45ACP HOLSTER & 3 MAGAZINES Manufacturer: ZENITH FIREARMS Model: M45 MPN: TIZM450045BK Caliber: 45 ACP Capacity: 8 SKU: ZENTIZM450045BK UPC: 851278006146 In Stock: 11 units $369.99 Details ZENITH ZIG M45 45ACP Action: Single Action 1911 - Series 80 • Finish: Black • Barrel Length: 4" Bushingless Design• Sights: Dovetail 3-Dot • Magazine(s): Three 8-Round • Grips: Checkered Walnut • Weight: 2.13 lbs. • Overall Length: 7.64" • MSRP: $549 Features: Ambidextrous Safety, Steel Frame & Slide, Beavertail Grip Safety, Dovetail 3-Dot Sights, 4" Stainless Barrel All Zenith M45 pistols include a rugged plastic carry case, a factory cleaning kit, manual, a keyed cable lock, three magazines and a 1-year warranty. +Add to Wishlist Email to a Friend You May Also Be Interested In ZENITH ZIG M45 45ACP STAINLESS $439.99 ZENITH MC28SA COMPACT 9MM $279.99 ZENITH MC28SA 9MM $279.99
  13. Not from Texas but Texans are ok with me

    I am not sure about ALL Texans either but I am sure about some guy that will eat a chicken outta a can! Welcome from central Texas, anyone ready for some BASEBALL?