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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. That is what we do, it is a man thang , so says my wife, of course there some worser thangs, like for instance , a woman thang!. We live and learn. We expect to pay more and therefore get better stuff, but sometimes it is the S.O.S (same old Stuff) just sold by a glib tongued a$$hole... so live and learn, another man's thang....... Welcome to the forum, we all have one thang in common, or maybe several thangs in common......
  2. mrmackc

    PA10 whirlwind

    Yep, like Shepp says, and it is too bad that you are only 30 and you lost your memory, a mind is something bad to lose, Maybe you can get better. Stay out of the sun.
  3. mrmackc

    12ga AR's

    I really don't see how the Remington 1100 or Ithaca 51 action with a detachable mag or the original tube be bested without a bunch of investment cash. (why re-invent the wheel?)
  4. They probably wouldn't be able to collect the life insurance if they murder you and mutilate your body! LOL
  5. mrmackc

    How wet is "wet"?

    "I would think" ....could that be a WAG about doing break in on a LR 308, or do you have good documentation , like from the manufacture?
  6. mrmackc

    Texas high school shooting

    The Feds aren't going to stop these school shootings their policies are one primary cause. Give the schools back to the locals let them sink of swim.
  7. You will probably just have two grieving widows.
  8. A new proposed regulation announced this week by the Department of State could alleviate the massive annual registration fee that has for years kept small gunsmiths and FFLs out of business. The regulatory amendment would transfer defense articles to the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce if they are not inherently for military end use and are widely available in retail outlets. The change would remove the annual $2,250 fee required by the Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Control (DDTC), which the Obama administration imposed on gunsmiths who “manufacture” firearms and ammunition. In 2012 the Obama administration stepped up enforcement of a regulation that required firearm and ammunition manufacturers to register with the DDTC under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Because they said that even small gunsmiths engage in activities that are regulated under the ITAR. Many of these small shops closed down because they couldn’t afford the annual registration fee along with compliance costs. Now the Trump administration’s Department of State is looking to revise these regulations by transferring items currently listed in the United States Munitions List and controlled by the ITAR to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which is controlled by the Department of Commerce. These items include non-automatic and semi-automatic firearms and ammunition, as well as their related parts and services. This is good news for gunsmiths because the Department of Commerce does not impose a registration requirement for the manufacture of controlled items and there is no annual fee.
  9. mrmackc


    Sometime try the fish filigrees at Chicken Express
  10. mrmackc

    I know... I know...

    I agree that training should be actual "hands on weapons with live ammo" and many repetitions. I did training for Equipment Operators and the trend toward computers and simulators isn't doing the job. I see too much pilot training being relegated to sims. You need to get actual training in the air, a sim crashes and burns, no sweat just reset ,laugh and go again, that ain't how it works in the air, you crash and burn you are DEAD!. The same way in the Combat Forces .
  11. mrmackc


    Looks like you have plenty of room. Do you use timed cooking or meat temp cooking?
  12. mrmackc

    Pic Of The Day 2

  13. mrmackc

    How wet is "wet"?

    A couple of your items pictured need to be put back where they came from, don't waste the slickidy stuff!
  14. mrmackc


    OKAY, I'll PM you when I get the funds allocated, my banker is celebrating today,