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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. 💗🖤💙💛💕...........
  2. Nobody can be 100% sure, but once upon a time I spent the night with a young Sasquash buxon gal (her dad captured me while I was goat hunting) I spent the night with her and when I awoke the next morning, she had left, taking my back pack, but leaving me a raw somewhat roasted goat sammich for breakfast, never have seen hide nor hair of her since.....
  3. hell....my grandfather Might have been close to some of you old boys. ,,,,yep, we could be ,......Whippersnapper enjoy your youth while you can, take a few risks, you never know what the future holds. If I would have known what was a head for me, I might of even inhaled some of that stuff I shied away from, might of even went to T-town and got the clap a time or two., instead of having to drive other Marine grunts to Balboa Park Navy hospital for their V.D. shots.
  4. Police dawg don't like them aerial bombs a neighbor shoots off either, they are drunk and disorderly and shooting fireworks in a no,no area, a few ,308 rounds rhru their trees usually puts a stop to their foolishness.
  5. Happy Birthday You youngsters, from an old Brown shoe Marine!
  6. mrmackc


    Waddnt any left to share, and I don't like leftovers.
  7. Me : "Mama,....Does this big old gun make me look Fat?" Mama: "No Mack... your broad ass and big belly makes you look Sweet!"
  8. Mess with this kitty-cat at your own risk....
  9. Thanks for the link Doc, another part of Texas History not taught in our public schools, but should be taught. I understand the importance of preserving these sites, some bunch of snowflakes probably would like to see much of our history eliminated.
  10. Do a search on Amazon for Recoil Pad for 6 Position Stock there are several listed from $8.55 up
  11. So does mine. . . . .
  12. You can get the jake leg, foam at the mouth, crave water, shidt your pants, turn yellow , get night shakes, and go deaf, and plumb blind. other than that you will be fine after eating Sweet Sue canned chicken. ....Oh by the way you can get it from AMAZON as soon as it becomes available again, It is said to cure the Chinese virus in one day, You will die before the virus get's a chance at you. I heard this from a reliable source at the local Tractor Supply.
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