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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. So You didn't think the shoe one was FUNNY? How about this one? . . . . .
  2. I knew there was a reason I didn't buy pink tenny-shoes!
  3. We have so many wind generators in Texas and they blew that storm East and North.
  4. A little cookie monster humor for the day!
  5. .22 LR , .22mag. .223, 3030, 308, 3006, .50 BP muzzle loader .410, 20ga, 12 ga, 32acp,380,38sp, 9MM,,357mag,.40,.45 3/8" ball bearings. (sling shot) K-Bar, tomahawk, crossbow could be considered. I learned to scatter stuff around from a moonshiner uncle in Missouri, he kept qt. jars of white lightning scattered in the woods, hid in leaves and under rocks, he said "Jest in case!" Is anyone keeping dynamite, c4, det. cord and blasting caps ?....Why not?
  6. What Brand of mower is this?
  7. You could post the make and model of that "Bad Boy" ZTR mower and get boo-kozes of advise, probably the electric clutch or the switch that kicks the blade clutch out when you try to mow in reverse, just guessing.. . . or you could use the manual's steamatic diagrahm to troubleshoot the dang problemo, like I do.
  8. I have a set of Rt angle mirrors for my Teslong borescope I just screw them on or off to get a good focused picture on my PC monitor or laptop, I haven't needed to use it on the Iphone. Teslong Mirrors Set for Rifle Borescope, Only NTG Barrel Bore Scope, with 5mm, 7mm, 8.3mm and 12mm Diameter, Fit .22.308.38.50 and More Calibers Barrel
  9. Magwa, I think we got the good ones, accuracy improved after I added a Drop in trigger , (could have just been me), the one that was sponsored here on the site.several years ago. I never have shot any of the 168 rounds specially marked for the M1A, The ones I bought in Bulk I think they are LC FMJs shoot so good I haven't shot any others, My Bushnell BDC scope is right on after being zeroed at 100 yards. I have only shot to 300 Yds. I considered it basically a short to medium range carbine truck and UTV piece. I kind of replaced my old (pre 1950) Winchester 94 in 3030 truck gun,. with the Lr308 Oracle..
  10. I have a DPMS Oracle LR308, It was manf. in 2014 and is before there was a designated Gen I or a Gen II and it was a cheap entry level LR308, bought it new from DPMS for around $700 out the door, sold without any sights ,no front swivel and a standard FCG . With a D ring set of plastic handguards, and flashguard with 16.5" barrel Which is what I wanted. I added a rubber buttstock recoil pad from Amazon, a cheap Bushnell 308BDC scope on some low mounts and rings. It shoots 147 Gn Federal ammo ok but isn't close to my M1A NM 308. I wouldn't give over $800 for a new one out of the box.
  11. Looks kinda like one of my 4 bandAids and a wad of paper towel, and a bungy cord tourniquet job get-it-done-now! honey doos projects. If you live as long as I have you will get used to seeing blood flow and skin torn off a lot. I was a Boy Scout back 70 years ago, passed my First Aid merit badge, and learned to yell CORPSMAN ! in the USMC. Wish I had the services of a good Corpsman, around here, but the only one I know was a Xray picture taker guy, He is Absolutely useless for flowing blood or torn off skin. My wife is almost as good as I am if I can't reach the point of injury.
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