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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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    Good reviews on AMAZON and is $234 !
  2. Just a bit of real history....
  3. Could be, I've never been to England! But I have got some telephone calls from what looks to be Calcutta, and I recently heard a lot of whinning from Martha's Vineyard.
  4. Are you sure the Narrator wasn't doing the audio from a den in Calcutta, or maybe from Martha's Vineyard?
  5. Yes it is on Kindle books store for $11.99 Electronic version, Tom, did you find what you needed?
  6. Amazon Kindle has this electronic version for $3.99.
  7. No full autos for me a waste of too much ammo, 6 shots from a pump action 12 Ga or a semi auto and the old Winchester model 94 and a 1911.45 auto will will do anything I need done at close range and my LR 308 and my M1 A will do for reach out there and whack someone.
  8. We all have that "special "kind of friend.
  9. Sounds like those vermin got what was coming to them, sorry that it came at probably a worth while monetary expense.
  10. Under indictment for? but not proven guilty by a trial of his peers?
  11. This is kind of like many of the Pro-Abortion activists yelling for Abortions to be free to everyone, I don't think most of the ugly, misshaped ones will ever have a condition that needs an abortion
  12. This is what I call close, a zero minutes set of mounting rings, which works for me, as I use a 3006 bolt action for longer distance than 400 yards.
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