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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. It It isn't a lot of work or much time. Just something that needs to happen if you want to save time and money without a trip to the range.
  2. Do you not have a way to boresight the Rifle? If not, you can remove the rear assmbly pin tilt the stock and lower down , remove the bolt group and observe an object (like the top of a telephone pole) out past 30 yards or 25 meters by looking down the bore and without moveing the upper set the scope or iron sights dead onto the object you observed by eyeballing thru the bore and adjust the sights centered over the object observed thru the bore . you will be kind of boresighted.
  3. organic Deco-dildo. . . .
  4. mrmackc


    We used to tape our britches legs down and wear a big dog flea collar on each leg
  5. Just saying, after some real experiences with relatives with dementia, may have been Alztimers, or OldTimers, whichever it is. Maybe there is a kind of connection God has with these folks that us unaffected don't know about, anyway it is something to think about.
  6. mrmackc


    Looks like one of them waterdogs , and a black snake we used to see up on the Eleven Point and Current rivers in Missourie. They made good fish bait, so my uncle said. I bet the ticks are thick too.
  7. Probably would work on a mad Teddy Bear but most bears attack with a swipe of a paw and claws before biting . . . Tell him to double up on the Glock 10mm have one in each hand..... and also have a sack of ham sammiches to throw to the bear or maybe use a couple of fire arrows, that may be more effective on a bear than pistol bullets. Better yet don't hunt in bear country unless he is hunting bear. Been there won't want to do it again.
  8. Buy another and bigger gun safe! It is easier than selling something you may need later.
  9. Yeah, you wanna see the xrays of my iron plated 4 piece femur? Sorry they are REDACTED
  10. mrmackc


    You are kinda right Shepp, maybe if you start eatin' right and watching your six you will one day become one of us good ols dang computer where did that s get in old for?.guys, good luck! Oh by the way, I usually get up late enough to just have coffee with a nice lunch. 😋
  11. That roughing crap was okay when We were young folks with four kids but us older folks like to have a roof over head, a gas stove and a fridge, not to mention a queen bed and a indoor bathroom. Besides it keeps me and wife together, along with our guard dog.
  12. mrmackc


    Hell, WASH with all this tootie-fruittie beer these Great Lakes Coast dudes are drinking, no telling how they are liable to cook their hog meat! LOL
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