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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. Git on FakeBook.COM and do some high powered fibbing!
  2. mrmackc


    Hey! An ARrow 38 special! I like it!
  3. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, reincarnated and packing in the 21st century .....Maybe Dean will sing a new song!
  4. Sure as hell worked for me! I was hesitant about owning a "Matel it's swell" smoke pole anyway ! If I had put one together without taking the factory job all apart I would have missed a few critical points, "Take it apart see why it farts" is my moto.
  5. What is this a dope sub being loaded/unloaded? Saw this a while ago, didn't register, back then.
  6. 98Z5V would that be the 5/32" or the 3/16"? that seems to work best? I have both sizes.
  7. I'm another serving from after Korea and before Nam (1960 - 1966) Don't bother me that I missed out on Nam, I could see what was coming, several of my fellow Marines needed a job so they re-upped, I was lucky that I had a good job. When the recruiting Sgt. asked me what I wanted from the USMC in January 1966 I replied "My ass out". Never regretted getting out, but those six years taught me a lot about life and being a survivor. I also saw the VA kill several of the old WWII and Korea vets, I said Piss on the VA, I'll just pay my own way. It was bad during the late 60s, 70s and 80s and the VA could still be better for vets. just my 2 cents.
  8. here is a link to an article related to the Gray Man concept: https://www.offgridweb.com/preparation/threat-perception/
  9. mrmackc


    I made a sifter out of 1.5" PVC pipe and 1/2"hail screen, that I had left over from making tomato cages to keep the birds out of my tomato vines several years ago. I put it over a "2 wash tub to do the sifting of a lot of stuff.
  10. Okay by me, challenging one's Manhood or false comments upon your reputation are something that raises those hairs on the back of your neck, rightly so.
  11. That is it , Fuk it I'm done.
  12. No, No Let to me only meant that it was where some turds could get access to it., and either tow it away or haul it off in a lift bed wrecker, because you were gone, and I didn't mean you set it up, or allowed it to be stolen, I know better than that! I reckon I do use words different than you do. no insult intended, How about forgive me?
  13. Let it be stolen, just meant what happened, you can't always prevent some prick stealing something. I know guy It is a helpless feeling when you discover stuff gone while you are at work. I have been there while living at Midland, I shouldn't have rattled your alarm. you I know that you never let them do it. Hell they know that you when you had to be gone. I had a tool box grabbed sitting at the in the driveway next to the garage door while I went thru the house to open the garage door. Many of the thieves have a shopping list of what the Smug Drugglers want. I caught a couple of them at 0300 going up and down the alley behind my alley shop stealing pickup trucks in alley entrance garages and shops. My dog had heard them the night before while I was sanding on my old 51 Chevy Belaire, so I set up behind a dumpster and grabbed them when they shined a light on my unlocked shop door. They were in a van full of break in in tools and they had a notebook with Dodge and Ford 4x4 pickups needed by that Friday morning for their weekend warrior mule buddies. They were bailed out of jail before my cop friend and I got back home. Hell they would even steal concrete yard ornaments and lawn mowers in broad daylight while honest folks were at work.
  14. Not only in tracking, but in doing a effective recon or investigation, Look for what ain't exactly right! of course you first have gotta know what exactly right is, it is a full time search to find out what is right and what ain't.
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