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    between the sticker patch and the oil patch
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    Bible, bullet shooters, airplanes with propellers and quantum physics

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  1. With sleepy, sloppy old Joe at the helm you ain't seen nothing yet on gasoline and propane prices, and he may just be an excuse to raise prices. I bought 100 gallons of propane yesterday cost $2.60 and in December 2020 it was $2.00 a gallon, but I didn't have room in the tank back in Dec. 2020, I did now because of the 0 degree weather last week, Propane company won't deliver less than 100 gallons.
  2. We are back to Texas weather today, My therrmoter recorded 78 degrees, a very pleasant afternoon.
  3. That looks like a really nice setup for a hunting camp, you are quite fortunate .
  4. I wish I had one like yours . I bet I could have fixed what caused that computer failure,.
  5. Yep an AC generator has to run at a certain speed to maintain 60 Cycles, 45Kw is a lot of power and should run two large family homes.
  6. Texas is on their own electricity grid, not connected to any other we sink or swim on our own. The privately owned (stockholders) providers are more interested in profits than keeping up the infrastructure and The previous Gov. and legislators put up 7 Billion tax dollars in subsidies for wind mills and 23% of the supply system is wind turbines. We haven't had as severe cold weather like this in 30 years. We have been in single digits with snow and ice since Sunday and haven't been above freezing since . I have had a Heatolater wood burning fireplace in the master bedroom since we built. I am sensitive to smoke so we put in a set of gas logs. We have a 250 gallon propane tank for the fireplace so we are okay. Our electric provider is a COOP and not connected to the privately owned providers and our power has not been off any. All the towns around have been without power for 2 or 3 days now.. I also have a 10KW gas generator for a backup, and it hasn't been needed for 8 years so far. I am thinking I will get a 20Kw propane powered unit that is automatically kicks in in case of an extended outage, either a Cummins / Onan unit or a Generac unit . for around $5K. it ids only money.
  7. The standby generators are very portable.
  8. Yes Doc so if you hope to have electric energy in emergencies you best provide it yourself. Like a 20KW propane or Natural gas generator, kept maintained. I found them complete for around $6K. relying on politicians to keep you safe is kind of like a baby bird sitting in the nest with it's mouth open hoping Mom will always come back with a worm and drop it in your mouth. Drill and frac baby! That Biden idea of "transitioning from coal and petroleum" to wind and solar don't work, and probably never will. I figure more Americans will die from freezing and slick roads than ever will die from Nuclear power plants. Go Nuclear !
  9. But the angle of the dangle wouldn't be right, Matt Looks like somebody went to a lot of trouble just to roast a tiny piggy, or is that a fat squirrel?
  10. mrmackc


    I ordered three of the screw top bucket lids from Amazon, thanks for the idea. We will keep our pellets in one or two and our wild birdseed in the 3rd one. Gamma Lid, 5 Gallon Screw Top Lids Gamma Bucket Seal Lid Leak Proof for Plastic Bucket, Black (3)
  11. Well not this one the OD of the barrel at the muzzle is just a bit over.5. the flash holder has a reduced opening at the muzzle.
  12. Today is even colder that yesterday!
  13. I used a big C clamp some of the time, takes a bit of juggleing.
  14. Well I remember doing that. It was before them coffee machines called Mr. Coffee wasn't it?Seems that I remember them Litton Radar ovens came out back in the early 1970s
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